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Yalu - يالو : يالو-ابار مياه
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Yalu - يالو : يالو-ابار مياه

Posted by Nader abu gosh Uploaded on April 25, 2008
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Posted by محمود اسماعيل محمد العرب on January 10, 2010 #100406

السلام عليكم جميعا
هذه الارض لنا و ولا بد ان يأتي يوما نعود به اليها و نكتحل بترابهاو ندفن بأرضها
Posted by Umar Abu El-Bararri on April 24, 2009 #75012

Salam Amjad,

I hope that you will enjoy the new pictures of Yalu that I recently uploaded.


Posted by Amjad on November 7, 2008 #56570

this an old well called bear hiba

i hope if sombody has more pictures to my home village