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Posted by jihad_alshareef on SEPTEMBER-20-2011 #138030

قطراوى انا دمى قطراوى حنينى واشتياقى لهايراودنى مند طفولتى وحبهايكبر ويزداد يوما بعديوم وقلبى يتوقد لرؤيتهاحتى تكتحل عينى بها وانشاء الله سيحررهاالمجاهدينالصناديد اصحاب الايادى المتوضه لا احد غيرهم
Posted by رحيق الوطن المهاجر on JUNE-23-2010 #116112

سلام من القلب الى اناس احبو وطني ومن تم احبو مسقط رأسي من الجميل ان نفتخر بأمجادنا و أصولنا و لكن من الأجمل ان نرى شموعاً تقوم بإنارة ذكرياتنا بما يروي ظمأنا الى معرفة تاريخنا و أصولنا و لي الفخر والشرف ان ارى تاريخ أجدادي يوثق و ان هنالك قناديل تحاول ان تمدبنورها الى تاريخنا الذي دفن لن اقول في توابيت ولكن في فناء المكتبات وبين ثنايا الكتب .
أنحني شكرا لكل من شارك في جمع المعلومات سواء من ذكريات اجدادنا أو من صور للحائط نضعها إكراماً لاعزائنا
Posted by Webmaster on JULY-19-2009 #83481

السلام عليكم ،

يسرنا أن نعلمكم بأن صديق الموقع (أري زقهيم) لأكثر من سبعة سنوات قام بزيارة قريتك ودونها بفلم رائع. أري (وهو إسرائيلي مناهض للصهيونية ومؤمن بحق عودتنا المقدس) إنسان رائع قام بتدون أكثر من 70 قرية مدمرة على نفقته الخاصة. فأي تبرع تقومون به سيساعدنا بتدوين قرى ومدن اُخري. اُنقر الرابطة التالية لرؤية الفلم:

 الرجاء كتابة تعليك أسفل الفلم لشكر أري على هذا العمل القيم. بارك الله فيكم، فعودتنا مؤكدة بإرادت الله عز وجل. لن يزول حق ووراؤه مُطالب.

ألرجاء تعميم هذا البريد معع الإصدقاء والأقارب.

فرحتنا فقط بعودتنا إن شاء الله


صلاح منصور / أبو السوس

شيكاغو - الولايات المتحدة

Posted by ابو خالد ريان on OCTOBER-27-2008 #55779

سلام عليك يا قطرة يا بلدتى العزيزة لم اراكى الا مرة واحدة فى طفولتى واحن اليك يا غاليتى يا قطرة من دمى يا قطرة سنعود اليك يوما
Posted by أبو جمعة on SEPTEMBER-16-2008 #52256

تحية لكل ال ابو جمعة و لكل اهالي قطرة hg hf, [lum td ulhk
Posted by ناصر ابوشرف on FEBRUARY-14-2008 #29119

سلام الى كل اهالى قطره
Posted by ناصر ابوشرف on FEBRUARY-13-2008 #29077

سلام الى قطره
Posted by ali el-hirbawi on JANUARY-18-2007 #12599

Dear surfers
I was born in Gaza after my family was expelled from Palestine and sought refuge in Gaza.
My family left Qatra in 1948. I still remember my father's sadness when he remembered his dear and loved village.We suffered alot because we were unwelcome guests in all arab countries.
The world is really cruel and uptill now we suffer from the consequences of being refugees. I hope one day we will go back to Qatra if we belong to our religion. Qatra is a dream but dreams sometimes come true.
Posted by izzah on OCTOBER-9-2006 #11737

i am a 20 something malaysian, who is in full support of Palestine.. i would do as much as possible to help and support Palestinians, the people of holy land..
it is to my wish adream to visit Palestine.. i would love to do any volunteering works there, is possible.. Insya Allah
Posted by jabr on MARCH-11-2006 #10453


very interesting


Posted by Mohammed Alherbawi on MARCH-8-2005 #8474

We have been in the whole world, travelling left right , getting all passports, nationalities..
God, tell me how can I forget you Qatra`?
Most beautiful sand , air , life ,sunlight everything in Qatra is Greatful.
I need that air ,I want to brath it once..just once to fill up my soul with her needful.
Hey,,Qatra ,,I love you ,,and promise I will never forget you and I am going to give my promise over to my last blood.
Qatra..I have never seen you !
Mohammed Alherbawi
Posted by ناصر ابوشرف on DECEMBER-15-2002 #3496

سورجظ êèهانمو çذç انهرç ظنé ارجنواèنêس اجوç
Posted by ELMUNADIL on SEPTEMBER-14-2002 #3129

Posted by Hasan Jibreel Alqaderi on AUGUST-29-2002 #2812

Asalamu Alykum,
Im proud that I belongs to Qatra Village, my grand father was the (Muktar),Ive been to my very very beautiful village twice accompanied with my late father & late uncle, they explain to us(with pian & tears) all about our land(our land is almost 3500 sequare DONOM as certified in the british land certificates that we still have (to date) in very good conditions )the remaing houses in Qatra some belongs to my grandfather & my seven uncles, my elder brothers,sisters,& cousins knows each & every stone in our land ,some jews families from Yamen are living in our houses, our land is full of orange trees,my elder uncle still to date live in Ramla city, I will try to get some photo for the most beaytiful land on earth,we are teaching & passing all information we got & knew to our next generations, mistaken those who thinks that we ever foegot any stone in our land, those who makes us suffer, will pay even for the holy air they sniff from our holy & most beautiful land, believe me we are going back to our land ,that is sure, (our family memebers in all over the world in States, Canada, Eouro & palestine is more than 1400 memebers ), from my heart I thank all those who make this site available for us,& gave me the chance to share & express my feelings.

Hasan Jibreel AlQuadri
Posted by bassam on APRIL-11-2002 #1677

I dont know my town ,ihave never been there .my dad was 6 years old ,when nakba happened .All i know about my town is
what grand parents -GOD BLEES THIER SOULS- told me and my brothers about .and i well tell my children about it .
we should all tell our children and teach about palestaine.
the palestaniane people cant forget.

bassam alshami