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We are Palestinians
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by ahmad abdulal on October 8, 2001
In the early 1700's, my great grandfather left his homeland in the northern Caucasus region moving to the Ottoman Capital, Istanbul escaping the Russian invasion. My great grandfather left the Caucasus after loosing the war against the Russians; many of my family members were killed and kidnapped during the war. Most of my family members were Ottoman soldiers, and they moved inside the Ottoman Empire looking for a safer place. In the early 1800's, my great grandfather went Egypt as an Ottoman soldier, and he settled there among his people from the Caucasus who established the Mamluke Empire, which controlled Egypt, Libya, and the Arabian Levantine countries for 300 years; the Mamlukes joined the Ottomans in the early 1500's.
The Mamlukes (Cherkess) were Turkic speaking people came from the Caucasus Mountains to the Arabian region in the 1200's, and protected the regions of Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan from the crusaders for 300 years. The Mamlukes (Cherkess) share the same culture and language with the Ottoman-Turks, and they are Sunni Muslims belong to the Hanafi school.
In the 1800's the Sultan in Istanbul put the Ottoman general of the Albanian origins, Mohammad Ali Pasha as a new governor of Egypt. Mohammad Ali Pasha didn't forget the massacres that the Ottomans did to his people in the Balkans; Mohammad Ali took the revenge by killing the rest of the Mamluke (Cherkess) Emirs who wanted to share the government with him. Many other Emirs escape to Sudan, Libya, and some others went back to Istanbul. Mohammad Ali fought the Ottomans to establish his own country in Egypt and the Levantine region, and he put the rest of the Mamluke soldiers' front lines in his army with their families in northern Palestine to make sure that the Ottomans will not return back and kills him. My family was one of these people who left Egypt by Mohammad Ali Pasha, and settled in Acre region, in northern Palestine. My family stayed in Palestine from 1812 until 1948, and they established themselves in business by owning lands and factories. The native Palestinians called all the Mamlukes (Cherkess) who came by Mohammad Ali to Acre region, Egyptians. Many of the new settlers adopted Arabic names, and many of them forgot their native language and origins to be safe from Mohammad Ali.
After the establishment of Israel in 1948 by the support of some Arab states, my family fought against the new Jewish regime; my grandfather and some of the family members fled to Lebanon after loosing the war against the Jewish who had modern weapons and new techniques. My family arrived Lebanon after two days walking leaving behind them their properties, relatives, and they registered with the United Nations as Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. The Lebanese government refuses to give my family the citizenship because we are Muslims, and with some agreements among the Arab states not to give the Palestinian refugees any Arabian citizenship to keep them fight to get Palestine back.
Now days, I live in the Norway since 1980. My 3 children knew about the home land in Palestine, and they knew that once they were the governors of Egypt. I thaught my Children about the Turkish history and to be proud of being Palestinian, and being Turkish. I visited Palestine 3 years ago with my family. Of cource, our village has been destroyed by the jews, but I went to Al-Mazraa, which all my relatives are there, and I found that the new generation is aware of our Turkish heritage, while the elderly people say only "We were kings before we come here"
Palestine is my soul, and my eyes for ever.

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Posted by Akkawi on March 27, 2012 #142767

Inshallah you will return to Palestine, you and all Palestinians. You shouldnt ask for lebanese citizenship as all the palestinian eyes should only be on palestine ane the dream should be to get the citizenship of our own country. All the Palestinians who took the lebanese nationality/citizenship should "give it back", this would be better for both Palestine and lebanon (who dont want palestinians to be naturalized). Whenever an arab gets the nationality of another arab country, then he forgets his orginal homeland but if he gets the nationality in the west then he remembers his homeland, this is bcuz arabs are already from similar cultures etc so it gets confusing to be "two arabs". All the palestinians with citizenship in other arab countries should renounce it and instead take on a similar status as the palestinians in syria where they can work and live without loosing their palestinian identity. Syria gave the best option for the refugees.