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My family's brief story as refugees & how they were FORCED OUT of Nuris, Palestine
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Zakaria Al-Jalamneh on February 15, 2001
My name is Zakaria Al-Jalamneh. I was born in 1952 in a small village called al-Jalamah, about 5 kilometers from Nuris and to the north of Jenin, while my parents were in a transitional refugee status searching for a place to stay, after the Khazar Jewish Nazis (see for more details) terrorized them into fleeing to save their lives, my grandparents lives and the lives of my older brothers and sisters (then 5 of them). The Jewish colonialists attacked our home village, Nuris, three times in a short period of time late in 1948, sending messages that they will kill every Palestinian who stays in it. The first two attacks were repelled by a small patriotic Palestinian local defense militia aided by a few irregular poorly-armed, poorly-trained Arab volunteers from Syria and from other Palestinian areas, inflicting considerable casualties on the much superior attacking Jewish-colonialist invading force. However, after the Iraqi regular Army battalion which came very late to defend the area in late 1948 was ordered promptly to withdraw by orders from then then King Abdullah of Transjordan (for treasonous secret agreements with invading Jews, see al-Lydd, al-Ramla, & Wadi 'Ara for more details), the Jewish forces managed finally to take over the area practically without much resistance, because there were no arms or men left to face the Zionists. In fact, any individual or group of Palestinians who tried to organize any resistance were hunted by the Jordanian legion as agents of al-Hajj Amin al-Hussaini. My father and his family owned the largest part of the Nuris' land, in addition to his wholesale trade business among Palestinian large cities. By the standards of his area, he was rich with influence and social status. The invading racist Zionists destroyed the village and took all of my family's land. Our village existed for at least 3000 years. Archaeological findings in the area of our village show ancient Canaanite and Philistines artifacts. Just a few hundreds of yards away from its original location, the new barbaric and ethnic-cleansing invaders (this time the Khazar convert Jews of Eastern and western Europe) built a settlement called Nurit to substitute for what they destroyed, but for themselves as the thieves and mass murderers. We were not compensated for that, and we refuse to this date, and in the future, to sell any of our individual or collective national rights or even one inch of our own land to the Jewish illegal colonialists, regardless of any and all illegitimate agreement(s) made by anybody who illegally and immorally imposes himself/herself as a negotiator on our behalf. Our own house was used by the Lebanese self-proclaimed 'liberating' commander (of a poorly-trained, ignorant and disorganized small force of patriotic volunteers counted several dozens), Fawzi al-Qawakji, for several months, and my family (father, mother, grandfather and grandmother practically fed most of his small force for months with little help from others, offered them partial housing and helped them in surveying the area for defense purposes. In 1954, my family relocated to Jenin's refugee camp, just a few miles from Nuris (my family's root for millennia), and we were totally separated from our village and land by borders dictated by Israel and its Western supporters in the U.N. My elder two brothers and three sisters were born in Nuris. We survived the dehumanizing conditions of the refugee camp from 1954 to 1965 after which we moved to a cheap housing in Jenin itself. In 1967, my family was forced again to relocate to Jordan, simply because my father and mother were getting older and they were afraid that the new (2nd) occupation [of the West Bank and Gaza] by the invading Khazar convert Jews may cut us off from our sole source of survival - my brother, then working in Saudi Arabia as a teacher. Since then, my family members and those of closest relatives, also from Nuris, have been scattered all over the Middle East and the world. Today, my immediate family counts over a hundred persons in two generations of refugees (originally 9, including grandfather and mother). My brothers and sisters and their children lived and still live in the West Bank, in Jordan, in Lebanon, in Saudi Arabia, in Kuwait and in the United Arab Emirates. We still hold the legal papers which prove our land ownership in Nuris under the British Mandate Government. My grandparents and my parents all died from natural causes after the second-phase Jewish invasion in 1967. I am now an American citizen by naturalization, and it has truly been a very long "American Nightmare" for me, ever since I arrived in the U.S., simply because I am a Palestinian who occasionally objected vocally and in writings to some of the endless massive campaign of dehumanization and demonization of my nation by a monstrously-powerful fascist Jewish power and utterly deceitful propoganda empire ruled by purely fascist Jews and pro-Jews Zionist Churchian establishment at all levels of governments (Federal, State and Local as well as the mass media). To all stupid and misguided Palestinians and Arabs who think there are "freedoms," "liberties," and "rights" for Palestinian-Americans in particular and/or Arab-Americans in general, I say to you Zionist-Jews-ruled America has degenerated into almost an exact copy of Israel. Any Palestinian-American or Arab-American who has any kind of self-respect, dignity, integrity, and pride in his/her national origins or religion is treated by the fascist Jews in control and by the mercenary-to-Jews fascist regime in Washington, DC precisely the way Jews were treated under German Nazism. Never believe the hollow and misleading lies of Jews-enslaved George W. Bush or his fascist anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim regime. We have no freedoms, no citizenship rights, no constitutional rights, and no human rights in this larger Israel, deceitfully called "The United States of America." For us in Jews-ruled America, the "American Dream" is a cruel myth, not withstanding all the huge misleading propoganda campaign by Jews-ruled mass media, and the Jews-enslaved fascist and devoutly anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim successive regimes in Washington, DC, especially George W. Bush's fanatical anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim regime. Again, read me well, under Bush's new fascist doctrine, we have no liberties, no rights of any kind, and the citizenship and human rights granted to other American citizens under the Constitution of the United States and all the laws made by Jews-controlled "Knesset" of Washington,DC, simply DO NOT apply to us (Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims) in America. There is no such thing as an "American Dream" for us. There is only an "American Nightmare" of the exact horrific nature and extent German Nazis project reserved for Slavs, Catholics, Gypsies, Blacks and Jews. That is what today's America for us is all about today. Ironically, it is none other than the several million Jewish fascists in control of every aspect of America's daily life, and deceitfully and constantly wailing about the "holocaust," who are the inventors, planners, managers and lead enforcers of America's new-holocaust-project against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in America and elsewhere. Any Palestinian or Arab who thinks that at least 98% of todays WORLD JEWRY (on all continents) especially American Jewry, have any sense of humanity, morality, objectivity or fairness is either a selfish opportunist or a stupid animal with no brains of any kind. The fascism of the German Nazis pales by comparison with the animalistic vicious ideology of today's global alliance of Jewish Nazism and so-called Zionist "born-again" Churchianity, with their tactics, with their startegy and with their ultimate genocidal goals, especially against the Palestinian nation first and foremost I'd rather be in Nuris, where I should be, where I must be and where I'll do my at most to be, for the rest of my life because it is the homeland of my family for millennia, long before there were any of Abraham's myths, any of Moses' myths, any Jewish myths and cults or any of preposterous mythical characters of Yahweh or the mythical characters of so-called David and Solomon. And, now in late December 2005 AD, I say to Mahmoud Abbas, and to all in his self-centered and severely corrupt so-called "Palestinian Authority": Madams/Sirs, I did not give your predecessor Yasser Arafat any right or delegation of authority to sell my and my family's village (Nuris), historical Canaanite-Philistines' homeland (Historical Palestine), our rights of birth and our rights of historical nationality, and our right of return, to any vicious powerful foreign colonizing invader. Priod. And, I am not giving any of you, starting with Mr Abbas personally, nor I give anyone else in your "authority" any such right as well. Do not sell my village Nuris, my right of return to Nuris, and my ancestors rights of ownership and return to Nuris, Palestine. These highest-level of human rights to me and to my family are NOT yours or your degenerate "authority's" to sell to, bargain about or negotiate about with the fascist vultures of the earth disguising under all the false fascist manufactured myths of a fascist ideology posing as a religion. These rights are not yours to "bargain with," no more than they were evil-minded Britain's right(in 1916-1917)to give away my human national rights and homeland in Balfour's utterly fascist Declaration to all the convert fascist Jews of Europe (East and West). You want a "referrundum"? Why not ask all Palestinians, including 6-7 millions scattered outside the borders of Palestine? Why not insist at the very least on implementing the 1947 Partition borders and 1948 (Right of Return) resolutions of the United Nations that created Israel illegitimately and gave the invading convert Khazar Nazi Jews more than they dreamed of?. Long Live Palestine and its people - one of the most creative and ancient civilized nations on the face of the earth; the Canaanites and the Philistines.

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