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Zionist Quotes: Shmuel Zuchovitzky - A Brief Biography & Quotes

BASED On Declassified Israeli Documents & Personal Diaries

Shmuel Zuchovitzky, a leading figure in the agricultural sector and a member of the General Zionist Party Executive, pronounced in 1938:

"I think that whenever you discuss it or submit a memo on the question of the transfer, you must make it ABSOLUTELY clear that this transfer is one of the conditions on which we are establishing our state and that the Mandatory Government should carry this out." (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p.110)

"I am convinced that it would be impossible to carry out transfer without compulsion. I do not see in this any immoral measure. I want to help the Jews to come to the Jewish state and to HELP the [Palestinian] Arabs to cross to the Arab state. I know that these things are not easy and involve a lot of difficulties ..... And also [land] expropriation must be carried out. And we must suggest now that we are prepared to carry out [land] expropriation . In Lita and Latvia there was also expropriation. Latvia finished the whole thing in two years and now everything is all right. But we will carry out confiscation with money and not a small amount. But it must be implemented as speedily as possible." (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 110)


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