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Posted by farid khatib on JUNE-13-2008 #42010

السلام عليكم
انا من قرية بيت اكسا واجدادي رحمهم الله كانوا يتنقلون بين بيت اكسا وقرية خروبة وكم حدثونا عنها وعن خيراتها وصبرها
وعن هداة البال فيها وكم اتمنى ان نعود اليها ولقد حاولنا زيارتها ولكننا لم نعثر على موقعهتا المحدد حيث انهاطمست
ونسال الله ان نعود اليه قريبا
Posted by Imad Barakat Elkhatib on OCTOBER-10-2007 #21486

My father and mom were born at this town. My dad visited his hometown in 1974 and told us that the Israeli turned it to a cow farm. Also he said that some home foundation still visible. He was very sad to see his birth town destroyed. My dream that one day we his kids will be able to go back and rebuild it. My Parents now reside in America.
Posted by Naser on MARCH-1-2002 #1396

My complete Name is :
Naser Bajes Aboud Muhammad Khalil Muheisen.