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Who are the people of Acre district?
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Sami Qablawi on October 3, 2001
The people of Acre district are mixture of Arabians, Turks, and Albanians. These people cooperate together to protect their city from the crusaders for centureis.
Many people of the city has Arabian, Turkish, or Albanian names. Poeple of Acre in general are differ from the rest of the people of Palestine in culture wise, features, and even in the life style.
According to many Palestinian and Lebanese historians that Turkic and Albanian blood joined with Arabian to create the people of Acre. There are two small villages whom its poeple are from Turkic origins, Umm Al-Faraj, and Tarshiha. Some elderly people still speak their native languages, but all of the population they considered Palestinian-Arabs.
For example, there are many families from Acre has Turkic background such as, Qablawi, Abdulal, Zamzam, Agha, Yasin, Husayrmi, Qablan, Halaq, Hawarri, Abdulwahab, Haj-Musa,...
For me I am proud to be from Turkic origins, but I am more proud to be a Palestinian as my father.
My family left the city in 1948, after the establishment of Israel. My family moved to Lebanon walking for 3 days. We left behind us all of our money, properties, and relatives.
Palestine will stay in my hart for ever and ever weather I am from Turkic background or not.
Palestine for its people only.

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Posted by Akkawi on March 27, 2012 #142765

What is written here about Palestinians from acre (akka) is completly wrong. We do not differ from other palestinians. Rather all palestinians regardless of which area we are from come from a mixture of people including canaanite, roman, israelite, former ottoman people, crusader people, arabs and so on. Therefor you can find in the same family some who are blond and some who have darker hair even though they share the same dna whether its un akka, jerusalem, yafa, nablus or hebron or anywhere else in palestine. There is nothing to distinguish palestinians from akka from other palestinian whether in culture, features or life style. The turkish/albanian roots exist in some palestinians, syrians, egyptians and lebanese but they are not the norm in any city in the levant, only in a few villages thats it. Besides, some of the former ottoman people that settled in the levant and arabia were actually from arab origin and had previously settled in turkey, albania, bosnia and so on and then returned to the arab countries. Its not like akka or any other city was empty before the arabs and ottoman people arrived, Palestinians have a tens of thousands old history and it didnt start with neither arabs nor ottomans. With all due respect to the writer.