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Welcome To Saffuriyya - صفورية (צפוריה)

District of Nazareth
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for Saffuriyya Village - Palestine: : Before and after, a picture tells a thousand words. After Israeli Jews destroyed the village, they planted trees to hide the crime. Our village will live forever in our hearts and minds
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date July 16, 1948
Distance from district 6 (km) Northwest of Nazareth
Elevation from the sea 250 (meters)
Map location See location #1 on the map

View from satellite
Military Operation against town Operation Dekel
Defenders Local militia & Arab Liberation Army
Village remains after destruction Saffuriyya was mostly destroyed, and only few houses remained, including those for 'Abd al-Majid Sulayman and 'Ali Mawjuda. See the Pictures section for more details. Currently, the Jewish National Fund has planted pine trees over the village, and we believe you can sue them and win; in US courts if you like!
Ethnically cleansing by Israelis Saffuriyya inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed, however, some currently live as Palestinian-Israeli citizens in Nazareth.
Village clans The clans of Nijm, Hadayeh, Sa'deyeh, al-Mawa'deh, Zaghayreh, Barakeh, Mara'neh, Abu al-Na'aj, Abu al-Badadhah, Hawytah, Jareeshah, Khatab, Jahlsheh, Shihadeh, and Lyla. See Stories & Memories section for more details.
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 41,748
Jewish 0
Public 13,630
Total 55,378
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 5,310
Area planted w/ olives 3,270
Planted W/ Cereal 21,841
Built up 102
Cultivable 27,151
Non-Cultivable 28,125
Year Population
1596 2,200
19th century 2,500
1912 2,767
1922 2,582
1931 3,147
1945 4,330
1948 5,023
Est. Refugees 1998 30,845
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 747
1948 1,192
Town's name through history The Romans referred to the village by Sepphoris, and the Crusades called it Le Sephorie.
Schools Saffuriyya had two elementary schools, one for boys and another for girls; the boys' school was founded in 1900 during Ottoman period.
Notable people from town Saffurriyaa was also the hometown of the Islamic scholar Abu al-Baqa' al-Saffuri (d. 1625), who was very influential and became a judge in Safad, and also Saffuriyya was the hometown of Ahmad al-Sharif , also known by al-Saffuri al-Dimashqi (d. 1633), who was a judge and poet.
Local council A local council was established in 1923 to manage the local affair of the town.
Shrines/maqams A shrine for an unknown local sage which functions now as a synagogue.
Water supply The village contains the following springs: 'Ayn al-Khalidyah (or 'Ayn al-'Askar), 'Ayn al-Qastal, 'Ayn al-Hananah, 'Ayn al-Bythah, 'Ayn al-'Aloush, 'Ayn Hasan, 'Ayn al-Ward, 'Ayn al-Mashrafyah, and 'Ayoun al-Jabyah. See Stories & Memories section for more details.
Archeological sites Saffuriyya contains a Roman coliseum (to the northwest) which could seat 4,000- 5,000 people (probably built in the first century A.D.). In 1745, al-Thahir al-'Umar al-Zaydani (1695-1775) built a fortress which overlooked the village, and it also contains the remains Saint Hanna church.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
Tzippori, ha-Solelim, Allon ha-Galil Hosha'aya, and Chanton
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Status of The Village Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
Only a few houses remain on the site, including those of 'Abd al-Majid Sulayman and 'Ali Mawjuda. Otherwise the site is covered by a pine forest planted by the Jewish National Fund to commemorate a number of persons and occasions (such as Guatemala's independence day). Zahir al-'Umar's fortress still stands atop the hill, though some of its walls have collapsed. It is ringed by excavation sites. On the northern side of the village the monastery of Saint Anna still remains and serves as an orphanage for Palestinian children. There is also a Roman Orthodox church. Along the southern road to the village there is a synagogue that was originally a Muslim shrine. Next to it lies a recent Israeli cemetery

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Lara Barakeh Barakeh -
Faisal Abdul-Majid Abdul-Majid/Nijim/Sulayman Ontario, Canada
Adam Mehdi - Ontario, Canada
مروان ابو قاسم - Winchester, UK
Nael Yacoub Abu Na'aj Ontario, Canada
بكر صفوري الشيخ حسين فلسطين, فلسطين
Najem Bassem Abdulaziz Najem TX, USA
ASHRAF NAJM Ashraf najm United Arab Emirates - Dubai, UAE
Sleyman Sleiman Nijim -
محمد الطه نجـــم صيــدا, لبنــان
عمر عباس - عمان, الاردن
جودي عباس جدة, جدة
moaaz nejem nejem -
nahed al saadi السعدي طرابلس - لبنان
Nizar Zaaroura - -
محمد أحمد النجم نجم أبو ظبي, الإمارات
محمد فضل عباس Abbas Amman
wael aboalniaj - -
Abeer Al-Haj Hasan Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
saly - الجزائر, الجزائر
nour qassem - -
Jihad Aref علاء الدين Victoria, Australia
ديما نجمة ابو شحادة الجزائر, الجزائر
رولا نجمة أبو شحادة England
قاسم نجمة ابوشحادة دمشق _ مخيم اليرموك
abedelrahman - tripoli, lebanon
عامر محمد موعد موعد اليرموك
Nader Azzam - Melbourne, Australia
Jamal Murshed Barakah - Jordan, Jordan
يسرى سعيد الحاج نصار نصار الناصرة, سوريا
منذر ابو النعاج -, -
عبد الكريم عزام عزام زغايرة الناصرة
Eman azzam azzam dammam, K.S.A
jehad mawed - U.A.E, U.A.E
saleem rinawi - egypt, egypt
صفوري خلف أبوظبي
بلال السعدي Dubai, UAE
مهند سويدان السعدي -
Saleh Alafifi Afifi -
ARSO نجم دبي, دبي
Ebn Fransees - -
Mamdouh El Haj Assad - Espoo, Finland
A.Zaaroura - saffouri, Abu Dhabi - UAE
Abu Abdallah (Wasim M. Moued) - Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
جبريل حاج (نجم) الناصره
ali - lebanon
sabir saffuriyya Vorarlberg, austria
المحامي الصفوري safforiah سورية, سورية
laila abu naaj - -
موعد - برلين, المانيا
رامي - بنغازي
Samar Barakeh - -
M&M - Tripoli, Lebanon
abc - saida, Lebanon
سعيد - -
Bassem Abdallah Abdulaziz ( Abu Najem ) Najem Houston TX USA
FATHI ABUJMEIH abujmeih abu dhabi
حنين موعد موعد الناصرة
قاسم محمد عقل - العين
ABD abou salah -
نضال خطاب Khattab -
Ahmad safforieh safforieh, greece
اسراء ابو النعاج ابو النعاج الناصرة
أحمد الموعد الموعد أبوظبي, الإمارات
Sami Abdul Majid - -
Maher Najim -
Ghalia Al-Farekh - Damascus, Syria
Younes Abed Khattab Damascus, Syria
Iman Elhajj Nejim Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
nassem issa - -
Mohamad Najem Najem Najem -
شادي كريم ريم -
Raghda Khalifa Safad Damascus, Syria
سليمان طه السليمان dubai, united arab emirates
Tarik Salim Maoued Maoued -
منى احمد صفوريه ابو ظبي
حكمه الحسن شلبي صيدا, لبنان
Saleh Abu Niaj - -
walid walid saida/lebanon, lebanon
Hadaidi - -
AL SAADI al nazra emirates, emirates
Hani Yacoub Abuneag Ontario, Canada
Hamza Al Mawed La Haye, The Netherlands
Fadi Akl Hadadi Saudi Arabia
عثمان أبو زنيد الشرحة -
محمد الرناوي اليعقوبي AbuDhabi, UAE
القرش - سورية, سورية
محمد صالح شحادة أبو شحادة ألمانيا, بون
iman zaroura saffuriyyah canada
فؤاد ابو خرج - saoth, lebanon
Amer Said Afifi El-Afifi Tx, USA
Ahmad S Maoued - -
osama abbas abbas lebanon, lebanon
shehadeh abbas abbas saida, lebanon
صلاح علاء الدين علاء الدين صفورية - الناصرة - القدس
Waseem الموعد Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
عبدالرحمن عبدالمعطي نجم -
موعد مصطفى سليم الموعد موعد الناصره , الصفافره
abd rinawi - -
ASZ Zaaroura -
shereen mawid Safforiya damascus, syria
نسرين عبدالله بهار بهار الناصرة, فلسطين
abou youssef abou seraj danmark
jaber amin - -
mohamed othman othman -
Ahmad Mawed Mawed Danmark, Danmark
mohamad ghanoumi - NSW, AUSTRALIA
khader - vienna, austira
عالم ليس لنا نجم -
عائلة ابو حيط ابو حيط في الشتات
suffurie nijim palestine, palestine
Barhoush A labady Tulkarem, Palestine
Mohamad Abou Salem - Lebanon
Manal Mawed Almawed North Lebanon, Lebanon safouria lebanon, saida
abbas el rinawi - dubai, uae
Amer Khattab Khattab -
yousef lutfi abo amni u.a.e, united arab emirts
Hussein Kenaan Kenaan Germany
osama mawed - Saida, Lebanon
Muna Afifi Afifi Nazareth
Hadi Rached JAHLASH melbourne, australia
Hadi Rached Jahlash melbourne, australia
Samer Khattab Khattab Damascus, Syria
nassim Arabi uae, 009716
mohamad awdeh abuneaj melbourne, australia
Shibil Abou Khurj - North, Lebanon
kewan - nazareth
abu salim hadidi Sharjah, Sharjah
Billo - -
abdul ghuneim ghuneim -
was abu naag abu dhabi, UAE
Hossam Yaacoub Abuneaj Ontario, Canada
Nabil Salim Yacoub Abuneaj Ankara, Turkey
alhajjah tamam layla -
abujabour mawaadeh -
imad nejim nth, lebanon
Abou Alshibil Abou Khurj Tripoli, Lebanon
zahed mawad tهstrup, denmark
Riyad Amin (Mifleh) Nijim Ramallah, Palestine
Khaled Akl Hadadi Denmark
sue akl Hadadi ontario, canada
HollyPal - ME, palestinian refugee in lebanon
Zaher Ghuneim - Ontario, Canada
Mohammad Assad elhaj assad (atiyyah) Finland, Finland
Omar Rinawi - -
fadi zaaroura - -
Khaled el_haj Najim FUJAIRAH, U.A.E.
seif maweid aall- mawed fyn, denmark
Mohamad Sleiman Zaaroura Zaaroura Ankara, Turkey
mohammed elsaadi Sa'deyeh TRIPOLI, LEBANON
Abdul Rahman Abu Niaj - -
Iyad Zaaroura Zaaroura -
Seleno-Aboradi Saffuriyya - صفورية tripoli, lebanon
mohamad omar mohamad zaaroura zaaroura quebec, canada
Imad Mowed Mowed london, UK
Nasser Khalil Abo Amneh Texas, Palestine,Lebanon,USA
Jamal Khalil Abo Amneh Texas, USA
ksaffuri Shaikh Hsain DC, USA
kareem elsaadi al saadi palestine, palestine
Mohammad Barakeh Barakeh Israel, Israel
suleiman khalaf - lebanon, lebanon
gardenia said - -
ahmad kiwan - -
yousef lutfi alsaeed abu dahbi, UAE
Shadi Rashid Najem DAMASCUS, SYRIA
ALI-MAWED - north, lebanon
Nasim arabi Arabi tripoli, 961
khalilmawed - tripoli, lebanon
najim NAJIM tripoli
Walid AL-Haj Ahmad/Jafali Alhaj Ahmad/Jafali Amsterdam, Holland
khalil najim / khalil tripolie, lebanon
youssef zaroura - tripoli, lebanon
haisam elchafei - canada, canada
wesam alraheem - tripoli, lebanon
Raed Zaroura Zaroura AbuDhabi, UAE
Nabil Kanaan Kanaan Abu Dhabi
nayef Moh'd kanaan Kanaan Malmo
rami el_hassan - lebanon
basil ghuneim - lebanon
Tarek Rashed Jahlash Abu-Dhabi, UAE
Khaled Abdulghani Nejim/Abu Amni Canada/Ottawa
Ahmad M. Sulayman . Sulayman U.A E, United Arab Emirates
suleiman al suleiman nijim -
Bassam Elsaadi Sa'adyah melbourne, AUSTRALIA
samir allouche najim south, lebanon
Mohammad Elsaadi Elsaadi(Sa'deyeh) melbourne, australia
Houssam Elsaadi Elsaadi(Sa'deyeh) melbourne, australia
Saleh Elsaadi Elsaadi(Sa'deyeh) melbourne, australia
Ayman Mahdi Fleifel - Riyadh, KSA
Ibrahim Abou-Awdi Texas, United State of America
Moussa Osman Nijim Dubai, United Arab Emirates
ahmad laila - tripoli, lebanon
Ahmad El-Tawbah Tawbah -
Fouad Youssif Abdul-Rahman Tennessee, U S A
ziad laila laila lebanon, lebanon
Ali Khalil najim lebanon, lebanon
Waleed Khaleel Nejim damascs, syria
lebanon gkgk. dhfju,ul., tripoli
fadi laila Laila ..., UAE
Abou Jihad Azzaghayreh Slagelse, Denmark
Ahmad Yasin Hadaideh Galil, Israel (palestine 48)
ghassan elsaadi Elsaadi(Sa'deyeh) tripoli, Lebanon
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Naseem - ANKARA, Turkey
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azzamcenter azzam azzam lebanon, lebanon
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samer audi Audeh Dubai, UAE
Mohammad Khalil Khalil(Najim) Ankara, Turkey
Tarek Moued Moued Denmark, Denmark
Mohd Mashhadawi Mashhadawi Abu Dhabi, Uae
امـيـن مشـهـداوى mashhadawi united arab emirates, u.a.e
ibrahim ateia ateia damascus
mohammed suleiman NAJIM SAIDA, LEBANON
Maher Salim Ismail Ismail (Nejim) Abu Dhabi, UAE, United Arab Emirates
Yousif Shehade Ismail Ismail (Nejim) Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mona Abu Qassim Abu Qassim -
Salim Rinawi Rinawi Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Nisrine Barakeh London, UK
Yosef Abuneaj Abuneaj Georgia, USA
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