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Dayr Tarif - دير طريف: Occupied Palestine: video of my hometown Dayr Tarif (دير طريف) captured by an Israeli motorist

Posted by Abdullah Abdullah on July 31, 2013
This is the first time I ever get to see my hometown of Dayr Tarif, I am emotional. This video was shot by an Israeli whose family migrated to Palestine and is now enjoying his stay in Palestine, while the natives are scattered all over the world, forced to start their lives from scratch. The Israeli appears to be East European, he is listening to a Serbian song about the beauty of a Serbian town while driving through Palestine...he must be lost.

Dayr Tarif's story is no different from the story of hundreds of Palestinian cities, towns and villages in 1948. My grandparents had to carry their young sons/daughters (farmers had large families to help with the land) to run for their lives after an airstrike on the outskirts of the town and stories of massacres by Zionist terrorists in neighboring villages surfaced.

A year later, an agricultural colony ( was built on the ruins of Dayr Tarif, it is now called Beit Arif, Israel.

I always heard stories from my grandmother about how beautiful our land in Dayr Tarif was, I can now see it. They used to grow many crops including: olives, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, wheat, corn, sesame, chickpeas, barley, lentil, okra and beans.

In this Google map view, you can see the path taken in this ride, and at the top left corner you can see the vast farms of Dayr Tarif:

If refugees are not given back their land, there will be no peace. No justice, No peace. Here is more info on my hometown:

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