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Posted by Webmaster on MARCH-19-2011 #131738


لقد تم تحيل فلم اكثر من رائع عن نكبة بيت نوبى وعمواس ويالو والطرون

انقر الرابطة التاية للمزيد


Posted by latrunia mustafa on JULY-11-2008 #45535

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم...
وانا في قمة الحنين الى استنشاق انسام وطني يطل علي من تلك الصفحة من يتكلم عن واحة السلام!!!
اي واحة واي سلام؟؟
انا انسانة مهجرة من وطني ومن قريتي الحبيبة اللطرون..اللطرون ليست نبيذا او عنبا او زيتونا..ولا هي واحة لسلام كاذب!!
اللطرون هي قطعة من جسدي اجتثت بلا ادنى رحمة ولا انسانية انها عشق يذوب في اوصالي ولا اجد من يواسيني بفقدانها..اشتاق لغرفة ماء من عين الحلوة..او نسمة هواء عليلة من فوق سفح قلعتها العتيقة..اشتاق للتلصص من خلف الاسوار لاراقب الرهبان بلباسهم الانيق وهم يعملون بجهد من اجل دير اللطرون ..كم اشتاق لكم يا اجدادي
you stolen my land!!!>> theres no >>>no peace with you
Posted by Howard Shippin on MAY-31-2006 #10944

"Newe Shalom" (Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam) is a village of Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel on 200 dunams of land on the brow and northern slope of Ras Abu-Murrah. The village is situated predominantly within the area of the 1949-1967 "No Mans' Land" (in the section of the No Man's Land that was controlled by Israel). The rest of the village is completely within Israel's pre-1967 borders.

The land upon which Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam is now situated was purchased by the monastery in the 1930s. Previous to the sale, it had been in public owership. In 1970, the monastery awarded a leasehold of 400 dunams to Fr. Bruno, for the specific purpose of establishing an Arab - Jewish community. The price of the lease was set at one Lira per annum. Later, in the 1990s, 200 dunams of the original land were given (gratis) by the Monastery into the ownership of the village, and the rest returned to the Monastery.

Copies of the deed and land registration from the British Mandate period may be received from the offices of Neve Shalom ~ Wahat al-Salam (
Posted by Hamam on JUNE-10-2005 #8908

Latrun has a very good wine. Gud pless the monestery.
Posted by Karpaten on JUNE-21-2003 #4300

My Carpathian German ancestors were ethnically cleansed (vertrieben) just like yours. I feel your pain and hope that someday you will receive justice.