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Posted by Noor Rafati on DECEMBER-24-2013 #153362

Finally had the chance to actually visit daniyal! it was such an amazing experience and an experience i will never forget, of course the surroundings have completely changed it has been turned into a jewish neihgborhood, but all of the old houses are still standing, they all look amazing and look as if they were houses of kings and queens, my granfathers house is still standing, of course i was unable to get out of the car and go searching due to the zionist that live there, if your interested in checking out some photos email and i have no problem sending them to you. my email is
Posted by safa natour on MAY-7-2011 #133896

I wish one day we can all go back to OUR homeland and take over once again inshallah! LONG LIVE DANIYAL
Posted by adam natour on SEPTEMBER-23-2010 #122129

Posted by fatah natour on SEPTEMBER-20-2010 #121875

we need all new generation to partesbate in daniyal guest book ...
Posted by nora reem(.5) nour amirah rowan on SEPTEMBER-15-2009 #89077

san antonio loves DANIYAL :)
Posted by Nour Rafati on AUGUST-30-2009 #87735

And so they took over with the thought that the next generation wouldn't give a care. And upon them came a generation stronger than before.
Long Live Palestine!!!
Posted by nora taiym on AUGUST-30-2009 #87734

inshallah we all meet and return to OUR land.
Posted by yousef abu leil on JULY-12-2009 #82774

jazakum allah khair
Posted by mohamed natour on MARCH-25-2009 #72010

palestine we remember and shall not forget are homeland that was stolen from us we were honist and hard working people we should not suffer enymore
Posted by noor rafati on JANUARY-12-2009 #63458

me a 17 year old born and raised in the us mabe thought of as an american but that is only by name it is by heart that i am palestinian 100% no matter what the yahud take it still belongs to us i say us as me included and everybody alse who would like to join me it gives me the power to have so much love for a country that runs in my blood in my veins and everywhere alse in my body but have only talked of it only seen pictures and videos but i am proud of who i am who i are and would never even for my life will i change that it is time to take charge to take all that strength and put it in our hearts and never forget who you are??

allahu akbar
and for ever live palestine!!!!!!!
Posted by SANA NATOUR on APRIL-3-2008 #33626

Posted by Qeiss Rafati on FEBRUARY-25-2008 #29900

Daniyal number 1
Posted by هاني محمد الرفاتي on FEBRUARY-17-2008 #29279

دموعي لكي
وانا وجسدي وروحي فداكي
يا مهد الحضارات ومسقط الانبياء ومسرى الاحباء
يا من عشنا على انتضار أجراس العودة
نائمين في غير بيوتنا
مشردين في كل البلدان
نبحث عن موطن
ولنا أحلى وطن
تحيا لكي من الأعماق يا ارضي فلسطين
لن أتخلى عن حقي ولن أبيع
للقدس سلام آت" مع كل الحب
Posted by هاني محمد الرفاتي on FEBRUARY-17-2008 #29278

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
لم اتوقع ان يكون هذا الموقع بهذه الاثارة والروعة
اشكر كل من قام على هذا العمل العظيم
واشكر الاخ غسان الرفاتي
الذي دعاني عبر الاميل لمشاهدته
الله ياخذ بيدكم حتى تحريرها شبرا شبرا
Posted by عمر المختار on NOVEMBER-29-2007 #24345

You Can Visit Now the web site for Danial: for Arabic
for English
Also you can visit danial forum at

for any information or sugesstion please contact me

With my Best Regards
Posted by dana alrafati on AUGUST-27-2007 #19597

heeey all rafati .. welcome here walla nwarat .. i hope 1 days all we meet on our land ( danial ) in our lovely country ( palastine ).. i am happy to meet any1 from my family nice to meet u all for now
Posted by Anas Rafati on AUGUST-7-2007 #18905

We should help in delivering this message to the new generation, as they are born in different places and they will never know unless we tell.
I؟m proud to be Palestinian who loves and belong to his destroyed village. ( Daniyal in brain and Heart forever)


Anas Rafati From Qatar
Posted by amer alrafati on JUNE-16-2007 #17254

Thank you for such a nice review of Daniyal's history ,
we all still remember our homeland .
we will never forget,we will never give up our land and our rights forever...Palestine is ours.. we will be back one day....
Posted by Khalid Affaneh on JANUARY-27-2007 #13230

I never had the oppertunity to see and enjoy my beloved homeland. My dream is to one day retire and live among my fellow palestinians in my homeland. Danilyal Palestine will allows be in my mind
Posted by Abdelfatah Natour on JANUARY-27-2007 #13229

I wish I can see my county and see the burial place of my forefathers. This is our homeland and one day I hope we will be able to live and enjoy the beautul land of daniyal
Posted by Amina Natour on NOVEMBER-26-2006 #12089

Daniyal and all the other lands that are grandfathers and grandmothers put their blood and sweat into(despite us being stripped of these lands)will forever remain in our hearts, love you Daniyal, love you Palestine, you will never be forgotten.
Posted by rafati_areen on JUNE-16-2006 #11017


i never knew about this site and i think its such a wonderful site and may allah bless those who gave us all the opportunity to learn more about our roots.. i was born and raised in the US never been back home it is my dream to one day return.. inshallah..
Posted by rafati 23 on MAY-6-2006 #10749

palestine i love more than me , and i will never
ever forget you . . . . . .
Posted by mohannad on MAY-5-2006 #10748

palestine i love you more than me
Posted by yasmene on FEBRUARY-22-2006 #10348

Posted by RAFATI on OCTOBER-27-2005 #9786

daniyal....we all love and miss you ..........
Posted by RAFATI on OCTOBER-27-2005 #9785

daniyal....we all there for you ......
Posted by Nour Alziq on DECEMBER-29-2004 #8079

I am from Gimzo town; it is about 2 miles from Daniyal. I was reading a book about Gimzo in which i found that my town (Gimzo) had very close realationship with the people of Daniyal. I wish you all the best and we will meat one day in Palestine,
Palestine forever
Posted by SARRAHH on OCTOBER-11-2004 #7654

Daniyal maybe occupied by jewish settlers, but it will always be the place where the blood that runs through my veins originated from!!!!!
Posted by mickee on FEBRUARY-12-2004 #5896

I want to go home !!!!!