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Palestine Maps: Palestinian Refugees' Migration Routes During War of Nakba In 1948


Zionist Jews are looting al-Maliha
As the Palestinian people were being DISPOSSESSED and ETHNICALLY CLEANSED out of their homes, farms and businesses; persecuted European Jewish refugees were taking possession of their properties. It's worth noting that up to 15% of all Palestinian refugees were PUSHED into the sea; a thing that most Jews "claim" that Arabs are plotting do!


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Is there a similar map for Jews in the area? What was the average distance traveled from home to refugee camp?
Hello. I'm looking for statistics on the number of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon in 1949, per camp, especially around Beirut. Would anyone have these numbers ? The aim is to draw a map of the camps in the early 1950, another one for the mid-1970s, and the last one for the 2000s.
Thanks in anticipation
Please read The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinian written by an Israeli Jew who in fact had to move to the UK because it was no longer safe for him in Israel. As an American Catholic (1/8 Jew)babyboomer who had a number of Jewish friends who parents had escaped both Germany and Russia I took great interest in Israelis self determination. I had no idea our media was telling us a pack of lies. But over the years I began to suspect I had been mislead by a propaganda machine here in the US as I heard history being revised some more to favor Israel. I am still ashamed of the things I used to think about Palestinians. I pray that one day we will all learn the truth and help support the indigenous people of Palestine recover at least 2/3 of their homeland which matches their pop. number in 1948. Shame on you Israel.
I once had a gardener called Jesus! Should I send him over to make peace (and trim foliage)?
God gave the land between the Euphrates River of Syria to the Nile River in Egypt to the Jewish population which they settled on between 1400-1300 B.C. It is rightfully theirs. There will never be peace in the Middle East until Jesus returns.
Suggested reading -Blood Brothers-by Elias Chacour
The Palestinians have payed the price for the crimes of the NAZI-Germans against the Ashkenazi Jews of Northern Europe..

its a sad thing..
Any one recognized the red roots of rural and urban forced migration for a whole palestinian nation , realized how much was this people terrorized and fled from the sons of Hitler Jewish gangs massacres criminal atrocities out of the worlds eyes and international media 1948 .It was the biggest shameful conspiracy of the civilized world in Europe and America.
The Palestinian people now 9 Million, should return home from all the same roots was forced to fled. This will be understood from all whom shamefully associate with this crime .
As an American, the history information here is completely different than the history provided to me in schoolbooks in our schools. And as much as I enjoyed watching exciting Hollywood movies about the establishment of the Israeli State with such popular actors like Kirk Douglas and Paul Newman, I am beginning to realize how such movies falsely romanticized the conflict; drama that served to stir sympathy for the Jews while ignoring almost completely the rightful claims and general plight of the Palestinians.
The more I study and investigate, the emerging truth reveals an alarming and sad commentary on the academic system here (along with the media) and the complicity they have in disseminating a narrow, inaccurate and politically tainted world-view to millions of American children; many who would ultimately go forward to shape important foreign relations policy, and unfortunately trifle with eastern affairs that are none of our business with a view to acquiring enhanced power and oil.
In any case, I applaud your brave and continuous campaign to correct the lies and deceit surrounding the issue of Palestinian conflict.
Why didn't the arabs just accept jewish land purchases and immigration to those jewish areas? Yes, the arabs may have become a minority but the jews were duty-bound to uphold civil rights and, if necessary, people could always realise their arab nationalist aspirations in neighbouring countries. If you look at the bigger picture of humanity, surely it is a lesser inconvenience for a small number of arabs to not have sovereignty in one small part of the middle east (while benefiting economically from jewish capital and expertise) than for jews to be continuously persecuted not only in Europe and Russia but also at the whim of corrupt ME rulers and mobs, e.g., Farhun, Damascus blood libel, special taxes, ghettoes, etc. Ironically it seems that Palestinian Arabs are suffering most oppression in neighbouring arab states while those who remained in Israel are, generally, happy with their lot. What did the jews do back in the 1880s to arouse arab anger and attack? What *should* they have done to calm arab fears?
Those damn Jews took our lands.
The holocaust in Europe was terrible and difficult to understand how a civilized people could behave in such a inhuman way.This barbaric treatment meted out to the Jews did not give them the right to evict the people of Palestine from land they have had for centuries.The result distrust and conflict between Islam and the western nations.
Am Malaysian. By Allah, these refugees are freedom fighters. Never terrorist.

The Zionists and their perpetrators are the terrorists.
I wish to encourage the noble work of Palestine Remembered staff...becouse one day the admission of the Israeli faults will give back to the Palestinians their rights on their land, and hoping that it will be not just a "remembering".
Hurriyya li l-Filistyn