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Posted by Wael Lahham on OCTOBER-16-2006 #11799

As far as I remember from my grandmother؟s stories, Bayt Far was only inhibited during the harvest season. This area formed a green carpet and served as a source of grains for our ancestors.

It was owned by Al-Lahham Family from Bayt Itab (17.5 km west of Jerusalem) before it was occupied by Zionists.

My family still keeps all ownership certificates ؟Qushan؟ for huge pieces of property in Bayt Far.

Wael Lahham
Posted by khaled awaad al-lahham on MAY-1-2006 #10722

تعود ملكية هذه الخربة لأهالي بيت عطاب وبخاصة لآل اللحام منهم .
belong to lahham familly
Posted by hanoch_frankovits on SEPTEMBER-26-2003 #4732

i'm looking for information about the exact location of Bayt-Far + stories & memories.

yours, hanoch.