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Sha'ab - شعب : SHA'AB SKY LINE #1
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Sha'ab - شعب : SHA'AB SKY LINE #1

Posted by YOUSSEF KHATIB Uploaded on March 22, 2002
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Posted by سامر on October 1, 2009 #90661

ممكن اتعرف على حد من شعب باقصى فتره ممكنه
Posted by Manal on March 30, 2008 #33230

Dearest people

unfortunately, i was born a refugee in the neighboring country of lebanon.. and palestine was always portrayed so far away and out of reach..

my father was 10 months old and my mother was born in lebanon, so any connection i have with palestine came from my grandmother. she told us stories abt their lives. this website has shown me what she was talking abt all those years and it just inspired a sense of belonging to my homeland. i love u, palestine.