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Posted by Natalie Rayya on SEPTEMBER-22-2013 #152647

I am fourteen and a half years old, now understanding the whole situation. 65 years of land occupation and we will not stop fighting it. I am a proud Bassawiyeh , and proud to honour my family name and my country. The peace and love is in our hearts for our dear country, and it will stay there for many, many generations to come.
Posted by سهر روحانا on OCTOBER-9-2012 #146622
لصور قرية البصة من تصوير سهر روحانا
Posted by Abdallah M. Isa on JANUARY-3-2012 #140701

To all my country men and women. Of course I mean al-Bassa. I was born in al-Bassa, was forced out, as a child, in 1948. We crossed the mountain, hiding between boulders, to Lebanon where I was raised, went to school and also to the American
University of Beirut.
I came to the United States to study where I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and the Medical Center in San Francisco.

I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to join the faculty of the medical school in 1969, and I am still living with my family in Nashville.

I hope many of Bassawiyis can can get my e mail address and contact me so that we re-kindle the love we have had to our beloved al-Bassa.

My great thanks and gratitude to all the people who were and are still bnehind the construction of this invaluable website.

Love to all,

Dr. Abdallah M. Isa
Posted by Hasan Yousef on OCTOBER-1-2011 #138383

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
تحيةلكلأبناء فلسطين عامة وأبناء البصة خاصة
وحتما عائدون مهمامهما تآمر المتآمرون سواءابناء جلدتنا للأسف أو الأعداء
Posted by مصطفي سليمان مصطفى الشيخ on SEPTEMBER-6-2011 #137619

جدي كان شيخ ألبصة ......حابب اتعرف على اهالي ألبصة الحبيبة
Posted by Ronen on FEBRUARY-23-2011 #130832

Hello - does anyone know if the building that is still standing in the way to Rosh Nanikra /Ras al Nakora , was a coffee shop? if so do you know what was the name of that coffee shop ? who owned it? who used to sit there?

also, i read somewhere that in al bassa there were 11 coffe shops. is that true?

I am writting for a guide about this area and would like to include information about Al Bassa and Al Bassa people.
Posted by نسر الجليل on FEBRUARY-17-2011 #130671

حبيبتي بلدتي البصة الغالية
كم أنا مشتاق لتقبيل ترابك والاجتماع بكل أهلي على ثراك
حماك الله يا عروس الجليل
يا جذور آبائي وأجدادي
محمد الجمل بصاوي بصاوي بصاوي حتى النخاع
Posted by Hani El Doukhi on DECEMBER-16-2009 #97961

تحيه الى كل الشعب الفلسطيني في الداخل وفي مخيمات الصمود وكل انحاء العالم وأخص بالتحيه اهالي بلدتي "البصه"
Posted by ali al-doukhi on OCTOBER-18-2009 #92284

تحيا من القلب الى الشعب الفلسطيني وخصوصن اهل البصه واتمنا من الله ان نلتقي في الاراضي المقدسه ان شاء الله واتمنا لكم السعاده

علي الدوخي
Posted by حسين سليمان on OCTOBER-1-2009 #90610

اجمل تحية وسلام وتقدير للاخ يوري زقهيم وبارك الله بك وبجهودك الجبارة واننا سنبقى على تواصل دائم بك لمشاهدة الصور الحديثة والجميلة وانا احسدك على انك تطىء ارضنا البصة المباركة وارض فلسطين بشكل عام لاننا اشتقنا اليها رغم انني لم اراها قط في حياتي ولكنني عندما اشاهد صور البصة الحبيبة ارى على جدرانها العتيقة وجوة ابي وامي وجدي وجدتي كما ارى وجوههم على اوراق اشجار التين والزيتون وعلى التراب الذي امتزج بعرقهم الذكي الذي يأبى ان يجف رغم كل السنين سنعود اليها ونمسح الغبار عن وجهها الحزين ونقبلها ونعتذر منها لاننا اطلنا الغياب عنها واننا لعائدون سلامي الى اهل البصة والى كل شعبنا اينما وجدوا انشاءالله
Posted by Webmaster on AUGUST-28-2009 #87609

السلام عليكم ،

يسرنا أن نعلمكم بأن صديق الموقع يوري زقهيم) لأكثر من سبعة سنوات قام بزيارة قريتك ودونها بفلم رائع. أري (وهو إسرائيلي مناهض للصهيونية ومؤمن بحق عودتنا المقدس) إنسان رائع قام بتدون أكثر من 70 قرية مدمرة على نفقته الخاصة. فأي تبرع تقومون به سيساعدنا بتدوين قرى ومدن اُخري. اُنقر الرابطة التالية لرؤية الفلم:

 الرجاء كتابة تعليك أسفل الفلم لشكر أري على هذا العمل القيم. بارك الله فيكم، فعودتنا مؤكدة بإرادت الله عز وجل. لن يزول حق ووراؤه مُطالب.

ألرجاء تعميم هذا البريد معع الإصدقاء والأقارب.

فرحتنا فقط بعودتنا إن شاء الله


صلاح منصور / أبو السوس

شيكاغو - الولايات المتحدة

Posted by Jean Barbar on JANUARY-13-2009 #63543

Hallo to all, Hope we will all meet oneday in our homeland. bread with oliveolive in Al-Bassa is much better than all Gold of the world.
Posted by Youssef Bayour on SEPTEMBER-14-2008 #52126

Ahlan wa sahlan all bassa people.

Palestine, we wont forget you.
Posted by علي الخطيب on SEPTEMBER-3-2008 #51042

السلام عليكم
سلام الى كل الاحبة من بلدة البصة الحبيبة انني من البصة سكان لبنان مخيم البص اتمنى ان نبقى على اتصال مع الا حبة جميعا من بلدة البصة للتعرف جيدالبلدة واهلها سلامي للجميع واتمنى القاء القريب جدا بكم في بلدنا البصة
Posted by Imad Ramzi Ramadan on JUNE-21-2008 #43107

hello all, welcome to all bassa families.... and thx all
Posted by Fadi Layous on MAY-27-2008 #39694

Ya Ahlan Bil Bassawiyi. It is so nice to see our large familly on this website. I have taken lots of photos and shot video when I was back there visiting in 1995 which almost got me in big trouble with the Israeli soldiers. I suppose now that we have this site I will post them here in the near future.
I would love to hear more stories on here. We need to teach our children and pass to them all the rich history of our ancestry of our beautiful village that we will never forget.
Posted by samaa wakeem on JANUARY-3-2008 #26477

سلام لكل الاحباء من البصة
Posted by yehia hammoura on DECEMBER-9-2007 #24913

ana yeia hammoura bassawi sokkan sweden.taheyyati ila kol ahl el bassa.
Posted by nidal darbasani on NOVEMBER-27-2007 #24242

ana bassawi min lobnan ana kteer bahib at3arraf 3ala nass ykono khassatan min ilbassa ana baftikhir inno ana min hay il baldi tag rasi wallahi
momkin at3arraf my email :
my phone number 03434688
Posted by mike abou-hamra on OCTOBER-26-2007 #22334

I'm happy to see all the bassawiyi here...some interesting stuff!!
Posted by Kill or Die for PLO on OCTOBER-20-2007 #21992

I thought al bassa people are very little , like me and my families and some other that we are still living in Lebanon, but I never knew its all over the world, I؟m really impressed that our hometown people still remember their home land, and their village ,keep it up؟؟؟
Posted by Mikhail Y Kazzouh on OCTOBER-9-2007 #21460

It's a good way to learn about our parent and Grand father
Home Land Hi to everyone from Al-Bassa's
Posted by 0097454184888 on JULY-13-2007 #17909

حبيت أقول مهما تغربنا ومهما بعدنا ومهما طال الزمن
عائئئئئئئئئئئئئئئدون يا البصه
مع تحياتي لكل أهل بلدي وفلسطين
وسام ماجد رمضان
فلسطيني من لبنان مقيم بقطر
+974 5787871
Posted by moustafa on JUNE-26-2007 #17499

سلام سليم ارق من النسيم الى كل اهالي البصه الكرام انا مصطفى الشيخ من سكان لبنان كم انا مسرور بالتعرف على قريتي الغاليه واتمنى من الله الرجوع لها قريبا وتحياتي لكم يا غالين
Posted by mahmoud aldoukhi on NOVEMBER-8-2006 #11952

salam all
Posted by Dana El-saleh on OCTOBER-3-2006 #11707

My father is from Al-Bassa and I am so happy I finally found a site where I can see pictures of my homeland. I've only ever heard about it, but to see it brought tears to my eyes. My father's family fled to Tyre from Al Bassa and now we live in montreal canada. It brings joy to my heart to hear from other bassawis who still remember our town and others like me who've never been there, but will keep its memory in their hearts forever.
Posted by Renna 7addad on JULY-25-2006 #11211

Marhaba to all Bassawiyi,

I'm the daughter of both a bassawi mother and father, I live in Seattle, Washington, USA, and I'm very glad to find this site.

Someday I WILL go back to where I belong, and so will everyone who has a right to be there.

Rana Haddad
Posted by UMNIZAR on APRIL-9-2006 #10589

Salam to each and every bassawi and bassawia...would like to know if there is any bassa community in Perth, Australia. Any information about the subject will be appreciated....
Inshallah we will return to our lovely homeland, it's a matter of time only.
Posted by mahmoud aldoukhi on MARCH-1-2006 #10399

mar7aba esme mahmoud aldoukhi men albassa sokan lobnan ana mo2em fe alswed ta7yate elkon wweslam
Posted by Majed on SEPTEMBER-4-2005 #9528

Fi albassas elna hosa bekarm ateen ashemale.
Sooner or later we well be back
Posted by elias Gharieb on JUNE-27-2005 #9052

Bassawi have seen this website good work go on. we will never foreget our homeland even after death.
Posted by mahmoud eissa on FEBRUARY-17-2005 #8386

مرحبا شباب
Posted by MAHMOD_HOSSUN on JULY-30-2004 #7153

مـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــرحبا شبـاب
Posted by MAHMOD HOSSUN on JULY-8-2004 #7040

ارجو ان نترف
Posted by Tarik Sammour on MAY-8-2004 #6556

My father is from Al-Bassa and like all of you i've grown up with wonderful stories about the place.

I now live in New Zealand...thousands of miles away, but it's sites like this which remind us of our past and heritage.

Keep up the good work
Posted by Filistini Tha2er on DECEMBER-10-2003 #5284

I'm from al bassa, and i figured out alot of the people on this list, simply because I know the family names. God bless Palestine, We shall go back, if not now then my grandchildren will. as long as we keep the struggle going !
Posted by Ziad Rayya on SEPTEMBER-20-2003 #4716

I am Bassawie I am 12 years old I am proud of my country and my bigest desire is to return to my homeland my village albassa and something else I would like to spit on Sharon and his goverment. My grandparents all of them died from sadness thank you.
Posted by Kazwah on APRIL-26-2003 #4018

Very very nice page
My mother Bassawi'ye ;O) It was so nice to see the pictures of Al-Bassa, hope You will put some more.
Posted by Vicky Manuel on MARCH-19-2003 #3862

I am so happy to find this web site. I'm a graduate student in film and video and I will be making my thesis video about Al-Bassa and the community we have here in Toronto. My grandparents are from Bassa, I was born in Lebanon, and we now live in Canada. If anyone has information, stories, photographs, video footage of more recent trips to Bassa, or would be willing to be interviewed please contact me by email. I am also interested in the diasporic Bassa communities that gather in various parts of the world, and how the younger generations maintain their identity.
Vicky Manuel.
Posted by oceano on JANUARY-9-2003 #3612

hello for every one have visited this webpage . It is really nice to see my villege, I have no pictures about albassa , but now I have pictures , my grand father pleasred about the pictures ,
I am asking every one from albassa villege to mail me .
my email is
Posted by Loulou Chaer on MAY-27-2002 #2057

I have heard so much from my grandmother and my parents about their beautiful memories in his beautiful village, and with every picture i see of albassa, I try to relate a story to it.
We cant just let our history go.Foreigners dont know of our existance there before 1948, so lets tell them, and keep the memories alive. For all, my father is Youssef Chaer.My mother is Fahime Samara,and we live in Michigan now.
Posted by Ibrahim El-Khatib on APRIL-7-2002 #1638

Its really nice to see our grandfather's village in this huge world. Iam from Bassa and feel free to contact me for more information. iam from Al-Bass camp in tyre and residing now in Denmark.
Posted by MARY SHAMMAS- KHOURY on MARCH-16-2002 #1469

As a Bassawye married to a Bassawy living between Lebanon and Canada. this website brought warm memories of my childhood, the church where we used to live next to, and the mountains that we climbed escaping to Lebanon. God bless you for your effort and I hope I can contact many of my village friends over a muhammer dish washed down by a dip of dibs wa tahynie
Posted by youssef freiwat on DECEMBER-21-2001 #1108

I was impressed by the amount of information about Al-Bassa that I have happened to come across in this website. Keep up the good work...
Posted by Rima Habib on SEPTEMBER-30-2001 #781

My grandparents' description has clearly failed to portray the stunning beauty of Al Bassa. A site that moved us all to tears. It is vital to keep track of every little village's history and the war crimes committed in it.

Thank you for putting this up on the web.
Posted by Ghada Fraiwat on SEPTEMBER-8-2001 #734

Thank you for this website ... It has enlightened me and showed me what I'd never seen.

I hope we go back there soon.
Posted by K. E. Ginblat on JULY-1-2001 #469

My name is K. E. Ginblat, from al-Bassa north of Akaa. Today is my first time to see photos of my Grandfather's lands which I heard so much about. I like to thank the Webmaster so much for a job well done, & to say: We SHALL remember al-Bassa untill the last Bassawi. yours, K.E. Ginblat, Ottawa, Canada
Posted by Ziad Rayya on MAY-30-2001 #220

I wish Zionists did not take Palestine away from its people, otherwise we would have been living there with my grandparents.
Thank you for letting me see my hometowns' pictures & read about its history.
Posted by Saleem Khoury on MAY-21-2001 #159

It is a pleasure to find that this little village of Al Bassa is being remembered