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'Imwas - عِمواس : General View Of Our Village One Year After Destruction in 1968. Note The Old Road On The Left & Abu Ubaydah's Shrine, Picture Taken By Pierre Medebielle.
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'Imwas - عِمواس : General View Of Our Village One Year After Destruction in 1968. Note The Old Road On The Left & Abu Ubaydah's Shrine, Picture Taken By Pierre Medebielle.

Posted by Dr. Sami Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh Uploaded on March 25, 2001
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Posted by Paul Tominac on September 2, 2011 #137501

Watching Remembering Palestine on Al Jazeera, I was struck by how much the Zionist language of Transfer resembled the Nazi language of Holocaust. Now I see these pictures and I understand why there are so few old cities shown in the news, in an ancient land, like Israel. This is basically Holocaust-lite, the erasure of an entire people, and their history, and it began before the death camps of Europe were even fully cleaned and documented. Every American should have to see such pictures and listen to these stories. 9.11 was only the most spectacular of the consequences to come for our blind support of Israel, eventually, Israel itself will come to be a stone around the neck of the entire Diaspora, threatening its very existence. This archive is an archive of shame that should see a much wider audience.
Posted by أمال on June 28, 2011 #135753

الله لا يجبرهم
Posted by مازن الشيخ طه on January 1, 2011 #128532

الله أكبر ... ليش من قليل رب العالمين حذرهم في القرآن في أكثر من موطن و آية ... ربي ينتقم منكم يا أولاد القردة و الخنازير
Posted by mohd on May 30, 2010 #114066

فعلا لقد اقشعر بدني من هول ما رايت فعلا اجرام لا مر في التاريخ!
Posted by Jim McPherson on January 10, 2010 #100490

"First, they came for Palestinians..." The Zionists came with an agenda to create a pure Jewish country. Clearly the Zionist leaders did not care about the humanity of the people of Palestine as they drove them out or murdered them in order to steal their land. One can trace this back to the "instructions from God" found in the book of Deuteronomy to "utterly destroy" others. But do not think it will end any time soon. Better we should ask ourselves, "Who will be the next to be targeted for utter destruction?"
Posted by Ismail Zaid on March 6, 2009 #69800

اخذت بعض الصور من الاب بير مندوبيلي وهو موجود في كنيسة عمواس من السباك الشرقي للطايق الثالث وفي عام 1982 قام بتسليي اياها حيث قمت بتسليم نحة منها الي صحفي اسرائيلي كان يعمل في صحيفة اسمها ( كول هاعير ) وتم نشر هذه الصور لاول مرة ثم قمت بتسليم السيد محمد الغوله من عمواس نسخة عن هذه الصور وما زلت اختفظ بالنسخة الاصلية وهي تحت تصرف الاخوة في جمعية عمواس الذين يعملون ليل نهار من اجل حمع المعلومات .
Posted by Baha on October 17, 2008 #54928

i cant believe it ,these monsters are unbelievable,and the U.S.A is unbelievable also,,,,and wha makes me go crazy,our Leaders,they are all not normal...hey need hospitals i swear...they see all this and nothing if we all arabs without looking at the religion side..get together...we'll free palestine ..all a week of time...i swear....if we go walking to weapons..just walk toword palestine..we'll set our Beautiful land free...
How we gonna le our leaders wont work...they are losers..we dont need them..all of them...we need real men to lead us...which is really not available right now nowhere in the arab countries...Ya ALLAH ...we need your help....PLEASE we dont need all our leaders...hope they all die at once..damn i hate them all...Great Plaestine you will be always in my heart as well as all other holy land lovers...

Free Palestine