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Suhmata , we shall return
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Abu BAshaar on December 25, 2001
Most of the Palestinians from Suhmata, were ethnically cleansed from their village, and were forced to find refuge in the refugee camps in Lebanon. The maority of them settled in three camps camps: Rashideyah, Bedawi, Balback,and few of them settled in TEl ZAATAR. Some of them choose the refugee camps in Syria. The majority of Suhmatans belongs to the following Families: Khadoura, Aljishi, Askoul, Sahyoun, Sleiman, Othman, Balshe, Amer, and Azam. Few stayed in Palestine, however who were stayed were internally ethnically cleansed, and they were not allowed to go back to Suhmata, which became under the Military authorities. Most of those who stayed were the Christian Suhmatan, the "Semaan family", only the head of the family left to Lebanon with his Muslim brother, he was the Mokhtar "Alderman" and his sister Ratibah. The communication between those who stayed and those who were ethnically cleansed continued through the sons who left to study abroad, the fruits of these communication was a book published in Lebanon. Under the name SUHMATA, the contributors were the inside and outisde Suhmata, ABu MAHER AL YAMANI the Palestinian Leader who is from Sumata was behind the Idea of this book. The book contains details about Suhmata, the land the pople the families, the building the trees, ....etc. A play acted by Palestinian in 1948, was played under the Name Suhmata. it was played in the village under one of the famous trees. Suhmata gave Paletsine beloved Martyrs , Mohammed Al yamani, was killed by the Israelis in 1966 when he was crossing the borders with a group of Fedayeen he was burried in AL MALKIYA. Abu Naser "Sari" was killed during a fedayeen military operation in early 1971, he was burried in Suhmata.
The birds Suhamaa could be heard to by listening to the Suhmatan singer KAMAL SLEIMAN whom I met in Canada. Suhmata is a dream will come true.

Issam alyamani, Toronto

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Return to Suhmata

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