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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Someone who cares on January 28, 2002
Not long ago I had the opportunity to talk with someone, who was among the founders of what is today Kibbutz Einat - here is HIS STORY!
All started with the arrival of his parents from Russia in 1926, a young couple in their early twenties, in - then - Palestine. They were, like so many others, ardent zionists and determined to contribute whatever possible in building a "Jewish State". They settled in "Givat Ha'Shlosha" , raised four children and continued living there until the big ideology-crisis in 1951, when about half the population of Givat Ha'Shlosha, which persued instead of the still very popular communistic ideas, the idea of Ben Gurion (Mapai at that time) to be socialists/zionists WITHOUT embracing the idea of communism. They split off in order to establish a new place - "Kibbutz Einat", about four kilometers to the east, direction Majdal Yaba.
In 1931, one of two very rich Arabs from KFAR MIR, which was located very close to the fortress "Antipatrus" (opposite of Givat Ha Shlosha) sold the land through KEREN KAYEMET to the jews. This land, which was to be "Kibbutz Einat" from 1952 on, was only partially cultivated, very rocky and farmed by the people of Majdal Yaba as sharecroppers. He told me, that his father, wo spoke fluently Arabic, was often guest of "Mohammad" and had apparently very friendly relations with him and his family.
The people of Kfar Mir dissappeared, ethnically cleansed I would assume. "Mohammad" is known to have left for one of the villages around Ramallah. He certainly died but his sons most likely remained in the area.

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Posted by Zacharia Ibrahim on December 13, 2018 #159372

If the Mohammad mentioned above is the same Mohammad that is my great-grandfather, the family, at least in part, resettled in Nablus until the mid-1960s. The story my elders tell is that his brother was killed during fighting against the Zionists.