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Ethnic cleansing of Gimzo
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Nour Alziq on December 27, 2004
؟And then .. we heard that the Zionist invaded Palestine ,, they destroyed whatever city they passed by , they raped ,they stool and looted whomever stayed in the land of AL- ramlah ؟ my dad once said,,, so we had no choice but to abandon our land,, we had no time to even take food or cloth with us ,, we just fled the town fearing to be killed.. we had no means of transportation but our feet ؟ many died on the way, and some were eaten by Hyenas, and then we arrived to Alkarameh ؟A Jordanian city on the borders of Palestine؟ ؟Ali Hasan Al-Ziq, a man who lost his House, Farm, land and two of his beloved daughters is a living example of the inhuman treatment to the Palestinians people.

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