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My story with 'Imwas- Salah Mansour
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on February 4, 2016
Never told anyone this story man before.

When I was four to five years old. My neighbor, Abu Nidal, is a refugee from Gaza, but worked as a mechanic. He fixed one BIG buss and he brought it to the neighborhood around noon.

Any how, we managed to convenience him to take everyone to a field trip, and guess where he took us? We went to Imwas straight from Ramallah, which we made in under 30 minutes. Over forty people were packed into the bus.
Ironically, two of my BEST childhood neighbors were 'Imwasis too who came with us too. I wasn't able to comprehend what they meant when they said at the time: you are stealing our trees!!!! I only understood what that meant a decade or so later that 'Imwas a was ethnically cleansed and destroyed only few years ago. I remember that one of them took us to the cemetery, I cannot forget that day.
We stole so much almonds and olives from you guys, you have no idea guys.
That is a true story, which I shall take it to the grave.

Because of Faluja and Imwas I did this website, I have a similar story to Faluja

Salah Mansour (Abu al-Sous)
Lost Angeles

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