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Welcome To Sha'ab - شعب (שעב)

District of Acre
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for Sha'ab Village - Palestine: : Entrance of Shaab
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date July 18, 1948
Distance from district 26 (km) Southeast of Acre
Elevation from the sea 100 (meters)
Map location Click here map
Military Operation against town Operation Dekel
Defenders Local Palestinian militia and some Arab Liberation Army volunteers.
Refugees' migration route Some of the villagers were terrorized into fleeing north to Lebanon.
Village remains after destruction The village was mostly left intact by the Zionists and is currently being occupied by its original inhabitants and some internal Palestinian refugees from al-Shajara (Tiberias).
Ethnically cleansing by Israelis The village was partially ethnically cleansed.
Terminating refugee camps Many of the village refugees ended up in al-Rashidyah refugee camp nearby Sour (Lebanon).
Neighboring towns Majdel al-Kroum, al-Bi'anah, Sikhneen, Mi'ar, al-Birwa, and Kaboul.
Village clans So far, we're aware the following clans: al-Khatib, al-Khalid, Ismael, Hamzeh, al-Sheikh Mohammad, and Chehayber (from Turkish-Arab descend).
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 17,870
Jewish 0
Public 121
Total 17,991
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 3,248
Area planted w/ olives 2,040
Planted W/ Cereal 6,602
Built up 231
Cultivable 9,850
Non-Cultivable 7,910
Year Population
1922 1,206
1931 1,297
1945 1,740
1961 1,070
1995 4,200
2002 5,450
2007 6,428
Number of houses In 1931: 284 houses.
Town's name through history The village was most likely named after the nearby Khirba-town of Sa'ab, which existed during the Roman period - or after a tribe, which settled nearby at the village of Hamadan, southeastern Iraq.
Schools In 1888, the Ottomans founded a school for boys. It finally became a complete Elementary School in 1944.
Archeological sites The village itself was built over an archeological site. It has several nearby khirbas, such as Khirbat al Bazou'ah, located to it's east, which shows remains of foundations, olive presses and wells. The other Khirba is Khirbat Ya'neen, located to the northeast (4km north of Kabul). It was originally an old Cananite Arab village, and contains an ancient grave-site and a well.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
Yavor, founded in 1951 and located just east of the village.
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Display Name Clan/Hamolah Country of Residence
نبيل يوسف الشيخ محمد الشيخ محمد الامارات, الامارات
Kassem Chuhaiber Chuhaiber Copenhagen, Denmark
hasan hosen sha'ab -
malik khatib al khatib haifa, shaab
جرح الماضي - -
فلسطينيه وافتخر - صفد
Khaled El-Haj Hassan - -
Hassan Mohamad Elkhatib Elkhatib Copenhagen, Denmark
Raymonda - Berlin, Germany
عبدالقادر الخطيب الخطيب Kalundborg, danmark
El KHATIB - copenhagen, Denmark
ولاء مصطفى مصطفى Sha'ab
Wassim El Khatib El Khatib IL, USA
شعب شحيبر ابوظبي
Mohamad Abou Said - Dubai
Eng.Ahmad Chehaiber Chehaiber Mekka, saudi arabia
abu mohd - lebanon, lebanon
Anwar Ahmad Mahmud Taha Taha Koeln / Bonn, Germmany
زاهر فاعور حلب
محمد عبد الكريم نمر صالح الاسدي (شعب) الاسدي بنغازي, ليبيا
عائدون الخطيب دمشق
حسين عوده عوده برلين
A.Chehaiber Chehaiber makka, saudi arabia
أبو محمد الاسعد Sweden, Sweden
محمد احمد الشيخ خليل الشيخ خليل abudhabi, abudhabi
احمد محمد الشيخ خليل الشيخ خليل -
علي عبد الكريم شيخ خليل - دبي, UAE
محمد ياسين فاعور فاعور حلب, سوريا
Fatima Abdul Halim - Dubai - UAE
Taghrid Issa Awad Issa Faour Saida, Lebanon
Iman Adam AbdulHalim - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
Oussama Rizk El khatib - DENMARK
ahmad sheikh muhammad - -
Mohamad Hamze Hamze -
حنين معين الخطيب الخطيب ليبيا
Dr.samer chehayber chehayber perugia, italy
Mohamed Elkhalid El-Khatib Texas, USA
abu tareq taha nablus
fatima alkhatib - london, uk
Ahmed Ghassan Ziab ziab Doha, Qatar
Fadi El Khatib - Beirut, Lebanon
سامي حسن - دمشق, سورية
Mohamed Al Khatib - Sha'ab Village
Shekri El-Khatib El-Khatib Wisconsin, USA
شاكر ابراهيم خطيب - shaab, فلسطين
Chaker H. El-Khatib El-Khatib Minnesota, USA
Ahmad - Qatar
Palestinio Mansour Abu Dhabi, Unted Arab Emirates
أيمن الأسدي - -
Mahmoud ABU-ARAB ABU-ARAB NSW, Australia
هادية غضبان غضبان لبنان
Lama Chehaiber Chehaiber Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
chikhkhalil chikh khalil damascus, damascus
samira khatib khatib danmark
Abeer - Doha-Qatar
Amjad Alhaj alhaj -
Mohammed chehaiber Chehaiber Florida, USA
amneh chehaiber Chehaiber Florida, USA
farid chehaiber chehaiber Massachusetts, U.S.A
abo eyad hrame shaab, shaab
haytham al khatib - dubai, uae
Soha Faour Faour -
Mukarram Hamzeh - Abudhabi, United Arab Emirates
Dana Khalil - Abudhabi, UAE
engeloflove كبها برطعه
adel khatib khatib. guangdong, china.
Saeed khatib Al-Khatib Abu Dhabi, UAE, Palestine
Sahar Miari Mi3ar -
Abdallah Abdulhalim Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Ghassan El-khatib elkhatib Ontario, Canada
Malek khatib shaab, palastine
hanan ebrahim khatib khatib palestine-48, palstine-48
anouar mohammed faour - israel, israel
Ahmad mohammed faour Shehade faour faour ohio, usa
Deema AL Khatib AL Khatib Abu Dhabi
Jamal I. Faour - OHIO, U.S.A
Tarsheha Mansoura MANSOURA west bank, palestine
Dr. Ahmad Abdulaziz Abu Aziz -
Mohamad Ayoub - saida, Lebanon
Reem AL- Khatib - Doha, Qatar
ahmed ali sheikh-khalil sheikh-khalil USA
HASSAN ELKHATIB elkhatib sofia, balgaria
Wissam Audi - Saida, Lebanon
Abu Ahmad Hassouneh/Hassoona Ontario, CANADA
Dr. Mohamad AlKhatib Abu Dhabi
homsi alaa - -
Tarek Khaled El Khatib Doha, Qatar
Fouad Elfaour Faour Ohio, USA
jamal elkhaled elkhatib DENMARK, 4100
Tarek Ismail El-Khatib OH, USA
el khatib tammam - -
Arabie Taha Nordrhein-westfallen, Germmany
salah rahime - AB, Canada
Ahmad Sheikh Muhammad Sheikh Muhammad -
Ibrahim Sheikh Mohammad -
Walid Sawan - Edmonton, Canada
youssef - beirut, lebanon
ihsan alkhatib alkhatib MI, USA
Ahmad M Khatib Khatib Chicago, USA
palestinian_diplomat Shehadeh Abu Dhabi, UAE
Lamis Sheikh Khalil sheikh khalil -
tarek k rahimi - support ur rights
abed hamza palstenan / isreal, palstenan
Sarah Sheikh Khalil Sweden
Samah sheikh khalil mina, 06
Abdulla Hassouna hassouna kuwait, kuwait
Hisham Hamze Hamze AZ, USA
Omnia Amine Shiekh Moh'd Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Fadi Ismail El Khatib Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Said Ghazi Ismail Elkhatib Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ahmad G. Ismail Elkhatib Dubai, UAE
ALI ALI HUSSIEN beirut, lebanon
nihadm1 miari alshmal, lebanon
Omar Hassouna hassouna kuwait, kuwait
saiddiab acra beirut, lebanon
said - U.A.E., U.A.E.
Ahmad Hussein Canada
Khaled Chehaybar Chehaybar Euskirchen, Germany
Khaled mohammad khaled alkhatib Saadnayel, Lebanon
Yassir Khaled Alkhatib beirout, Lebanon
Mohammad Khaled Alkhatib Saadnayel, Lebanon
Khaled Younis Khaled Alkhatib saadnayel, Lebanon
younis khaled Alkhatib Albeqaa', Lebanon
Naj Faour OH, USA
abu saleh sheikh mohd united arab emirates, united arab emirates
Khalil m. Sheikh Khalil Sheikh Khalil ABU DAHBI, u.a.e
mohammad faour Faour vermont, usa
Faour Alfaour Alfaour Ohio, USA
Sabih Ismail Elkhatib OH, USA
Khaled Hussein Khatib - -
imad khaled al khatib doha, qatar
MOHSEN HUSSEIN hussein slovenia
JAMAL - sharjah, UAE
Al-Asadi Al-Asadi Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Noheil chehayber Chehayber Lebanon
Fouad Youssif Abdul-Rahman Tennessee, U S A
tarek khateb - lebanon
Dr. Jaafar Chehayber chehayber Doha, Qatar
Fatima Al Khatib - Beirut, Lebanon
Mahmoud El-khatib El-khatib Sweden
Mona Hamzeh Hamzeh -
mahmoud khatib khatib md, usa
Yasser Elkhatib Elkhatib -
Issam Elkhatib Elkhatib -
Ahmad Chehayber, Ph.D. Chehayber IL, USA
Rashid A khatib khatib fl, usa
Abir Khaled Khaled Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mounir Khaled alkhatib ohio, usa
Mahmoud Elkhatib Elkhatib Abu Dhabi, UAE
Samiha Yazbeck Sheikh Mohammad -
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