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Buying Palestinian National Rights


Posted on January 20, 2008

By Dr. Abdul Sattar Qasim

Often Western officials and academics explain the enrollment of the young in militant organizations to social and economical reasons. They believe that since the heads of the family are busy trying to put food on the table, that causes many young to develop psychological and social problems, which explains why many turn to violence and seek revenge from others, or turn to drug dealing and becoming members of criminal gangs that steal and kill. Therefore, they often concluded that improving the economic situation is the key to solving the problems of resorting to violence

As the Palestinian suffering has continued for decades, it has become increasingly difficult for Western politicians to address Palestinians rights, and often they focus on finding a solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict without addressing the core issues (such as right of return, ethnic cleansing, dispossession, ..etc.).

Sometimes we hear Western officials talk about the suffering of the Palestinian people, and about the bad living conditions in the refugee camps, even sometimes we hear them talk about Palestinian human rights for those who live under Israeli occupation. However, you will rarely hear any of them talk about Palestinian national rights.

Since Palestinians are exhibiting this "violent" phenomena, the West have focused its energy on solving this conflict by improving the economic or living conditions for Palestinians in the occupied territories.

From the beginning, Israel decided to confront Palestinian resistance with an overwhelmingly violent reprisal, however, it did not succeed despite its destructive power. Resistance has increased in quantity and quality to a degree that it is currently scaring many Israelis.

Besides confronting Palestinian resistance, Israel and the Western Governments found it necessary to work also on the economic and financial fronts as well.

Taming The Palestinian People

The enemies of the Palestinian people resorted to two policies to defeat them: The first aimed to frustrate and depress them by physically defeating their will to resist, and the second policy aimed to entice them with financial gains, and leadership positions within their community.

I am not going to explain these policies in details, the reader

  • can link defeating the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon 1982,
  • the policies that ruined the first Intifada,
  • how Israel allowed the flow of money from outside, and
  • how alternate Palestinian leadership was created that does not advocate armed resistance.

The first phase aimed to find a financial solution to the Palestinian cause by encouraging Palestinian academics to open centers and organizations that believe in the economic solution to the Palestinian cause, and to show the "civilized" face of the Palestinian people.

In the early 1980s, silently and carefully there was a search for Palestinian academics who could support such a policy. At the beginning, the environment in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip was not yet suitable for such activities.

Some educated Palestinians surfaced who called for talking to the West in a language that they can understand, which was focused mainly on exposing the suffering of the Palestinian people and exposing Israeli atrocities against them.

In the 1980s, they did not speak against resistance, and they did not disclose their intention to recognize Israel, but they focused on

improving the economic conditions as the tool to help the occupied Palestinians, and

they focused their attention on establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian suffering in the occupied territories was used as the tool to shrink Palestinian demands, and to shrink the Palestinian people to a people who live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

I was one of those who were approached to support this policy; even the American consul in Jerusalem offered his cooperation in this regards in 1983, and the Israelis offered to make me a Palestinian leader in 1989.

At the time, American and Israeli policies aimed to refocus the attention of the Palestinian people away from their Right of Return and from their right to self-determination, to establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian suffering in the occupied territories was used as the tool to

  • shrink Palestinian demands, and to
  • shrink the Palestinian people to a people who live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In return, these Palestinian academics received many benefits from the Israeli occupation, such as traveling abroad, freedom of movement, lecturing abroad, attending conferences, and even financial support in some cases.

To be specific, I mention the Palestinian Media Center, which enjoyed a wide range of activities including financial support from the PLO without any objections or restrictions from the Israeli occupiers. The people who headed this media center were exposed as Palestinian leaders, and the occupiers even harassed them to enhance their political legitimacy among the Palestinian people.

Slowly since 1988, Palestinians started to accept what used to be forbidden, and they even crossed the red lines which they imposed upon themselves earlier. They

  • recognized the State of Israel,
  • recognized UN resolutions 242 & 338,
  • collaborated with the Israeli occupation on many security related issues, and even
  • they arrested many Palestinians for their resistance to the Israeli occupation.

The Policy of buying Palestinian Rights

After executing the policies of frustrating and financially enticing the Palestinian people, America and Israel turned to restricting Palestinians even more by controlling their sources of income directly or through the Western donor governments.

The goal was, and still is to make the Palestinian people a hostage to the loaf of bread they need to survive; which will turn them away from demanding their national rights and from resisting the Israeli occupation. In other words, the goal is to keep them busy just to survive from day to day, and not even think of their right of return or liberating Jerusalem.

These policies intensified after signing the Oslo Agreement and after the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). These policies are rooted on three primary principles:

  1. America and Israel linked Palestinian financing to the Western donor countries. It should be noted that this financial assistance was linked to how much Palestinians implemented the signed agreements with Israel, especially regarding the security issues.

    America and Israel were determined to exclude Arab countries from financing Palestinians directly (such as financing from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE), and made sure this financial support comes from the Western donor countries in way that they totally control. It should be noted that some Arab countries provided some financial support, however, this support was provided as a donor country, and not from a sister country who has no security and normalization pre-conditions with Israel.

    Therefore, PNA resorted to inflating the number of its employees, where it employed tens of thousands who provided no qualitative services to the Palestinian people.

    Tens of thousands received official jobs, especially in PNA's security services, who had no real job but receiving their monthly salary at the end of the month.

    The donor countries did not object to this unwise policy, and continued financing these salaries for years. It was clear that the real purpose behind this assistance was not to serve the Palestinian people, but rather to create a dependency relationship between the Palestinian employee and his salary, which comes from the donor Western countries at the end of the month.

    Since the salaries were conditional on PNA's security cooperation with Israel, salaries were paid so long as resistance to Israeli ceased, and so long as negotiation with it continued.

    It should be noted that salaries were not paid to PNA in a lump sum, but rather they were paid on a monthly basis and was conditional on PNA cracking down on groups linked to resisting the Israeli occupation.

    The whole world saw how Palestinians allowed themselves to fall into this trap soon after Hamas won the election early 2006, especially when the donor countries cut paying the monthly salaries. Overnight, the Palestinian cause was converted to a cause for paying the salaries of employees who did not work to begin with!

    For the salaries to return, Palestinian leaderships found themselves accepting American-Israeli dictation. Consequently, Americans and Israelis effectively control PNA's public policy.

  2. Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) mostly receive their funding from Western donor countries such as Italy, USA, Holland, Norway, France, ... etc. with the exception of a few who receive their funding locally or from Arab sources.

    Some of these NGOs have normalized the relationship with Israel, and some did not and some even refused to denounce what the Americans calls "terror". Despite the discrepancies between these NGOs, the employees of these NGOs (who number in the tens of thousands) received their salaries from the Western donor countries, and they have no choice but to think about receiving that salary.

    Stability for these people was critical to continuing the social and human projects they are working on, and any resistance to the Israeli occupation may jeopardize their projects.

    In other words, these employees worked in an environment that is under the influence of the Western countries that aims to abolish any resistance to the Israeli occupation. It should be noted that some of those NGOs spoke against resisting the Israeli occupation, and their leaders openly normalized relationships with the Zionist enemy.

    The employees in these NGOs found themselves in a difficult situation trying to balance between their Palestinian national rights and putting food on the table. Just by having the average Palestinian think in such a way, America and Israel have achieved one of their biggest objectives.

  3. Paris Economical Conference in 1994 placed the Palestinian economy completely under Israeli control, which as a result made the Palestinian economy completely dependent on the Israeli economy. For example, no goods may enter the occupied territories without passing first through an Israeli businessman On top of that, Israel has the right to withhold and determine the levied taxes on all goods entering the occupied territories.

    At will, Israel controls the Palestinian economy. Similarly, Israel withholds Palestinian taxes. All of this became clear to the whole world when Israel refused to give back the withheld taxes once Palestinians elected Hamas for office.

    Moreover, the Paris Economical Conference connected the Palestinian economy to the world economy especially when it comes to the freedom of movement of goods, and to monitoring all financial transactions.

    Consequently, Palestinians imported more at the expense of locally produced goods and services, and as a result Palestinian farmers, carpenters, craftsmen,... etc. became unemployed, and Israelis and Americans controlled the entry of all funds.

    In the past, the average Palestinian used to manage his financial situation, however, all that changed after the Paris Economical Conference which controlled the flow of funds, and connected the Palestinian economy with the world's economic and financial systems.


Nowadays,, if anybody visits the West Bank, he will hear how the cost of living has sky rocketed, however, he hears little about the Israeli colonization policies, usurpation of Palestinian lands, arrests, and assassinations.

It is not fair to blame the average Palestinian.. Israeli and American policies were accepted by many in the Palestinian elite (especially among the academic class), which forced the average Palestinian to care about feeding his family at the expense of Palestinian national rights.

Priorities for the average Palestinian will switch from national to personal. Instead of holding on to right of return, the average Palestinian will become obsessed with holding on to his salary.

If the economical pressure on Palestinians continues, and the daily life in the West Bank continues to be connected with Western financial sources, then priorities for the average Palestinian will switch from national to personal. Instead of holding on to the right of return, the average Palestinian will become obsessed with holding on to his salary.

In a nutshell, the real goal is to buy Palestinian national rights at a fixed price, set according to Israeli and American dictation. Therefore, any talk about any "peaceful solutions" is meant only to gain time until they completely convert the Palestinian cause into a monthly salary cause. Ironically, this is exactly what Za'ev Jabotinsky advocated as early as 1923 in his famous Iron Wall article, he said:

".... Settlement can thus develop under the protection of a force that is not dependent on the local population, behind an IRON WALL which they will be powerless to break down. ....a voluntary agreement is just not possible. As long as the Arabs preserve a gleam of hope that they will succeed in getting rid of us, nothing in the world can cause them to relinquish this hope, precisely because they are not a rubble but a living people. And a living people will be ready to yield on such fateful issues only when they give up all hope of getting rid of the Alien Settlers. Only then will extremist groups with their slogan 'No, never' lose their influence, and only then their influence be transferred to more moderate groups. And only then will the moderates offer suggestions for compromise. Then only will they begin bargaining with us on practical matters, such as guarantees against PUSHING THEM OUT, and equality of civil, and national rights."

Could this policy work at the end? There is no doubt about it that it is working now, however, not all the Palestinian people earn salaries, and not all the Palestinian people are willing to give up their national rights in return for the salary.

* This article was translated from Arabic which first appeared at Click here to reach Dr. Qasim at his personal website.

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I wish you all the best of luck and hope the criminal nation is removed by outside sources that beg for what is right by any nation, sovereignty. I am sorry that your sovereignty, as well as your right to invest your time and money at will have been replaced with a steady paycheck for peace. The money wont last forever, and when it slows to a most meager allowance, what then? They already commit genocide on a daily basis and separate communities with walls, and prevent any assistance that might garner freedom from their oppressive tactics. I don't think playing to devils game to save grace for a day is a bad thing, if it eventually leads to their demise.
I am a palistinian, and i ask all palastinian's to just concider, no one country and no one person can ever right the wrongs that isreal and the united states have done to the palistinian's, and i perfectly understand not wanting to give up our homeland. We need to open our eye's a little more and really look at the big picture. For the sake of all palistinians and our children, stop fighting war we can't win, at least for now, They want gaza so bad, let them have for the sake of our place on this earth. We have every right to live on this planet as much as anyone else, but what hamas is doing, constantly fighting a loosing battle. I am definitly no the type to give anything up that easily, i will fight for whats mine, no doubt about that, but at what cost. I am smart enough to not fight a fight i know i cant win, at least militarily, so let them think they have won, play the mind game back on them, then do what the jews made sure they did, dig your claws into every branch of government, start goin with the natural order of things, instead of resisting. fight back with your mind and the almighty pen. But fight for true justice and peace, show this world what we are capable of, not revenge, revenge would just bring us back down to there level, by fighting back the way hamas is doing now is stuping to there level, thats exactly what they want, so they have an excuse to keep sending there military in and killing so many. Our tactics need to change. we need to start fighting the good fight.....start showing people who the real enemies are and who the real terrorist are! Because doing what we've been doing obviously isnt working.
The Cause of the Palestinian and Iraqi Wars


The Hon. Dr. Burton Yost Berry, former US-Ambassador and Plenipotentiary to Iraq

September 8, 1952

Memorandum of Personal Observations:

The making and receiving of official calls, and other contacts that a new Chief of Mission establishes with local
people in all walks of life, have provided me in concentrated form with an appreciation of Iraqi attitudes which we must take into account if we are to make progress with our area objectives. Thus, I hope following summary of my impressions will prove timely to Department in developing its over-all Middle East policy, and particularly in shaping its position on MEDO and several items on GA agenda.

Without an exception each new Iraqi acquaintance brought up first the Palestine issue and left no doubt as to depth of
his feeling. With little variation each said the Iraqis had no
quarrel with Jews as Jews who had been welcomed in Orient when the West persecuted them. But Zionism was something else which was cruelly selfish and dangerously aggressive. Zionism at work inPalestine, creating an Israeli state on lands which since days of Caliph Omar were Arab and today are part of Arab Spiritual heritage,inflicted an injury to the Arab soul which will never heal. And what was done could not have been done except through active intervention and continuing support of US. This I was told always with sincerity
and sometimes with very considerable heat. I was warned too that in the Orient where grudges are nurished and blood feuds flourish not to believe that lapse of time will change Arab attachment to Palestine,or that the young generation will hold different views or that US loans and grants will cause Arabs to forget and forgive.

French and British imperialism in North Africa regularly was the second subject introduced by Iraqis. They say North
African Arab states are controlled by French and British armies with civil liberties suppressed and right of self-determination denied.
They consider that US, by supporting British and French, has become equally responsible with them. Frequently I was asked why the US fights to save South Koreans from domination by a foreign aggressor when we do not fight to save Tunisians and Moroccans from a similar destiny. Then I was informed that we discriminate because Chinese and North Koreans do not belong to „international aristocracy“ whereas the French and British do. I was advised that all nations today demand quality of treatment and warned that the prospect of the survival of Western civilization depends on the West practicing equality now and abandoning in the next GA its outmoded policy of
discrimination. If the US continues its old course the Iraqis expect to see in North Africa and throughout Asia a violent reaction to old ideologies and an increasing eagerness of these people to turn to Communism as the only alternative to the former shining but now corroded democratic ideal.

The development of natural resources generally came up next for discussion although Foreign Minister Jamali and a few
others gave third place to the advancement of Fertile Crescent idea.
Our Point IV program was lightly brushed aside. The Prime Minister said it was „nothing“ while other Ministers, generally sympathetic, said it had had little impact to date. The more critical complained that we had oversold the program for two years and ended by creating a housing shortage in Baghdad to provide homes for TCA personnel.
The openly hostile accused us of trying with
triflingPoint IV aid to bribe the Arabs to forget Palestine. But it was the British that received the heavy fire. All of the ills of today were laid to the reactionism of IPC and British Government. My informants seemed to prefer to look to the past rather than the future. They felt things were not right and so sought someone to blame. The British and their Iraqi friends were the natural targets and they were pounded unmercifully. The pathological unanimity of this expression caused me to sympathize with members of Development
Board who fear that the several years necessary to complete their major projects may not be accorded them by a people impatient for results. It caused me to share the concern of Foreign Minister who said that the Government has no effective propaganda machinery, that there is not a single Arab language pro-Western newspaper in Iraq,and therefore those who hold pro-Western views ae shy while others who hold anti-Western views shout them out. I found that our good
works were not known or when known were interpreted by our enemies as being undertaken for nefarious purposes.

Area defense was a subject where the chief interest was to reject the concept of Western participation. Today neutrality
is the refuge planned against time when war clouds threaten. When suggested that an Iraqi wartime neutrality would invite a Soviet occupation, many Iraqis professed to prefer an untried Soviet occupation to an actual British domination. In searching an explanation of such unrealistic attitude I was reminded that Mesopotamia has experienced wars from the beginning of time but never reconstruction after a war. Moreover, in two World Wars Arabs fought with the Allies but experienced disillusionment and felt abandoned in the post-war periods. So area defense, which they interpret as
involvement and as inviting Soviet attack, is unpopular and will not be embraced now as an idea. On the other hand, a MEDO in Cyprus developing healthfully, with Iraqi Government informed of its development on continuing basis, can have a growing fascination for the Iraqi military and through them improve the likelihood of eventual association of Iraqi Government.

This description points up how weak our position is
in Iraq.In view of location of Iraq, this situation seems
serious to me, even hazardous, and cries for remedial action. I suggest, therefore, that the Department determine whether the situation in Iraq is characteristic of that in other Arab countries.
If it is, then we should re-examine whether the lands, manpower and oil of Arab World are as important to us as we have thought. Assuming that they are, I suggest that we look urgently to our plans to bring the Arabs around to the Western outlook. From Baghdad today it seems that surest way to accomplish this is by our Government squarely facing two problems.

First, is the restoration of the Arabs' confidence in American good will and good faith. A dramatic way to bring this home to the Arabs might be by insisting on enforcement of the United Nations resolutions on Palestine. It might also be accomplished as effectively but less dramatically through our day by day decisions demonstrating that our Middle East policy is as genuinely concerned with the re-actions of the Arabs as that of the Israelis. Such action would go far in restoring Arab faith in the UN and the US. Secondly,is the attitude of the UK and France. To harmonize such with world
conditions today we may have to insist that the UK assume in the Middle East the same statesmanlikle attitude it assumed in the Indian sub-continent in 1946 and then insist that the French adopt a similar attitude. I realize that these are heavy demands, but the Middle East is a great prize. Whether gaining it is worth risking taking this suggested position with Israel, the UK and France only the Department can decide, but from here it is very clear that until the US is again respected int the Middle East for the justice of its position our local friends will not risk raising their voices to support us. But when we have demonstrated a policy of fairness and friendship towards the Arab World we will have laid the foundation for rebuilding the prestige that the United States traditionally has enjoyed in this area.
Hi,i've been reading in a german history book (not for school) about some laws in Israel. It is written there that no other people than jews can access higher positions in joblife or that only jews can buy land there. Is it true? What else are the restrictions? And where can i get that information if it is too much for this page?
before 1948, Nothing is called Isreal, the currency was palestinain pound, jew used the generosity of arab,they were welcome all the time to live there in peace but not to kick out the original people and kill them, palestine was not like north america before 300 years as some people thought, palestine is the land of all religions and has the oldest cities in the world, palestine belongs to palestinains not to african jews ,romanain jews , russian jews and iraqi jews
To manaboulis and everybody else

You are absolutely right - a land is not a Real Estate ! Land means : Your fathers & forefathers, as well as your children؟s & grandchildren؟s home and therefore is forbidden to be sold !

It is true, as you said, you all did pay dearly with your blood. And as you said, neither will you hesitate to pay with your own blood in order to get it back.
However, if you turn as bad as them, then they succeeded as you have became to be one of them! And this is why they continue to take more and more land away in the first place.
This is called provocation!
If you are good and Islam is the good, then I strongly believe that we are obliged ؟ in the name of God and peace - to sacrifice a piece of land. This sacrifice the people of Palestine have accepted for the sake of peace back in 1948 along with the entire Arab nation of Christians, Moslems, Jews & etc.
And if this piece of land would have stopped this ugliness, then you all would have succeeded.
Unfortunately, until today we have not succeeded because of the continues spilling of blood.
We all must remember that the sacrifice had already started with our forefather Abraham and as a result we have Ismail as our father as well.
But if Abraham would not have obeyed God, then we would not have Ismail !
Therefore, you must stop the spilling of blood by all means, return to PAPER & INK and stick to the 1948 accepted and signed agreement!

Please read our letters within Ikrimah ibn Aji Jahl at: sharifian-history at dot info
The land is not Real Estate. This is a homeland and an identity and wrong can not be right with paper money or even gold.
We paid for it with our lives and we'll pay the same to get it back.
بارك الله في فلسطين!
Iam palestinian and I love my land.
plz God help ma pbl in palestine plz plz plz
Dear Dr. Qasim,

At my husbands request I tried to email to you on March 20th, 2 letters. Have you received them? Kindly let me know. Thanks in advance. D.B.
Dear Dr. Qasim,

Sorry, not at but dot info

Best regards,

Dear Dr. Qasim,

Thank you to include our website history - Zionists in Moroccan History & the History of the True Noble Sharifian Rulers. However, NOBODY can reach our site the way you mentioned it. In order for everybody to reach and read it you must mention our address sharifian-history at info (new) plus make a link to our site + please try to publish our story as well.
With many many thanks,

Mrs. D. Berry
In other words, Palestinians should not accept any aid in order to better their economic situation. It would be better that they suffer poverty, disease and illiteracy in order to hold on to their 'sacred right of return'.
Somehow, this does not fit with the fundamentals of human existence. You want the right to return, and if it is not given to you, then you will suffer (willingly), starve, and die, rather than stepping forward slowly, raising the standard of living, and easing the suffering of Palestinians in Ramallah and Azza, and building a nation with a stable government.
If it's all or nothing - you do not accept friendship and help in order to stand, independently, on your own feet, then why should the international community listen to your pleas? Why, if you reject their assistance, and their attempt to establish and independent Palestinian nation, should they vote to support your cause, when you reject anything that you deem a compromise?
Thank you for providing to my email the article and information by Dr. Abdul Sattar Qasim. Thank you for keeping my email address and forwarding the documentation. I frequently read I pray, "God Be With Us All In Our International Communities For Equal Rights."
John M Hovsepian makes a good point about the Arab countries rallying round. One reason they have never done that is the lobbying and buying power of the US.

However, I believe we are witnessing a change. First, Egypt, after using teargas on those trying to cross the border, just stood back and watched after the border came down. That MUST have been a considered decision and shuld shame the more powerful Arab countries into action.

Second, the US economy is in such a mess, that their finacial might will be waning and therefore their ability to bully countries into supporting the US position will be seriously weakened. Let's hope that their market falls further and for longer than ever before.

I hope, these two things together will be the turning point in the struggle for justice for Palestine. However, the power of the web is already proven in changing major corporation and government policies in the West. We should all be using it to lobby politicians at every opportunity.
Thank you Dr.Qasim,
you wrote most of my thoughts, it is true that they are planning to do that, but our people will never allow them to do,they didn't know our great love to our land, we will never forget it, we will come back to it even after thousands of years.Best regards. to all.
Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email which I will forward to my husband.
However, how did you get my email? All I now is, that for some years I have been trying to find some Arabic newspapers to publish our story which we now published ourselves on the web. Title: Zionists in Moroccan History & the History of the True Noble Sharifian Rulers.(not to be found on any search engines). Part I is about their tactics used and Part II is about our history.
Perhaps you might be interested in publishing .........?????

I look forwards to hear from you and remain,

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. D. Berry
This was a wonderful article and I agree with it 100%. I think this is why we need a strong government.. not necessarily Hamas, but a government that knows how to say NO. The only problem is the fact that the People of Palestine will stop worrying about the Right of Return and concentrate on the Right to Eat and Live.
I am a writer. a couple of months ago, I completed writing a book about the Palesinian tragedy and Western/Zionist colonial ambitians in the Middle East. The title of the book is,"Legalized Terrorism" I am now looking for publishers. Contact me if you have any interest.
The land is for sale even if some men and women have offered themselves for sale. The land is not a real estate, It is an identity that we will not surrender to Jews To Bush or China. We are coming back and tomorrow is just a sunrise away.
Thank you for alerting me to this article. The Israeli war on the Palestinian people is indeed waged on many, many fronts.
may Allah bless you,my only comment
Every year, more and more Israelis are native born and every year, more and more Palestinians are foreigners. The one glue which holds Israelis together is Palestinian hostility. Without Palestinian hostility, Israel would have flown apart at the seams and the Israeli natives would have junked the Law of Return. Therefore, ironically, it is Palestinian hostility which gives Israel its strength. And when Israeli history is written after most Jews have been ingathered in Israel (not Palestine) the Israelis will say to the Palestians "Thanks. We could not have done it without you."
That is absolutly true .let us analyse what is hapenning now in sectore Gazza ,to get rid of Hamas ,they have been blocking all the sector 3 days so far.Who do help them to do that,unfortunatly some of us(palestenians)and most of arabic warld.this is a tragedy.Isn't?
excellent article. however, anyone know where Arif Kanghar is? he used to live av Julis Village 24980. its importantent to me to find him.
Regards from Norway
As much as I agree with everything you say, I can find ONLY ONE solution for our dilemma.
Unless all the Arab countries unite completely with all their wealth and all their resources, nothing will ever happen.
At that time, an ultimatum would be issued to all the western supporters of the so-called israel, to stay out and not to interfere. Once that is done, we approach the jewish state and for the last time ask them to join us in establishing one democratic Palestine with joint Palestinian/jewish coalition government- one person one vote basis. For the first 25 years, jews who immigrated to Palestine from all over the world in the last 60 years, will not be allowed to cast a cote or elected to any governmental position.
The minor details can be worked out once the principle points are agreed upon.
Otherwise, no Palestinian will ever give up his/hers right to an inch of their country and the jews will never see a minute of peace as long as they are arrogant and evil!
Excellent article.
I really can't believe that anyone can sell his land and soul to the devil-Israel!
As long as we say NO, they will be afraid of us and we will return one day. But if we sell our rights and lands, we will loose everything, especially Allah؟s mercy.
Without Justice there can be No Peace.

What the Zionists (Who must NOT be confused with obedient Jews) have done to the Palestinian People is a huge Injustice. They will (and must) NEVER sleep peacefully in their beds, Until there is a JUST and EQUITABLE Solution to the decades of harsh treatment they have meted out to the Palestinians.

No Justice= NO PEACE!!!
Lots of people feel it, live it, wonder about it, and ask what is going on with the Palestinians,

Thanks to the writer who simplified it to the average.
A very informative article.
God Bless the Palestinian people, may they soon return to what is theirs.
G/d bless your efforts. I hope that I will live to see Palestine restored to the indigenous people of the land. I am a Jew. We surely should have learned a lesson from our own experience of being treated like animals in Europe during World War II. For the same people to have turned around and done much the same to an indigenous people in their own land is unthinkable.

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