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Hassan Sela, Born in Majdal Yaba, and martyred in Odem, Golan Heights Syria
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Khaled El Sala on October 27, 2011
Hassan Sela, Martyred at the hills of Odem, Golan Heights, Syria, March 2, 1970, at the age of 18. Hassan was born in Dair Ballout, Palestine in 1952 four years after his parents were expelled out of their birth place in the nearby village of Majdal Yaba, Palestine. His mother left later to Amman Jordan, and his father to Toubas, Nablus, West Bank of Jordan. He studied his elementary education in Toubas. At age 15 he was having an affection to one of his close cousins and he secretly revealed to another that he wishes to have her as his future wife. After the six days war in Oct. 1967 he was again expelled with his family to Amman, Jordan. Hassan pursued his high school education in King Husein Colleges in Amman Jordan and was a top notch, The call of duty made Hassan volunteer to the Public Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine PDFLP. In late 1969 he left to Syria and there he became one of the PDFLP commanders in the Golan Heights region. He fought against occupation forces in many battles including Ho Chi Minh on 6/9/1969 , Kenitra on 7/12/1969, Manajel el Shamal (Northern Machetes) on 17/1/1970 and Tel Saaf on 16/2/1970. PDFLP announced the martyrdom of Hassan Sela at the hills of Odem, Golan Heights, Syria on March 2, 1970, it mentions that he commanded his final operation against occupation forces in Golan Heights between Odem Mount, and Buqaatha, Hassan was covering his group in their retriet after that operation when they fill in a trap, his body is still not released to his family to date. Hassan was fund of English literature and arts, he frequently wrote to his elder brother that he wanted to learn English fluently and get a higher education. Any help to confirm and locate Hassan remains would be appreciated

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