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Campaign Against Lice
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted on July 7, 2012
By Salah Mansour (Abu al-Sous)*

I recently spoke to an American (from a Jewish descent), and he asked the following question: "When I privately admit Zionist crimes against Palestinians, Zionists accuse me of aiding the enemy; they accuse me of aiding the new Holocaust." My answer was: "that this is a common Zionist tactic to silence their critics; and indirectly that aids a crime and I wonder which is worse!" Not long after that encounter, I discovered that we Palestinians do the same exact thing. Rarely, we're critical of each other because we fear division; we fear losing critical family and friendship ties. I believe we have reached a critical point in our national struggle where the enemy has become deeply embedded amongst us, and purging this cancer has become a priority. I shall argue in this article that confronting Zionists has been always the easiest option; and confronting the enemy within will be much harder.

The Oslo Agreement between the PLO and Israelis has been used as the tool to slowly infect the PLO's leadership with Zionist lice, which has been sucking the blood of our national cause for two decades. As an avid historian, I can recall a period in our Palestinian history with similar decline that happened during the first Intifada of 1936! Sadly at the time, there was wide scale collaboration with the British Occupation (under the banner of the so called Peace Bands) that actually resulted in a lot of Palestinian on Palestinian killing. Once the Intifada was crushed in 1939, the British disarmed the Peace Bands and they were left defenseless. Soon after, their leaders were liquidated one after the other! Of course, this part of our history is usually suppressed for the same reason we often ignore the lice currently amongst us; we all know them; we all know the harm they have done to our national cause, but we oddly prefer to ignore them!

We often call the Palestinian National Authority a corrupt institution, I am sure we even can find many from within the PNA who think so as well. However, I believe calling those lice (especially within the PNA's leadership) corrupt is an unfair compliment! Some may argue that this is an unfair charge, and here I will list few of the traitorous charges I lay against them:

  • The complete abandonment of our right of return, and using it as a tool in their bankrupt negotiations with Israel. For those who doubt me, read the Palestine Papers project that disclosed how the PNA completely abandoned the right of return. Here is a confrontation between Aljazeera's Ahmad Mansour and Sa’eb Erekat (the so called chief & only negotiator) on this subject. If you haven't seen it, I am sure you'll find it entertaining! Similar thing could be said about concessions made about East Jerusalem as well.
  • Direct collaborating with the enemy and foreign powers to undermine Palestinian democracy soon after the 2006 election.
  • Becoming a direct military tool for the enemy. I find it amusing now collaboration with the enemy has a civilized name called: Security Coordination! Ironically, it was Fateh itself who called the Village Leagues (which was founded by Mustafa Dudeen) traitors and killed many of its members in the 1980s for doing the same thing with the Israel! It is a treason of course unless security coordination is done by Fateh in the name of National Security!
  • Aiding, abetting and cheering the enemy before and during the war on Gaza early 2009.
  • Collaboration with enemy in Yasser Arafat's murder and the subsequent cover up of the crime. I wonder what would happen if the Israeli government knew that the Palestinian leadership was behind poisoning Ariel Sharon? A complete annihilation the PLO may be an understatement. In my opinion, this is major proof that PNA's lice are only good for itself!
  • Financial embezzlement at all levels; don’t you find it amusing that lice recently decided to prosecute Muhammad Rasheed (Arafat’s financially advisor) for embezzlement?

Frankly, I am sick and tired of those calling for reconciliation between Fateh and Hamas. This is a mirage; this is fiction because

  • Fateh as a political party ceased to exist; it doesn't have any national political program; sadly it has become more like a corporation but a corporation without accountability.
  • No two Fateh members can agree on the borders of Palestine? Palestine’s borders are a moving target depending on the price of course! And most importantly
  • Fateh’s honorable members are either dead, or in jail, or mute who fear the lose of their beloved salaries and pensions!

Here is the way I see it:

  • Reconciliation is impossible because there is no division to begin with. Both sides have completely orthogonal political programs. What I find amusing when I talk to Fateh supporters that often their sentences always refers to the Fateh’s patriotic past, such as Fateh started the arm struggle? But they can never tell you what they’re doing? Or what they’re trying to do? Most importantly Fateh's glorious past is often used to justify anything including ruining our national cause! In a nutshell, Fateh is an intellectually bankrupt party and without the Dollar and Euro this corporation will crumble under its own weight.
  • Reforming the PNA (or at least purging it from its lice) WILL NEVER be acceptable to the Israelis, Europeans, and the Americans. Israelis and its surrogates prefer to deal with lice because they are not accountable to any elected body.

Therefore, I (as the editor of propose the following personal initiative

  • I call upon all Palestinians (especially the ones who live in the West Bank) to mobilize peacefully at all levels and to demand the immediate dissolution of the PNA; it has done tremendous harm to our national cause.
  • I call upon all Palestinian political parties to convene our Palestinian National Congress as soon as possible, and to demand to either create a new PLO body or to purge the lice from the existing one.
  • Since our people in the occupied territories voted for Hamas during the 2006 election, I call upon Hamas to rise to its responsibilities and mobilize our people in the West Bank for a new non-violent uprising to topple lice. Hamas (as an extension of the Muslim Brothers movement) always enjoyed its role in the opposition; it has been always reluctant of taking the leadership, and since they seized power in the Gaza Strip it has shrunk it political ambitions to the Gaza Strip, and made its survival (in Gaza only) part of "Palestinian National Interest"! In other words, Hamas has to either step-up or step a side. The way I see it; we are paying a tremendous cost to Hamas' lack of leadership outside of Gaza. Just in case if they have forgotten, Palestine is much larger than Gaza, and the Palestinian people are 12 million rather than the 2 million under its direct control!
  • Start a civil disobedience campaign against PNA; I was so happy to hear about the spontaneous protest against the planned visit by Sha’ul Mofaz to Ramallah.

Some may argue that calling the corrupt elite within the PNA by lice is an insult and really way over the line. Frankly, I have given this a lot of thought and I concluded that lice is the perfect description because lice sucks the blood of its victim and gives nothing back. However, in the case of the PNA's lice are much much worse; they have actively destroyed all of our national institutions within the PLO, and now they run it as an exclusive corporation without any accountability, therefore; we are better without them. This article is the first in a series of articles against lice.

Please be free to circulate among your friends and loved ones.

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* The author and administrator of


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Posted by Jesus on April 5, 2018 #158977

Nobody is going to help you, and nobody is going to save you. All saviors are false - exploiters. All prophets are taking advantage of your stupidity.

The new man will not have any messiahs, prophets, saviors, god-men. There is no need. These are the needs of those who have remained stuck in their mental growth.

I want to emphasize the point that if a man can have ninety years of physical age and thirteen years of mental age, the vice versa is also possible, and should be made possible.

A thirteen-year-old boy can have the mind and mental age of a ninety-year-old man. And that will be the day of rejoicing, when your mental age is ahead of your physical age. That is the beginning of a superman, the beginning of the new man, a new humanity.

Then no cowboy film actors can become your presidents. Then millions of idiots cannot gather to see a football match. Then there will be a totally different perceptivity about things.

A California university has been surveying for one year and has come to the conclusion that every time there is a boxing match, violence in California increases immediately - thirteen percent more than the normal. The people who enjoy seeing boxing are really satisfying their own violence, getting excited.

Why does the violence rate all over the state increase? And they have been studying only violence.

They should study rape and other crimes too, and they will find an increase in every crime. Knowing this, why is boxing not made a crime?

It is a crime - a thirteen percent increase in the rate of violence for the following whole week. How many murders will happen? And who is responsible for it? And what do your politicians go on doing?

It is a simple understanding, that boxing should be banned. Can't you find something, some entertainment that helps to make you more human, rather than making you more animal?

Boxing is dragging you backwards; but Muhammad Ali, and people like that, are your heroes. If Muhammad Ali and people like him remain your heroes, you are going to crucify Jesus. It does not matter whether two thousand years have passed or not.

Evolution needs a certain structure. It needs a certain education. It needs a certain sensitivity.

Entertainments should be a raising of your consciousness.
Posted by Dov Shapira on October 9, 2013 #152740

Are you talking about me or my son?
Posted by Husam Baker on October 7, 2012 #146577

Posted by roufaida on July 28, 2012 #145341

لقد احزنني هذا المقال عنالحاله الفلسطينيه ان من تولوا الدفاع عن القضيه هم من خانوها وامتصوا جميع الاموال المخصصهتالتنميه وباعوا القضيه ولكن اطمان يا اخي فسوف ياتي يومهم ولن تموت فلسطين فهي حيه في قلوبنا
Posted by Chong Sun Wah on July 21, 2012 #145221


Sunflower Chong
Posted by Watcher on July 18, 2012 #145188

I am a Watcher.

There can be only one solution that will start the end of occupation, obtain internationally recognition for statehood and establish an economy greater than Israel and other neighboring nation/ states.

The Palestinian People must create a better government that represents their needs. This cannot be accomplished overnight, because the ‘lice’ are in the ‘frame’ itself.

The Palestinians, as a meaningful gesture of intent, should seek outside assistance in forming a government, laws and constitution. The assistance can come from a panel of advisors from various influential nations that are not theocracies.[The world has become to afraid theocratic governments] This will prove to the world that the Palestinians want a peaceful government of laws and rights. [The border prior to 1976 must be restored]

To end any resistance to statehood, the State of (Palestine) must claim Neutrality in the UN. The new government must demonstrate peaceful existence by bringing visibly active attempting to stop and severely punish all terrorists. Terrorists can only destroy the future prosperity and peace.

Request the UN for border protection from Israeli Zionist so the world will know that the Palestinians aren’t promoting or sponsoring terrorism. Israel will no longer be able to blame terrorist attacks and aggressions on the Palestinians. In other words the Zionists will no longer steal land, commit terrorist attacks and other hate crimes.

I realize that none of this is simple and isn’t as detailed as it must be
I must admit that I am personally against theocratic form of government and believe that all citizens are equal under the laws of protections and rights. The people must have freedom to prosper so Palestine will bloom.

I know that I am not an expert and I know little of Palestine but I do know that freedom must start with forgiveness or at least a new start.
Posted by Imad Obeidi on July 18, 2012 #145187

You forgot that Hamas is part of the Palestinian Authority and shares the blame for what's happening to our people. The Palestinian people should revolt against both side and clean Palestine from Lice.
Posted by Samar El Sayed on July 18, 2012 #145182

Very well said!! I think that if any entity is insulted in the article it would be the lice themselves!! Unity between us as palestinian people believing in one goal is the only way for us to get anywhere, putting asside any political agenda and striving to win our land back. Having said that I admit it doesnt sound possible or realistic to me, its a cliche. Both parties are corrupt, what we need is a miracle. Your proposal sounds great, but how would it materialize is the question...
Posted by Chong Sun Wah on July 17, 2012 #145162

The world will not have peace & harmony because the Zionist Jews mission is to bring their Messiah back and to achieve this goal they got to demolish the Alaqsa Mosque. I have posted here,

When I first posted my view on Charlie Rose show about Zionist Jews intention they deleted the whole interview.

Now read what Ben Gurion final word on Palestine

I have posted the terrorist Menachem Begin speech. He is satan in human body. He think badly of other races but my teacher told us the worse race in the universe were the Jews but now we know they are the Zionist Jews and she said that they are the serpents with the venom. I will put it n my blog after my friend help me to edit my English. My teacher also said that when they bit you, you don't know until it will be too late just like this currency crisis the derivatives everyone got burn. Don't go near these evil people but unfortunately they are deep in the America government. Hear what Jeff gates got to say about them.

Long Live the Palestinian people, we like you to know the world do care for you but we do not have the power to make a wrong right. The Rothschild own half of the world so do you think President Obama can change the tide when the American people are not with him. He just came in 4 years ago while the administration are run by the Zionist Jews.
Posted by paul bulkley on July 17, 2012 #145161

Palestine 1948 was stolen from the Palestinian people by the Zionist Jews supported by dishonest US and UK politicians.

Palestine can be recovered by Palestinian people that possess unity in purpose with concern of their country and their fellow people rather than themselves.

However this cannot be achieved by a fractious community that has permeated the scene over the past 60 years.and expects others to fight for their interests.Palestinians must unify and fight for a common cause.

Read "The Palestinian Correspondent" (
Posted by Mohamed elassi on July 17, 2012 #145156

The Arab unworthy rulers have embarked on the illusion and fantasy of Land for Peace. For Israel to accept the offer of peace, it must live the agony of wars. While Israel borders are secured by Egypt and Jordan, she does not need more peace. Israel have fought three wars with clumsy Arabs and lost many soldiers and robbed Palestine. Zionists also built expensive highways connecting all corners of Israel, and are building Jerusalem a modern city. The golden question is why should Israel leave the West Bank? Israel will not free the Palestinians until it is truly threatened. There are about 2 billion Moslems in the World. If everyone paid half a dollar per month to the Arabs of Jerusalem, the city will be an Arab majority. The rulers of the Arab countries do not need to fight. They only needed to help the Arabs of Jerusalem stay in the city. The major part of the Arabs problem is their carelessness while quiet under the brutality of their rulers. On the other hand, the west is prostituting the Arab Gulf oil, and the Arab Gulf rulers are occupied with in the camels raise while Iran is in the nuclear raise.
Posted by Jafar M. Ramini on July 17, 2012 #145150

Of course if we are to succeed we must undergo a through in house cleansing process. Please read
Posted by Vince von Lamburg on July 16, 2012 #145147

It is ashamed that there is not enough room on this Earth for people to live without killing each other. What man can do to man is horrible, yet to have peace, sadly, you must have war, the never ending nature of mankind. We are so close to each other from traveling capabilities of going from one country to another, and communications in other ways, why can't people find the differences among people interesting instead of repelling? The answer is ..."The Racial Contract" determines who leads and who is sub-human. Supremacy is a unnamed political system that had made the world what it is today. The system of domination by which the worlds people have since the beginning of time keep playing over and over. Racism in itself is like a political system, a power struggle of the ones who determines themselves as "privilege" over any other people, which leads to who should get "what" to live with. And what is this "what", it is a distribution of land, wealth, benefits, opportunities, rights and freedom. This is a contract for just the people who count, people who are really people, this is the Racial Contract !!!
Posted by Sam on July 16, 2012 #145146

In my oppinion is that we Palestinians and on a wider scale we the Arabs like to moan and groan and always blame everybody except ourselves. All our issues and problems start with us. We need to really look at ourselves deeply and fix what is broken inwards and then we will be ready to talk to others and negotiate for our rights, but as long as we have no respect to ourselves and our values,we might as well stay as we are and shut up, because honestly we deserve what we have. When the day comes that we have real genuine leaders that care and respect the population, then we will own the power to be respected by the World and they will come to the table to talk our language and to our needs and rights.
Posted by Hanna Salim Marina on July 16, 2012 #145138

With my due respect to the writer of this article, I am an ardent nationalistic Palestinian, we try to keep the Palestinian cause alive but in vain. Palestine has gone where the United States of Israel, oh sorry of America and the Europeans are treating us like a bunsh of irritants and beduins. We have no influence, no power no money and no-nothing. Let us keep it alive perhaps another Salah Eddin or Khalid will retrieve it for us. Having been in my beloved country Canada, Sorry I did not even teach my children and grandchildren to speak a single word of the Beduins language. No wonder the West does not respect the Arabs and does not take the Arabs seriously except for their money. Speaking Arabic does mean we are Arabs at all.
Posted by Athena on July 16, 2012 #145127

I like the opening statement. I have long thought of the conflict as manifesting Satan, or some may say the anti Christ. Personally I am not a religious person, but when religion is understood abstractly, it has useful metaphors. Satan and the anti Christ being a destructive force. What can be more destructive than fear and anger and intensional separation and conflict for land? This is the worst problem with religion, and it has created growing opposition to religion and increased denial of God. Nothing could serve Satan better, so maybe you should rethink the nature of your enemy?

It seems the whole world is gaining an interest in democracy. It was democracy that brought people to peace, not religions that divide them. I firmly believe democracy is the way of God, because when it is understood as an ideology of relationships, it brings peace and lifts our potential for good.

In the US we are told Israel is a democracy, and we are lead to believe Muslims, Arabs, Palestinians are not capable of having democracy because of their religion. This is what leads
the US to supporting Israel, and violent Muslims having given Muslims are very bad reputation. This worldly fighting needs to lift to the level of human dignity and principle. This is the only way to defeat Satan, the true enemy behind it all.

Use the principles of democracy to resolve your problems, and use the media and the internet to raise consciousness and pressure Israel to be a true democracy. Satan is the lie and the destroyer. Stop creating enemies, and start attacking the lie that Israel is a democracy. Attack the lie and the destroyer, not the people caught in this evil force. Speak truth.

"Democracy is a way of life and social organization which above all others is sensitive to the dignity and worth of the individual human personality, affirming the fundamental moral and political equality of all men and recognizing no barriers of race, religion, or circumstance". Congress on Education for Democracy, August, 1939

Democracy is living by principles.
1. Respect for the dignity and worth of the individual personality. (Or as I was told, look for God in everyone.)

2. Open opportunity for the individual. (From what I have heard, Israel has a long ways to go to achieve this.)

3. Economic and social security. (I have heard Israel is falling way short of this, as it is concerned only with the economic and social security of Jews.)

4. The search for Truth. (This is clearly the only way to defeat the lie, the power of Satan.)

5. Free discussion; freedom of speech; freedom of the press.

6. Universal education. (Seriously everyone needs to get together and agree about the history that pitted everyone against each other, and teach the children the truth! I can not express enough, the enemy is the lie, the destroyer, or what some call Satan.)

7. The rule of the majority; and the rights of the minority; the honest ballot. (This one is a problem, because it lead to Israel pushing out non Jews and bringing in so many Jews from other places, it suffers an over population problem, threatening the water supply and environment. Focus on human rights, and rights of minorities, and cooperation for the good of all, rather than on majority rule. Like in the US minorities are becoming the majority, and if dark skinned people do not chose by principle, light skinned people may be in serious trouble! Seriously we all need to work on living with democratic principles.)

8. Justice for the common man, trail by jury; arbitration of disputes; orderly legal process; freedom from search and seizure; right to petition.

9. Freedom of religion. (This is a problem if non Jews can not enter the Jewish temple or non Muslims can not enter the Muslim temples. Freedom of religion is something that can be a problem, and the tool of Satan. The problems caused by religion are pitting people against all religion and even God and the notion that we can have morals. Nothing could serve Satan better than religious people spreading hatred and fear, killing and destroying historical treasures. We have to want something more than land, and we have to want it for everyone, not just our kind. We have to want truth and peace and to bring heaven to earth for all. Focus on human relationships, and what it means to be a good human, not land, and then pressure all to live up to this standard. The time seems right to bring this to the international table.)

11. The practice of fundamental social virtues. (Come on folks, find the agreements in your religions about what it is to be a good human, and be virtuous. Virtues are strength.)

12. The responsibility of the individual to participate in the duties of democracy. (Government is only one aspect of democracy. Democracy is an ideology of relationships that effects every aspect of our lives. It is living with virtues and principles that serve the good of all. Be you the head of a nation, head or cooperation, or head of a family, a student or laborer. It is away of life.)
Posted by nadine on July 16, 2012 #145121

dear Salah,

thank you for your words. Regarding your critique towards the PNA and Fateh, I agree with you 100%.

But there are 3 problems that I would like to point at.

1) It has been already stated, that the use of the word "lice" has a dehumanising connotation and therefore only harms our struggle if we use it. The struggle against Zionism and a liberated Palestine is a struggle for humanity, dignity and freedom and we should not allow any akin to fascism.

2) I am afraid I have to disagree with your suggestion that Hamas should step up.
To referr to the elections of 2006 does not make sense since it would be unlawful- these elections took place 6 years ago and do not represent the will of the Palestinian people; and when I speak of the Palestinian People I do not mean only those in the Westbank and Gazastrip, but in whole Occupied Palestine and worldwide.
Hamas, however, did not make a good job in Gaza at all. Instead of focusing on the liberation of Palestine, they started to vent their frustration regarding their incompetence on our brothers and sisters in the Gaza strip. I guess Hamas is no less corrupt than Fateh in Westbank.

3) Your rage and disappointment about the PNA and Fateh is completly understandable, but it lacks a rational analyses. Since you referr to the Intifada of 1936 and the collaboration with the British colonialists it must be no surprise what role Fateh and the PNA are playing. It is the one of a toehold for the colonialist powers, with their own interests, of course. Every oppression and control over people works better if their own elites collaborate. And in this case it is the PNA & Co.

And only if we understand our struggle as an anti-colonialist one we know how to fight it, we know our enemies and we can organize solidarity worldwide because we are not the only people oppressed by such a ideology.
Posted by HusbandofMoonlight on July 16, 2012 #145120

The sad fact that the Palestinian People suffer the same fate of the Native American People (my people)---they suffer the attack of the Criminal Zionists at every level, including from within as with the PNA, as we do with the "Indians" (a misnomer for Native Americans) who would rather dress up in their regalia and dance for the White folks instead of standing "together" against the common enemy--the USA and its corrupt population of international criminals.
We feel the only alternative is to use our voice against the fools who claim the "designation of the Chosen ones"---the Zionists and their massive criminal support system, the Jews of the World and especially the Jews of the USA; along with the criminals who call themselves Christians----who claim to follow "another of the chosen ones"-----while they leave death and destruction everywhere they have ever been; and everywhere they go even now.
Someday, the world may be free of the Jews and the Christians--and let them take their Muslim "bastard children with them"---so that humanity will know some resemblence of peace and all of the other life forms of the planet will have a chance to live in peace; and have a hope for a continued existence and continued evolution.
The Arab people are as ancient as the Native American people; and deserve existence in peace without the interference of the arrogance of the interlopers the Jews/Israelis---a religion not a race--- who invented themselves long after the Palestinian people had evolved and are supported at least in spirit by this Native American: long live the Palestinian People-----in solidarity we send our best regards and our spiritual support.
Posted by Hiyam Naour on July 16, 2012 #145116

I quote " Sunflower Chong "

"This common enemy the world have the 'Zionist Jews' is really the cause of the world woes."

Mobilize is a must but why tell the usurper the enemy of the world about every step of our strategies.

Thanks for everything you do !

love and solidarity
The cruel war against al-Quds and its people
The PalestineFreeVoice by Hiyam Naour and Fadwa Nassar
Posted by Salman Abu Sitta on July 16, 2012 #145112

Dear Salah
I entirely agree with your analysis. I also agree with your proposals.
We have been working on this for years as you know. Now there the need is evermore pressing. See the website of Palestine Land Society- Arabic for past action and future plans. Standby for more.
Posted by Kamal Jerusalem on July 16, 2012 #145109

Dear Salah,
You are seeing from your perspective, which is not complete. Me living in Jerusalem and travelling at least 5 days to Ramallah for will be able to give you the inside picture.
The PA is corrupt, no comment, that's why they either assasinated or helped to poison Arafat.
The problem is that the massive mobilization will not occur at this time, because the PA is paying the salaries of 70% useless employees to keep control on things.
Regarding Hamas in the West Bank, they didn't forget it. The problem here is that Dayton's police state is arresting Hamas members or facilitating for Israel to arrest them long before 2009.
The solution will come from outside. Read the history that will repeat itself. Salah El Din liberated Palestine, with the use of two major pillars, that gathering his fighters/soldiers from Egypt and the Leader (himself) came from Greater Syria.
This land will be liberated only when Syria is free. The first pillar is available; just give it some time for the second one and Palestine will be free.
You will then be able to return to our land.
No International power will be able to press on the Zionists/Jews for a solution, not even Russia. They supported the state from the first day it was declared thinking that a new Communist ally will be obtained in the region since Egypt was still under British Mandate at that time.
Posted by Tim Upham on July 15, 2012 #145102

This is just feeding into the negativity. That the Oslo Accords will never be finished through, the Palestinian Authority is too corrupt -- of course there needs to be elections, because it cannot rule by emergency decree indefinitely -- and that Israel just wants to solidify control over the West Bank. What is really lacking is international mediation. No one wants to take this on with the intensity that President Clinton did, and he left office before he could finish. Neither are the Oslo Accords, and that started in 1993. Someone needs to put on the hands on intensity. It looks as though Vladimir Putin is moving in that direction. If he does, then more power to him. For 2012 is a long time to wait after 1993.
Posted by DeWayne on July 15, 2012 #145100

I agree that Palestinians need unite with a true and strong representative form of government, but more to develope close alliance with the rest of the Middle East peoples today also coming out from under false representative (regime) leaders.
Old Super Power Empires from their own corruption and failure have begun destabilizing operations throughout the entire Middle East, doubling the importance to unite, and with Western Empires in troubles of their own making, need work purposely and intently in this effort to organize internationally.
Posted by Chong Sun Wah on July 15, 2012 #145098

Dear Mansour,

I have just posted your message on my new blog. dearmmleecom campaign-against-lice They deactivated my old blog dearmmleewordpresscom

Last night I was busy viewing the film DEFAMATION and I have posted it on Holocaust Contradiction section and your post too.

The videos that I have posted many share the same fate as my old blog. And when I mass emails, yahoo and gmail stopped me but I very patient and when they allowed me to use the email I start all over again. Still got US Senators write to me but I do not reply to them anymore because waste of time.

This common enemy the world have the 'Zionist Jews' is really the cause of the world woes.

Sunflower Chong
Posted by Mayassi on July 15, 2012 #145095

I remember the day June 6, 1982 like as if it just happened yesterday when Israel attacked Lebanon. Sharon said to Abu Ammar if you have 30,000 fighters I own 50% of their loyalty to me! That was FATAH in 1982. Today FATAH is 99% with Israel and the top agents and commanders are Mosad bread and trained. Unfortunately, I do not expect much change in such formula. I believe the worst is to come for our Palestinian plight.
Posted by Merry on July 15, 2012 #145089

I understand that even peaceful demonstrations by Arabs in the West Bank are illegal. How do you plan to accomplish your objective of "peaceful mobilization" to dissolve the PNA if you can't even gather together in public?
Israel supports Fateh and vice versa.
Posted by love of Palestine on July 15, 2012 #145087

Sure the Palestine case is all of Palestine not only gaza. And the right to return. Must be accomplished very fast and very soon. Hamas must step up. They know the language of enemy.
Posted by T Greenstein on July 15, 2012 #145086

T he problems are even deeper than you imagine and don't take in the wider regional context which led to different wings of the PLO depending on the very Arab regimes that now give succour and support to Israel. But the adoption of the 2 states perspective was the beginning of this and the inability to relate to the Arab masses was crucial to the failure of the PLO. The US is in the Middle East because of its strategic position and of course oil. A revolution against those who control and use the oil for their own benefit would be one of the most potent means of also underminining Zionism. Sadly the Arab Spring hasn't developed into such a movement, not least because US imperialism has been able to co-opt and subvert much of the opposition movement.

However it is worth noting that at the height of the movement against Mubarak, BOTH the Quisling PA and Hamas opposed physically demonstrations in their respective fiefdoms in support of those in Tahrir Square. Hamas's only saving grace is that it hasn't totally capitulated like Fateh and the PA.

Can I also ask you to reconsider your term 'lice'. It conveys nothing as a metaphor and is reminiscent of the use of similar language from Hitler's Mein Kamp onwards. It implies that some people are vermin, i.e. subhuman. We should not allow racist notions or language to affect our politics.
Posted by RichardL on July 15, 2012 #145081

The Jewish cuckoo has indeed built a new state in the Palestinian nest Doug. The question is who paid for it?
Posted by miki on July 15, 2012 #145072

you might want to check the spelling of "lice".