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'Innaba - عنابة: Villager Showing His House To His Son And Grandson In 1987



Picture for 'Innaba Village - Palestine: Villager Showing His House To His Son And Grandson In 1987. Browse 70k pictures documenting Palestinian history & culture before Nakba

Scanned from "All That Remains" by Dr. Walid Khalidi on January 12, 2000
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This photo is for my late grandfather "Abdel Aziz Wahdan" and for my father Khalil Wahdan and my
brother Muthaffer Wahdan
My grandfather was pointing to the place where his father and brother were buried
Sorry for writing in english because my keyboard doesn't have arabic letters
I am V sorry to write in English du of my comp.hasnt arabic litters
the pictuers above Mr.aAziz wahdan ,his son khalil and his gandson muthaffar while he point on the craves of his father and his brother
يظهر في هذه الصوره المرحوم الحاج عبد العزيز عليان وولده خليل و حفيده (ابن خليل) من سكان مخيم الجلزون