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Posted by mohanad awad on AUGUST-15-2007 #19191

هذا الاموقع فيه بعض المعلومات عن البلدة
Posted by mohanad awad on APRIL-2-2007 #14714

....مرحبا للجميع
انا مهند عدنان عوض

ولدت في عمان

اصلي من بلدتي الحبيبه عنابه

تحيه للجميع وخاصه اهل عنابة
Posted by ahmed Abdullah Al-sufi on AUGUST-21-2006 #11422

أنا احمد عبدالله الصوفي
ولدت في عمان واعمل فيها .
وقد قام والدي العزيز بتأليف كتاب عن بلدة عنابة ،حيث سيظل شاهدا على مر العصور ودليلا واضحا امام العالم أجمع وامام اولادنا ان لنا بلدة ووطن وأصل وأم اسمها عنابة .
Posted by جبريل ايوسف الصوفي on JUNE-21-2006 #11038

انا لااعرف بلدي عنابه ولكنها مزروعه في قلبي وفي ذاكرتي وذلك بفضل الوالدين اللذين مانسيا عنابه ابدا وامنيتي ان تعود محررة عزيزة
Posted by muc0613 on AUGUST-7-2005 #9355

Hello everybody,

I am very glad to reach this stage and find at least a link to my home base. I used to hear a lot from my Grand Fathers/mothers as well as my father & mother about Inaaba. However, I met so many people from many families i.e. Wahdan, Abaas, Tomaleeh, Qataash, Jarboa, Badwan, Shahin, etc.

Wish to hear some good news insha؟llah.

Best regards,
Posted by Nour Alziq on DECEMBER-29-2004 #8083

Salam To all Innaba People:
I am from the townof Gimzo which is located directly on the north of Innaba. I have been reading a book about my town Gimzo in which i found that our people in Gimzo, Innaba, Danyal, ..etc had many things in commone. i am trying to translate some parts of this book ..the history of my town,occupation, ressistance in 1948 and before that date etc.. i will post a wep page when i am done with the translation. in the mean time wishes for all a soon return to your beloved town,
Palestine 4 ever,
Posted by sami on NOVEMBER-7-2003 #5086

ta7ya felasteen. ta7ya al entefaada. ta7ya hamas wa aljehad.
Posted by Ali Eida on APRIL-27-2003 #4022

ولدت في عمان ولكن روحي متعلقة ببلدتي الأصلية _ عنابة _ علماً بإنني لم أرها في حياتي ، ولقد علق صورتها في خيالي والدي _ رحمه الله _ الذي لم ير في منامه قط بأنه في عمان وإنما في عنابة أو في الرملة أو في يافا .
Posted by abu jafra on APRIL-18-2003 #3974

salam 4 all of u ....
Posted by abu jafra on JUNE-23-2002 #2212

ahlain aboo kefkom 'jafra&annaba' thank u so much for coming over here at least u make me feel live again , thanx again aboooo wallah ana ba7ebkom kteeer ana i miss u la allah plz keep writting over here.
Posted by Jafra Marwan Abbas on JUNE-23-2002 #2211

To honor the people of Innaba,let us keep the faith and pray that one day all will be gathered on the threshold.

I am Jafra Abbas and I live in Denmark.

This is for my father who I love and admire.

He is waging a war, waiting for the day he will smell the earth and kiss Innaba...

May God make his dream a reality
Posted by abu jafra on MAY-28-2002 #2061

hi 2 all,
loa'e tomalaih ,hala brabak man .
ayeda , it's was so nice 2 find u on the net,since a long time wallah ,salam 4 all the family,and take care of ur self,by the way 4 whom who dose'nt know me ,ana marwan sa3ed 3abbas.
Posted by Louaai Tomalieh on MAY-17-2002 #1989

Salaam Ya 7anajercom...
Wallahi a7na be elph ni3ma Alhmdu-Allah...Forsa Sa3eeda ini at'3araf 3a'laak ya akhee
Posted by Dr. Ayeda Ayed on MAY-9-2002 #1931

Hi again everyone

I hope we can have a more concrete discussion regarding how much we actually know
about innaba's daily life. My father was able to draw me a map and even a plan of their home and farm, which I think is important to keep as testomony to estabilished Palestinian life in Current-day Israel, to better enable us to make a credible case for the right of return of refugees and their descendents (if they so choose). Anyhow, I know this is heavy, but please talk to you parents, grandparents, and record/writedown every detail, because when they are gone, the memories of innabba will go with them or will become dimmer with time.

I see that our good cousins marwan and Khaldoon have joined. This is great! Khaldoon, I know you are now a grown man, but my last memory of you is when you were quite a child, very quiet. Have things changed? Marwan, I see that your demeanour is about the same as I remember it. Take care, and let's be in touch!

Posted by 7anajercom on MAY-5-2002 #1894

hala wallah ya 7'aldon ...nawarat el room ,,,3ala kol 7al i miss u la allah ,,,study well man ok i'll see u after 55 days looooooooooool allah we7dat el qods 3arabiah
Posted by khaldon abbas on MAY-1-2002 #1867

salam all this is our land khawah...........sah,nmwat wa tehiah annabah.......................salam
Posted by abu jafra on APRIL-26-2002 #1801

halla wallah ya 3ammi ya louaae kefak ya basha shoo a7'barak
Posted by Louaai on APRIL-24-2002 #1784

Salaam people,
My name is Louaai Tomalieh and I am from Annaba Palestine...I currently live in Chicago now but I would love to hear from people from my Balad...Please write me back at Louaai
Posted by abu jafra on APRIL-19-2002 #1740

salam 4 all of u ,
Posted by abu jafra on APRIL-13-2002 #1702

hi all ,
these days so mony of oyr people has been killed ..plz pray for all ...i wish i'm there ..they needs us they needs our support ...enaha ardona wa lana al7aqo an na3ish ..3ashat felasteen 7orah 3arabia ...na7no omaton lao jahanam sobat 3ala ra2seha waqefah....marwan abbas

o allah kareem
Posted by marwan abbas on APRIL-7-2002 #1642

sorry my nick name is 7anajercom
Posted by abu jafra on APRIL-7-2002 #1641

hi there ayda ,this is so cute anyhow u know me very well keep in touch..take care
Posted by Dr. Ayeda Ayed on FEBRUARY-4-2002 #1290

Dear Innabites!

Let's start a discussion going. I am the daughter of Hassan Abdullah Hussein Abed from Innaba. I have had the opportunity to know some of the ABED and ABBAS clans in Amman Jordan when I was young (I was, however, born and mostly raised in Canada). I would love if we can communicate and relive the collective memories of our forefathers/mothers in Innaba.


Ayeda Ayed