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al-Bassa - البصة : The Cleansing of Al Bassa
Posted by Nizar El Hanna on July 1, 2000

Both of my parents are Bassawis (come from Bassa) and this story is only one of dozens that I have heard from my grandparents who have survived the Hagganah cleansing.
My maternal grandmother was a teenager at the time when Israeli troops entered Bassa and ordered all the young men to be lined up and executed in front of one of the churches. My grandmother watched as two of her brothers, one 21, the other 22 and recently married, were executed by the Hagganah.
She was then ordered to bury them and leave the village. She mounted a camel and left for Lebanon where she later joined her father. The pregnant wife of my grandmother's butchered brother escaped and hid in a cave until the war was over. She later settled in Nazareth and gave birth to her son there.
This is just one of the stories and by far the most painful one, there are many other tales of hyenas, snakes, village humor ... etc. However, we must make it clear that we never left out of our own volition, only out of fear. We seek peace with Israel, but only a peace which would right the wrongs they have committed against us.

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The report reinforces the definition of what is Israel and what are the Israelis. Anyone that raises that flag and carries that nationality is a war criminal. What is mentioned here is not different that what is happening daily in Palestine today, July 2001.

Full Liberation and dismantling of Israel is a MUST for any form of justice to begin to take place.
Today 5/06/2011in the morning I've seen a documentary series on aljazirah,Albassa massacre was narrated & some of the Jews & Arabs were interviewed & some pictures were shown i.e. how the Haganna ordered the men to excavate their graves & shoot them dead in the graves, pictures were shown as well.
I agree with NB's comment. As an outsider, I have no reason to disbelieve or believe this claim about the execution of the young men. It would be helpful to have further documentation of this specific to make it more believable. Thanks
Thank you for sharing the story with us. I believe mentioning the names of the people in the story will give it more credibility and will make it a true piece of the Palaestinian history,