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al-Nakba Documentary
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Jamal on August 15, 2008

a series of four-part documentary produced by the Al-Jazeera Network Information, photographs and documents about the case of Palestine and the history of the catastrophe exposured for the first time. "The Tragedy did not start in forty-eight, did not end in forty-eight." Series was filmed in six countries, including Palestine (inside and outside the Green Line). Series history includes a detailed and comprehensive assessment of how a disaster will start the plot threads and then crush the revolution and then the ethnic cleansing of forty-eight and until the end by the Catastrophe continued till today, also contain a number of meetings of the most prominent thinkers and historians, journalists and Arabs, Israelis and foreign specialists on Palestine. Series prepared and directed by Rowan Al-Damen. Translated into English by me ;-)

The above documents, article, interviews, movies, podcasts, or stories reflects solely the research and opinions of its authors. makes its best effort to validate its contents.

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Posted by charles davey on May 7, 2013 #149818

Brilliant. Read also 'Cause For Concern: A Quaker View of the Palestinian Problem', Herbert Dobbing (The Institute for Palesine Studies, Beirut 1970).
How can I get a copy of this documentary?