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Village Statistics of 1945: A Classification of Land and Area ownership in Palestine
Posted on September 10, 2007

Palestine: Village Statistics of 1945
Village Statistics book is a rare and important book was first published by the Palestine Government in 1937 under the request of the Peel Commission, which was used to draw the first proposed partition plan in 1937 (know as the Peel Partition Plan). At the time, it had limited circulation, and later it was updated with a newer version that represent 1945 village statistics. Mr. Sami Hadawi (one of the most important Palestinian scholars and the most authoritative land expert about Palestine before Nakba) republished this important book in a manageable size (the original was made of one table that spaned large pages; click here for details 50 MB PDF), and added some important explanation and notes.

Since this book had limited circulation, and because it is extremely important for the Palestinian cause, we decide to make it available to the general public (scroll to end of page to see table of contents), and we hope you will find it useful. It should be noted that we have spent a lot of time extracting the statistics from this important book and made it available for researchers in the form of a spreadsheet, click here for more details.

Population & Total Land Areas Cultivable Lands & Fruit Plantations Built up Areas & Non-Cultivable Lands
Acre Acre Acre
Beersheba Beersheba Beersheba
Beisan Beisan Beisan
Gaza Gaza Gaza
Haifa Haifa Haifa
Hebron Hebron Hebron
Jaffa Jaffa Jaffa
Jenin Jenin Jenin
Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem
Nablus Nablus Nablus
Nazareth Nazareth Nazareth
Ramallah Ramallah Ramallah
Ramle Ramle Ramle
Safad Safad Safad
Tiberias Tiberias Tiberias
Tulkarm Tulkarm Tulkarm

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Thanks for this. A great resource. Appreciate you posting it.
Jacob: It is plainly stated above that this is a new and updated version of the 1937 edition.
I'm curious as to why the book you have shown here is shown as being printed in 1970 in Lebanon if it was from the Peel commission
I suggest you provide a zip archive to download all files at a time.