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Why Is Gaza's Message Threatening To Some?


Posted on January 1, 2009

By Abu Al-Sous (Salah Mansour)*

The Israeli war on Gaza hasn't been only unprecedented in its ferocity, but it has been unprecedented in the support it received from the so called "Moderate" Arab Regimes** as well. In all circles, the Israeli attack was expected but not with this ferocity, however, the open alliance between the "Moderate" Arab Regimes with the Israeli policy makers never been this clear and obvious.

Early 2006, Palestinians in the West Bank and especially in the Gaza Strip voted overwhelmingly for Hamas in a transparent and a fair election that was monitored by the former US President Carter. In response, all Western Powers (European Union and the United States), the "Moderate" Arab Regimes, and the Israelis conspired to topple the newly elected government (see related articles section for details). As a first response, the Israeli government jailed all the elected Hamas' representatives in the West Bank and Western Powers started all sorts of blockade against the freely elected government. I'm not a fan of Hamas or its agenda, however, I believe it's critical to understand why these Arab leader joined the Western Powers & Israel in a conspiracy to oust the freely elected Palestinian Government. To simply say they are puppets in hands of Israel and Western powers is not good enough, there must be more to it than that.

Since the "Moderate" Arab Regimes' hold on power is based on very little popular support (mostly imposed on the Arab people by the Western Powers), they perceive Gaza's messages of democracy, hope, resistance, rule of law, and above all accountability & transparency as an existential threat to their shaky & undemocratic rule; it scares them that this message of hope could spread beyond the Gaza Strip. No other reason explains why President Mahmoud Abbas and the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are passionately closing ranks with their Israeli counterparts. This explains why the Israeli Air Force has first targeted the instruments that Hamas uses to enforce the rule of law, such as police stations, prisons, courts, justice & education ministries, fuel depots, and Universities. The primary reason behind the latest war on Gaza is make Palestinians submit to their will regardless if Hamas is power or not. Prior to Hamas' election to power early 2006, it was Yasser Arafat who was targeted with similar policies because he refused to submit to Israeli and Western dictates, and because of that he was branded as an obstacle to "peace".

The people in the Middle East lost hope in Westerners' call for human rights, liberty, and democracy; sadly Westerners are the first to run from their ideals and principals when their interests are at stake. Their primary interests in the Middle East are simple: protecting Israel by all possible means and having a secure access to Middle Eastern oil; promoting liberty, human rights, and democracy are by far secondary. On the other hand, what has been shocking and humiliating to me as an Arab is how the "Moderate" Arab Regimes are flocking to support the Israeli government in its attack on our people in Gaza. In my humble opinion, this could be a signal that they are desperate; they are almost in panic mode; this is unprecedented.

Since the blockade on Gaza has been fruitless up to this point, the conspirators opted for the usage of Israeli Army to weaken, if not, destroy Hamas' rule. The urgency to act quickly might have be driven with the fact the the clock is running out on Mr. Abbas' and Mr. Bush's presidencies. I also suspect that the conspirators are worried that the President elect Obama may not be as accommodating as Mr. Bush since he will be focusing on the financial melt that hit the US recently. I believe the America's military and financial weakness will reflect negatively on its foreign policy, especially in the Middle East.

Finally, I like to end this short article by reminding the reader of what David Ben-Gurion (the 1st Israeli PM) wrote in his diary on November 11, 1948:

"Let us recognize the truth: we won not because we performed wonders, but because the Arab army is rotten. Must this rottenness persist forever?" (Simha Flapan, p. 238)

I believe Arab rottenness which Ben-Gurion spoke of may have started to reached its limits; I am afraid we're witnessing the early signs of a political tsunamis that could transform the Middle East.

Our DATE is 60 years LATE, we shall return.

* Salah Mansour is the founder and editor of, the largest Palestinian online community.
** Often Western Media parades Arab Dictators as Moderate Regimes because they serve Western Powers' interests in the Middle East. It should be noted that there is nothing moderate about these regimes, they are radicals and extremist especially when it comes to corruption, common use of torture, deployment of the intelligence services in walks of life, and filling up their prisons systems.

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Couldn,t agree with you more, you hit the nail right on the head
Life is so precious and so are religious beliefs. Why cannot warring parties sit down and PROMISE to dispose of arms and aggresion. I seem to remember some years ago that the Gaza borders were open and the free passage of workers etc into Israel was possible. Then came the PLO Al Fatah and Hamas amongst others. Tribal rivalry prevailed. Corruption we saw the leaders getting rich and the others starving though I never saw a malnourished Arab in Gaza.It seems to me that when it was peace the leaders got nothing so perhaps it was THEY who instigated the bombing. Go back 15 years and see how happy and easy going it was in the region. But who am I just a humanist who hates to see a single child hurt of an adult in fear of a rocket raining down. Let us prevail on both sides to make a firm promise of non-aggresion - keep it and then we might see peace again.
As a former British soldier in Palestine it is ovious that there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as Israel exists in its present form. Volunteers from all over the world should go to the defence of Gaza`
Amen brother
This attack has been planned since at least when the settlers were moved out of Gaza.  Israel are the masters of manipulation of a secret agenda; Israel are the masters of propaganda where the world media are deceived into thinking it is 'all Hama's fault'.  Israel are the masters of provoking a reaction from a Palestinian minority, created by a slow torture, brutal treatment of the people and of a harsh siege.
Israel is playing the world and the world just doesn't see or doesn't want to see.
But 'Holyland Utopia' is sitting underneath quietly growing, year by year.  Israel can divert the worlds attention to this - perhaps convince many that peace simply isn't possible or practical, for a while at least.
But, what is Israel's greatest weakness?  Israel is totally powerless to stop 'Holyland Utopia' from growing and growing with each successive generation of Jews and Palestinians.
Please remember this!  For Gods sake!
You are right on target. Thanks to Aljazeera this message is also reaching Arabs and non-Arabs. We are soooooooo ready for this "political tsunamis" to begin. Let Justice reign!!!!
We will never forget, never
Amidst the madness, brutality and terror being orchestrated by Israel and its ‘might is right’ blanket bombardment of men, women and children within Gaza the international community have overlooked Hamas’s previous peaceful intentions. During the week of Christmas Hamas bravely offered a ceasefire in return for basic and achievable compromises.

The Israeli government, as we know, rejected these progressive terms and entered into what can best be described as irresponsible aggression upon a small densely populated Palestinian territory.

In terms of meaningful peacebuilding and efforts to move to possible confidence building and exploratory negotiations the Israeli government has clearly shown that they are more concerned and adept with the strategic terrorising of civilians as an acceptable element of state policy.

The bizarre and disturbing reality of their ongoing military responses is that they see no wrong – regardless. They are blinded by a myriad of stubborn siege mentality and policy contradictions and insular sectarian politics. They appear more unwilling to pursue chances for long-term transformation and communal resolution and keen to clutch at one-sided and short-term military bravado – without civic responsibility but that is precisely the intention. Why?

Nothing will be gained by invading Gaza ‘on the ground’ and humiliating Palestinians whose land it is anyway. Israel mustn’t continue with illegal territorial punishment and humanitarian suffering. Rather than resolve the Israeli government are actually radicalising – and it is beyond political comprehension.

There are two perceived sides, two stories, two voices and two ideologies but I feel the true story, so to speak, behind this historic and cultural antagonism is much deeper and is not the one Israel is telling. Gaza militants are without doubt ‘active’ to a degree but that is inevitable and indeed at the moment a strangely surreal David and Goliathesque battle with the Gazian David bereft of the means to obtain a striking stone – as he occupies an uneven and controlled battleground.

Honest dialogue is the key to resolution but resolution requires risk taking and at the moment it seems to be way way off the Israeli agenda. Israel deep down must surely come to terms that Palestinians as a people and nation are not going to go away or be pushed into the Mediterranean Sea – they are the people of struggle but also the people prepared to change. Israel need not just to talk and indeed listen; they must also provide the opportunity for hope rather than hopelessness to those in Gaza.
I am an African-American male. I say that up front so there is some understanding of the historical, cultural, and political context from which I write. Please know that these words come from a person who considers himself a World Citizen and as such supports global rights of peace, security, prosperity, and happiness of all peoples. I agree that at the core of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are the twin evils of dispossession and ethnic cleansing. The solution is to be found in the twin constructs of sovereignty and self-government and they must be affirmed in no uncertain terms. The information in your site clearly documents the historical events that started us down this path of despair felt by Palestinians beginning with the Balfour Declaration and now culminating in the current political climate that turns a blind eye to the invasion of Gaza by Israel. I write hoping for a cease-fire, for a global call upon all parties to end the violence that ultimately falls upon civilian populations on both sides, and for an unconditional initiation of dialogue between all parties immediately. There have been many wrongs, injustices, and cruelties experienced by all. Reconciliation will not be easy. However, everyday is another opportunity to begin anew. Every day provides a new dawn for hope and the ending of despair and destruction. Every day the sun rises and the possibility of another way of seeing things presents itself. I submit these words fully aware that there are many things I do not know. Yet this one thing is true, as a new year dawns there is an ever greater need to find solutions to the crisis not only in the Middle East but also globally wherever there are people who are dispossessed or not fully empowered. Finally, there has been an historic abuse of power particularly by the United States and Europe that must be recognized and curtailed. The advancement of rational approaches to difficult problems requires that bold steps be initiated beginning with the acknowledgement that Palestine must be remembered.
C`mon the Palestinians,may their God bless them in their fight against the American "Ruled" Israel.You`d think the two faced sons of bitches would be humble to the plight of others considering their experiences in the Second World War?
Who`s the Nazi Bastards now?
I thought that Ezorlo’s post was typical of the many ignorant, biased Westerners. He said, “Gaza's message is "hope, rule of law," etc. where does suicide bombings and rocket attacks on the civilian population of israel figure in that description? call a spade a spade. there has been a non-stop rain of rockets at Israel from gaza for the past few years. why do you call hamas a reign of hope and rule of law when it is obviously a bunch of thugs who want to kill innocent people.”

Any honest Westerner would recognize that 1) the Palestinians have lived on that land for centuries, and in many cases, thousands of years, 2) in 1948, the Jews stated military goals (Plan 'D') was to occupy all of Palestine, 3) Israel’s continued expansion of illegal settlements show Israel’s true intentions, 4) goods and produce made in Gaza have not been allowed to flow freely to European markets, 5) according to General Dayan, Israel provoked Syria into military action during the ‘Six-Day War’ in 1967, 6) four times the number of non-combat Palestinians have been killed than Israel non-combatants, 7) prior to the June 9 (2006 Gaza Beach Massacre), there was an effective peace between Palestine and Israel, 8) Of the water available from West Bank aquifers, Israel uses 73%, West Bank Palestinians use 17%, and illegal Jewish settlers use 10%. 9) Israel per capita water consumption is 4-times greater than that allocated for Palestinians (333 Cu. Meters for Israeli compared with 83 per Palestinian, 10) Palestinians are frequently prohibited from building homes, schools, and public structures on their own propertyin both Palestind and Jersalem, and 11) Palestinian homes are frequently demolished so that Israeli settlements can expand.

I could go on forever with more specifice about the insidious actions of the Israeli government. Why is it that so many Sabra Jews, who can trace their ancestry in Palestine for hundreds of years, have emigrated to the United States, and have enormous hate for the Ashkenazi European Jews, and considerable respect for the Palestinians? Why do Jewish employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) almost universally support the Palestinians? Why do Jewish physicians working for Doctors Without Borders, support the Palestinian cause?

Many ignorant Americans and Jews ask, “Why doesn’t Hamas stop their rocket fire?”. The answer is very simple: Every time that the Palestinians have ceased all militant activities, the Israeli government gone into their ‘Eternal Stall’ tactics. Then when the Western governments urge Israel to initiate peace efforts, Israel provokes the Palestinians with 1) increased targeted assassinations of ‘suspected’ militants (usually killing innocent family members”, 2) increased settlement activity, 3) increasing their economic strangulation of Palestinian with roadblocks and access to the outside world.

NO. ISRAEL DOES NOT WANT PEACE. They want all of Palestine. It is the Israeli government's acitons that are the cause for the increased Antisemitism that is springing up across Europe. To those who presently sympathize with Israel, I urge them to read the Internet version of Israel’s largest newspaper, Ha’aretz. ( Virtually all of my previously pro-Israeli friends (including Jews) who have begun to actively read Ha’aretz, are now openly sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. If I could sum up one word that they have for the Israel government it is: INSIDIOUS.
Your premise is right on: Gazans fairly exercised their freedom of choice, and democratically elected representatives of Hamas as their governmental leaders. So, now, with the rockets fired into Israel, these Hamas representatives, and their electorate pay the price.
Perhaps, if Hamas had not deemed Israel's citizens, who voted for the Israeli government, valid targets for their attackes, the wolrd, and Israel, woud not have fired air to ground and ground to ground missiles at targets in Gaza, and there would be no collateral damage to cry about.
Simple solution - let Hamas stop firing rockets, and let's see what Israel offers in return.
Israel pulled out of Gaza on its own, perhaps Israel will open the borders to Gazans, if Gaza stops being the source of rockets - the news has not announced rocket fire from West Bank, and so Israel and others are talking with mssrs. Abbas and Erakat.
Dear salah, I received your email, and as a 1948 Palestinian refugee, and having lived in the US for over 40 years and had the benefit of the "bird's eye view" for so long, I would like to offer a short perspective on your description of "the open alliance of Arab regimes". It has been a consistent policy of Britain to dismantle Arab nationalism, and it escalated ever since Abdel Nasser revived it strongly with their attack on the Suez Canal. Previously Britain consistently created choke points for the Arab World, including shutting Asia from Africa with Israel, demolishing the Hijaz railroad, and cutting the silk road through Turkey to Asia. They also took over Aden, and Bahrain. As a worldwide control policy, they also took over Gibraltar, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Hong kong, The Falklands, etc.. Over the years, problems were forcibly created between Libya and Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, Morocco and Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan Splits, Syria and Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi, and many others, and recently between Gaza and the West Bank. This is a concerted long term policy to prevent a single voice for the Arab World, practically divide and conquer, and it is succeeding well. At some point religious strife was injected and continues the divisions. When the Arab population attacks its leaders, it serves the Grand Plan. The Gaza situation today is creating and resulting in such rifts, and it only weakens all Arabs. One can venture and say that one of the main reasons of the Gaza attack is to maximize the rift between the Arabs, especially since a war does not achieve any meaningful results for Israel as the Lebanon invasion has shown. The Arab Leaders are helpless when it comes to International Power, regardless whether they have the support of their people. Even France and Russia were helpless when The US moved on Iraq, and the rift lasted a long time, and these were nuclear world powers. Even China does not challenge the US. The lesson of toppling the Shah of Iran is fresh in the mind of Arab leaders of what consequences may be. I am of the opinion that a dialogue can be based on constructive criticism, reaching out to all and including peace advocates in Israel as you have said, and it can be coupled with educating the Arabs about this concerted effort to create divisions, and that attacking Arab leaders does not solve the problem. I had an employee from the West bank not too long ago, and she had just arrived to the US. She was under the impression that Arab countries are mighty and militarily very powerful, and could change the balance with Israel militarily. As such she was very down on all Arab leaders outside Palestine, and it was a while before she understood their situation. It seems the propaganda in Israel is very strong that the Arab World can annihilate Israel. Maybe it is to sell this concept to the Israelis to have them to serve in the army. Your website reflects a huge amount of dedication and continuous work, and it is a phenomenal effort. I believe a message of "strategic explanation and outlook" can go a long ways towards educating everyone
Arab activists need to pound into the Christian community the truth that Israeli Jews are not the descendants of biblical Jewry, they are the descendants of the Khazar converts. They are imposters. The descendants of biblical Jewry have adopted Islam and melded into the Palestinian community. BitinDawg@BellSouth.Net
of course, it is obvious that the egyptian leadership is a jewish, american pawn, and that in it's quest for democray, the united states has overlooked the feudal monarcys of saudi arabia and other oil producing countries, but anyone with a soul knows the truth God's will shall prevail.
I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that moderate governments are no good where ever they are at.Central and South America are good examples of that.The governments of Venezuela,Bolivia and Equador are good governments.There are still to many governments there that does whatever the USA tells them to do.The Cuban government dont take any foolishness from the USA.or any other country.That is the kind of government worth having.The people in Cuba got a say in what the government does,something which dont happen in North America or in Palestineor anywhere else except cuba.Cuba is a good example for countries like Palestine who are fighting against oppressive regimes like israel.Cuba was the only country that helped the South African people get rid of the Apartheid government.Cuba also helped Algeria in their war of independence from France.We need more governments in the world like the cuban government then the world will be a better place to live.

Stan Squires
I am in South Africa..Allah Akbar..Allah Akbar...Allah Akbar...The slaughter in Gaza is a shame not only on Israel but on all of us watching and doing nothing...We here in SA protest but it seems its falling on deaf ears..But where are the muslim leaders...does the slaughter of our brothers & sisters mean nothing to them?Do they think Allah would not hold them accountable Yom al Qiyamah?
Insha`allah brother you are doing good work .May Allah reward you abunduntly for your efforts.
Good Article, however all people have to understand that the Arab leaders and their governments are the one who started the war against any Islamic movement or elected Islamic government. This is because all these governments were assigned by the west as a replacement to their existence as occupiers is the Middle East. Do not forget that the ones who kicked the colonization troops from the Middle East were the Islamized revolutions like Shiek Omar Al Moktar, Shiek AbdAllah Al Jazearie, Shiek Ibrahim Hannono, and so on (not those traitors the so called nationalist like Ba'ath, Nasserism, ..etc). Therefore, these regimes are afraid from any civilized Islamist government to be in power. If Hamas was given the opportunity to govern in Palestine Hamas would have followed what the Palestinian wanted of being more advanced nation and more educated people. In that, Schools, hospitals, social life, economical life, anti-theft, freedom, and non-corruption would have been the norm in the Palestinian territories. All of this would not be acceptable to all Arab regimes because it will create a dilemma for them. Those regimes have used to live on suppressing, killing, imprisoning, and thieving their citizens. Therefore, these regimes have stood against Hamas including Abbas and the so called Palestinian Authorities. I urge every Islamic movement in the Middle East to take into its agenda that it is the one that will offer justices, technological development, social system, health system, and all means to create a powerful civilized democratic Islamic nations. The aim would be to create a state that opens its roads, its mosques, its schools, its factories, for innovations, for investments, for forward thinking and advancement.
The Syrian Assads have hardly been imposed by western powers, ditto the Saudis and Egypt's Nasser and successors. The same can be said of the other Arab World governments and the Syrians have been quick to assassinate two Lebanese presidents they did not like. Once in government you have to accomodate other powers to some degree - as the Canadians who are 22 millon say of the USA of 300 million: We are a mouse in bed with an elephant - an accident of history and geography that has to be lived with.

Western governments do not run from their principles at home till Arab or Irish bombs go off in the Paris, Madrid and London metro let alone the pointless crashing of airliners into New York's twin towers which has just made the American in the street suspicious of all Arabs. If Israel is not fond of Hamas it is because Hamas openly wants to demolish Israel. The same can still be said of the PLO.

Arabs are not fond of Israel for having defended itself successfully enough in 1948 and 1967 to collect a bit more Palestine - but do not seem to be able to admit their parts in triggering the conflict. To fail to empathise with Israeli suspicions of Syria and Hamas or the PLO or Egypt before Sadat made peace, is to show an inability to imagine how the situation appears to one's opponent.

Finally Salah Mansour made the odd remark that the blockade of Gaza had failed - then why are Hamas and Palestine friends complaining about shortages? A somewhat inaccurate remark anyway because all Arab faces on TV are NOT drawn or malnourished - and I have taught long enough to recognise a poor family's child - and the leaders of all Arab authorities are well fed with plump faces. If Israel had really laid siege to Gaza there would ot be 17000 trucks of food and fuel etc these last six months too preserve the chance of Hamas coming to some mutually peaceful arrangement. Unfortunately Hamas just saw this as weakness of the Israeli government, in the same way the Taliban thought that the USA would not react more than words if they crashed the main buildings of their political and commercial capitals. Itis time for some Arabs to revise their methods of judging the minds of the Wests' governments and peoples or they wil end like Hitler's Germans.
Could this invasion of the Gaza be the start of a bigger agenda that the New World Order as in store for us.The Illuminati's end game is World domination and it will use any mean's to get what it want's.
I believe in the democracy that elected Hamas in a fair and just election by the palestinians in their refugee camps, surrounded by the illegal 254 israeli settlements, living a life without hope in a hell of a world imposed on them by their neighbors, the wealthy israelis, who show them little mercy and no respect. Pretending to live by the golden rule, be kind to your neighbor, while their reality is the opposite. I believe the majority of people both palestinian and israeli are victims of the people who rule them. The rulers of both sides in unison are trying to make life so difficult that the refugee camps will simply dissappear and make way for the israelis population explosion, they are the fastest growing religion in the world (National Geographic) having 5.7 children per family, doubling their population every 20 years. The future is not demographically difficult to predict. The situation in the middle east parallels the one in canada, where they are behind the breakup of canada, in an effort to colonize eastern canada by instigating the separation of Quebec. They were behind the expulsion of some 600,000 or 10% of Quebecs anglo (non-jewish) citizens, There are no refugee camps there because the expelled citizens were accepted into the rest of north america. It is a subject you don't read about because of the control of the media by the perpetraitors ( ethnic cleansing anglos from quebec ) The internet postings are continious and are taken down quickly and the forum administraitors don't print the vast majority. Being a victim of jewish family services of montreal , I sympathize with the palestinians. I have researched the who, what, when , where, and why, these people are the way they have become, and I see a future with even more peril for the world at the hands of these peoples who would aspire to control the world. Then on the other hand I see a world with one book where the truths cannot be hidden and the rebirth of mankinds spirits in the eyes of all the children of the world , who will join in an effort to find truth in all things, not pretending they have the words to see their spirits through time. It may get worse before it gets better, but all the children are posessed with a spirit that wants to do the right thing, and since our instrumentation, combined with our actions define who we are, I see the passing on of those who suffer from literary hypnosis, and will always be at war because they do not respect each other. I see the children who will join under one banner " The Truth " The absense of lies with the one book, will become the true scientists they were ment to be ( all of them ) to the best of their abilities, they will discontinue to replace nature with fashion and law, they will stop denaturing the earth. They will hold positions with respect for the integrity of the position and no other reason, and collectively they will each one bring the world to a better place in time, because all the people are chosen people and all the land is holy land---in the spirit of truth---
Excellent article.ButI would like to suggest two more reasons that explain Israel's present and past policy towards its neighbours. The first is that peace endangers Israel's very existence as it would loose the support of the European and American Jews if it did leave in peace; funds would dwindle down and immigrants would be few and far between. The second is that a large part of the Israeli working population is employed directly or indirectly by the war industry, whose products are both exported and used locally. So if the arsenals are not emptied now and then - which also explains the exaggerated quantity of weapons used both against Lebanon and against Gaza - massive unemploymentwould ensue and cause social unrest.
Let the Tsunami come. The leadership landscape is filthy and a Tsunami is what we need to cleanse the region and the world.

If the Israelis and GW bush do not like us raining rockets on them, then they should leave and go back where they came from. We are raining rockets bevause they are trating us like dirt in our own land. Talk about Rude guests that never leave!

Palestinian love all Arabs and Muslims and All Muslims and Arabs love us back and we draw our strength from GOD and them. We are not some unknown tribe in a jungle somewhere, We own the land and we want it back.

The U.S. Canada and Australia should give the Israelis visas to immigrate their and fullfill their dreams and end our nightmare.

No Justice, No peace and we'll never recognize you.
I sympathise with all your comments although I do not wish to criticise Hamas. The UK government is corrupt, and weak and is in hoc to the US and consequently to Israel. Please do not think that the UK has a valid opinion about anything! it is totally controlled by the US.
"Your days are over. It's now our turn and there's no room for you here." That was one of the insults thrown at Poles by the Jewish population that rose up during the occupation of NE Poland by Soviets. Now almost 70 years later it's the Palestineans reciving this same trauma. I understand in the need for the Jewish state to come about but this theft of anothers land and culture is inexcusable in this day and age. I ask all Jews to look back and ask yourselves will you ever be at peace after this? An historian and WWII survivor Lech Alex Bajan - February 18, 2008 wrote as part of a lenghty essay on WWII and Nazi and Soviet occupation times in Poland - on rabbiyonah : "My own ordeal, and the suffering and death of many of my Polish and Jewish friends and prison-mates, not to mention the sacrifices made by the young men who fought and died as soldiers, will have been rendered meaningless if the hatred of Jewish people by the Nazi leadership is simply replaced by hatred of Polish people by Jewish people, or vice versa. Those who even today perpetuate myths and misconceptions about animosities associated with World War II and its aftermath are not merely bearing false witness—they are willing accomplices to the spirit of hatred of World War II." Now in this conflict I will ask the parties involved both Palestinean and Jew are they not doing the same? The hatred of both of them are spurred on by the ones with interests in middle east oil and its continued destabilization as well as the war profitters. Playing into that hatred are they not continuing the spirit of hatred shown in World War II?

In addition, why my country's politicians continue to support this senseless oppression is shameful to me. Are you all so beholden to the profittering lobbyists for your positions of power that you would support this ethnic cleansing? Are you so blind to the significance of Jerusalem as a multicultural/multireligious site that you would allow it to become the capital of only one group instead of a site of worldwide historic significance - an international city?

"Just as the Temple was destroyed through baseless hatred, it will only be rebuilt through baseless love."Rabbi Kook (1864-1935) Find some love folks on both sides.
First my compliments to the author. Lots to think about even though I am not in concert with all he proposes. I see several forces at work in this situation. There are national interests, theological interests, ideologies all mixed together. The US, British, Iraqi, Syrian, Jordanian, ... all see the problem as a nationalist problem because as nations the only way they can address the situation is as a nation. There are military interests since nations use diplomacy until it fails then war until it fails which brings them back to diplomacy. There are ideologies Zionist (a secular Judaism) as well as Arab (a secular side of the Muslim). There are theocratic interests Christian, Muslim, and Jew. What is *The* solution? Must it be a blend of all those factors? If not then which blend of factors will represent *The* solution?
Jazaka Allahu khairan Abu Al-Sous. We also pray that the media outlets will establish a new policy from lying to finally stating the truth. Malcolm X once said:

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."

Also, we the silent majority need to now demand justice.

The only way we can ensure peace is through justice. Martin Luther King Jr. stated:

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."

J - Justice- through the implementation of all UN Resolutions in ensuring peace and security.
U - United Nations- observers to shift all of the Holy Land into a Security existence ending the Military regime.
S - Support- all 1948 refugees with return to their homes.
T - Timetables- that are unconditional in restoring justice through timely implementation.
I - Immediately- implement international law by dismantling the Wall that separates the Holy Land.
C - Compensation- of returning refugees to live in peace and security in their homes and land.
E - Economic Aid - leading to a solid infrastructure leading to economic self sufficiency.
Again, in the era of change, let us be fair, and aim to have a new just foreign policy that will result in peace in the Holy Land and a new era of prosperity, peace, and blessings for all of humanity.

Let us also remember the sayings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said the following that can poignantly be applied to the current administration, the current world population, our silent majority, and the 'elect' administration, respectively:

"We have guided missiles and misguided men."

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

"The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict."

Lastly, unless we sincerely desire and demand for others what we demand for ourselves we can not stand in the way of the oppressed that fight for their survival as Malcolm X taught before his and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s ultimate demises:

"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery."

God Bless the Justice Makers,

Motie A. Omari
Universallly, it seems, the reptile press of the world advocates and interprets "peace" as the creation of two states living side by side, with the dispossessed Arabs unable to return to their previous destroyed homes and villages.

The world doesn't need any nation states, let alone creating another one. The only just solution under capitalism is to abolish the nascient state of Israel (it has no borders and no constitution) and create a secular state embracing all whpo live in the state of Palestine in the geographical area it once was in. Religion can only be a personal belief or conviction and has nothing to do the control of any society. We in North America supposedly support the separation of church and state, an idea founded to free us from the control of the practioners who believe god exists. We need to put it into practice. The only "just solution" for Israel and Palestine is one secular state -- and the refusal of any more jews (it is a religion not a race)unlimited entry into the area.

If the jews want a temporal headquarters for their religion, like the christian catholics with their vatican, give them a same size territory, and the same for the muslims, with Mecca.

All nations of the world -- until we abolish them and establish a moneyless, wageless, stateless world community of cooperation -- should be secular. We must eliminate the belief that one person has the right to tell another what they should do or think.

Yours to incite World insight, Trevor Goodger-Hill


On 1 May l990 Citizens of the World spontaneously materialized as a non-profit non-membership entity with the sole purpose of creating in the immediate future a new coöperative world society of citizens of ecological consciousness dedicated to replacing money with abundance, wage-work with civic contribution, competition with collaboration, violence with friendship and nationalism with ethnic fraternity. As a world coöperative, iWi invites the sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity to incite world insight to protect our planet and all its species by documentation of the destructiveness of present-day capitalism in order to transform it into a moneyless stateless world economy where all produce in order that all consume. All Citizens of the World believe, in principle and in practice, ideas are stronger than force and there is a kinder, gentler way to change the world than killing other human beings. As responsible citizens we coöperatively reproduce ideas - and invite others who agree to reproduce and distribute them - to create such a society.

iWi Coöpérative, Trottier Mills, Québec, Canada, North America, Planet Earth, G0P 1H0 or
you say gaza's message is "hope, rule of law," etc. where does suicide bombings and rocket attacks on the civilian population of israel figure in that description? call a spade a spade. there has been a non-stop rain of rockets at Israel from gaza for the past few years. why do you call hamas a reign of hope and rule of law when it is obviously a bunch of thugs who want to kill innocent people.
Please take note, it is only one group and not all Americans. Read below letter, with many thanks.

The Hon. Dr. Burton Yost Berry, former US-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Iraq. September 8, 1952

Memorandum of Personal Observations:

The making and receiving of official calls, and other contacts that a new Chief of Mission establishes with local
people in all walks of life, have provided me in concentrated form with an appreciation of Iraqi attitudes which we must take into account if we are to make progress with our area objectives. Thus, I hope following summary of my impressions will prove timely to Department in developing its over-all Middle East policy, and particularly in shaping its position on MEDO and several items on GA agenda.

Without an exception each new Iraqi acquaintance brought up first the Palestine issue and left no doubt as to depth of
his feeling. With little variation each said the Iraqis had no
quarrel with Jews as Jews who had been welcomed in Orient when the West persecuted them. But Zionism was something else which was cruelly selfish and dangerously aggressive. Zionism at work inPalestine, creating an Israeli state on lands which since days of Caliph Omar were Arab and today are part of Arab Spiritual heritage,inflicted an injury to the Arab soul which will never heal. And what was done could not have been done except through active intervention and continuing support of US. This I was told always with sincerity
and sometimes with very considerable heat. I was warned too that in the Orient where grudges are nurished and blood feuds flourish not to believe that lapse of time will change Arab attachment to Palestine,or that the young generation will hold different views or that US loans and grants will cause Arabs to forget and forgive.

French and British imperialism in North Africa regularly was the second subject introduced by Iraqis. They say North
African Arab states are controlled by French and British armies with civil liberties suppressed and right of self-determination denied.
They consider that US, by supporting British and French, has become equally responsible with them. Frequently I was asked why the US fights to save South Koreans from domination by a foreign aggressor when we do not fight to save Tunisians and Moroccans from a similar destiny. Then I was informed that we discriminate because Chinese and North Koreans do not belong to „international aristocracy“ whereas the French and British do. I was advised that all nations today demand quality of treatment and warned that the prospect of the survival of Western civilization depends on the West practicing equality now and abandoning in the next GA its outmoded policy of
discrimination. If the US continues its old course the Iraqis expect to see in North Africa and throughout Asia a violent reaction to old ideologies and an increasing eagerness of these people to turn to Communism as the only alternative to the former shining but now corroded democratic ideal.

The development of natural resources generally came up next for discussion although Foreign Minister Jamali and a few
others gave third place to the advancement of Fertile Crescent idea.
Our Point IV program was lightly brushed aside. The Prime Minister said it was „nothing“ while other Ministers, generally sympathetic, said it had had little impact to date. The more critical complained that we had oversold the program for two years and ended by creating a housing shortage in Baghdad to provide homes for TCA personnel.
The openly hostile accused us of trying with
triflingPoint IV aid to bribe the Arabs to forget Palestine. But it was the British that received the heavy fire. All of the ills of today were laid to the reactionism of IPC and British Government. My informants seemed to prefer to look to the past rather than the future. They felt things were not right and so sought someone to blame. The British and their Iraqi friends were the natural targets and they were pounded unmercifully. The pathological unanimity of this expression caused me to sympathize with members of Development
Board who fear that the several years necessary to complete their major projects may not be accorded them by a people impatient for results. It caused me to share the concern of Foreign Minister who said that the Government has no effective propaganda machinery, that there is not a single Arab language pro-Western newspaper in Iraq,and therefore those who hold pro-Western views ae shy while others who hold anti-Western views shout them out. I found that our good
works were not known or when known were interpreted by our enemies as being undertaken for nefarious purposes.

Area defense was a subject where the chief interest was to reject the concept of Western participation. Today neutrality
is the refuge planned against time when war clouds threaten. When suggested that an Iraqi wartime neutrality would invite a Soviet occupation, many Iraqis professed to prefer an untried Soviet occupation to an actual British domination. In searching an explanation of such unrealistic attitude I was reminded that Mesopotamia has experienced wars from the beginning of time but never reconstruction after a war. Moreover, in two World Wars Arabs fought with the Allies but experienced disillusionment and felt abandoned in the post-war periods. So area defense, which they interpret as
involvement and as inviting Soviet attack, is unpopular and will not be embraced now as an idea. On the other hand, a MEDO in Cyprus developing healthfully, with Iraqi Government informed of its development on continuing basis, can have a growing fascination for the Iraqi military and through them improve the likelihood of eventual association of Iraqi Government.

This description points up how weak our position is
in Iraq.In view of location of Iraq, this situation seems
serious to me, even hazardous, and cries for remedial action. I suggest, therefore, that the Department determine whether the situation in Iraq is characteristic of that in other Arab countries.
If it is, then we should re-examine whether the lands, manpower and oil of Arab World are as important to us as we have thought. Assuming that they are, I suggest that we look urgently to our plans to bring the Arabs around to the Western outlook. From Baghdad today it seems that surest way to accomplish this is by our Government squarely facing two problems.

First, is the restoration of the Arabs' confidence in American good will and good faith. A dramatic way to bring this home to the Arabs might be by insisting on enforcement of the United Nations resolutions on Palestine. It might also be accomplished as effectively but less dramatically through our day by day decisions demonstrating that our Middle East policy is as genuinely concerned with the re-actions of the Arabs as that of the Israelis. Such action would go far in restoring Arab faith in the UN and the US. Secondly,is the attitude of the UK and France. To harmonize such with world
conditions today we may have to insist that the UK assume in the Middle East the same statesmanlikle attitude it assumed in the Indian sub-continent in 1946 and then insist that the French adopt a similar attitude. I realize that these are heavy demands, but the Middle East is a great prize. Whether gaining it is worth risking taking this suggested position with Israel, the UK and France only the Department can decide, but from here it is very clear that until the US is again respected int the Middle East for the justice of its position our local friends will not risk raising their voices to support us. But when we have demonstrated a policy of fairness and friendship towards the Arab World we will have laid the foundation for rebuilding the prestige that the United States traditionally has enjoyed in this area.
Great analysis beautifully written but I could never share your optimism in witnessing any signs of a political tsunamis nor I can see the Arab rottenness reaching its limits.
Asalam alaikum. An excellent commentary, and courageous in its message. Please do not stop sending this message. The US public needs so desperately to hear it. The news media refuses to publish the truth and instead acts as a propaganda machine for Israeli interests, and the US government is manipulated by pro-Zionist lobbyists and politicians.

May Allah bless you.