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Palestinians don't have the right to defend themselves, they've the right to die silently!


Posted Posted on March 1, 2008

Dear member,

As the Palestinian people in Gaza are being murdered and starved on daily basis, the Western people and their governments continue to cover-up Israeli war crimes. In the West, the creation of the "Jewish state" by usurping Palestinian rights is their way of telling Jews around the world:

We are sorry for practicing anti-Semitism against you for centuries, and to compensate for the many Holocausts we have committed against you, we shall unquestionably support the creation of the "Jewish state". And if that happens on the expense of the Palestinian people, let it be.

It should be noted that the Palestinian people still own 94% of Palestine, and since 1948 the most basic of their political and economical rights have been suppressed. The right to defend anybody's home is one of the most basic of human rights, however, when a Palestinian defends his home, he becomes a "terrorist" automatically and any Israeli retaliation is justified. In the Western media, a Palestinian has one and only one right: to die silently.

Here in the United States, American children are taught early on that it was necessary to drop nuclear weapons on Japanese civilians in order to save American lives and end WWII. Similarly, many Americans see such an action appropriate because they were attacked in Pearl Harbor. On the other hand, a Palestinian has no right to defend his home which has been looted by persecuted European Jews; and if he does, then he is the terrorist!

In that respect, I like to remind Israelis and Westerners of what Moshe Dayan stated at the funeral of an Israeli farmer killed by a Palestinian in 1956:

". . . Let us not today fling accusation at the murderers. What cause have we to complain about their fierce hatred to us? For eight years now, they sit in their refugee camps in Gaza, and before their eyes we turn into our homestead the land and villages in which they and their forefathers have lived.

We should demand his blood not from the [Palestinian] Arabs of Gaza but from ourselves. . . . Let us make our reckoning today. We are a generation of settlers, and without the steel helmet and gun barrel, we shall not be able to plant a tree or build a house. . . . Let us not be afraid to see the hatred that accompanies and consumes the lives of hundreds of thousands of [Palestinian] Arabs who sit all around us and wait for the moment when their hands will be able to reach our blood." (Iron Wall, p. 101)

The Palestinian people have a simple message to the Western people who have protected and justified Israeli war crimes for decades:

We do not wish to be crossed for what you have sinned against your Jewish citizens; we do not wish to be your Messiah. We do not ask for your sympathy nor your money; we ask for the most basics of human rights. Replacing your crimes (which you have committed against your Jewish citizens) with other crimes will bring you neither peace nor prosperity. Make no mistake about it: you are complicit in this crime and history will not forgive.

Our DATE is 59 years LATE, we shall return.


Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)
Chicago - USA


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Salaam, Shalom an d Peace to all who seek it,

Zionism is often portrayed as a reaction on the part of Jews to the mother of crimes the Holocaust; in fact this evil, this racist theory has more in common with Nazism than with any other iedeology.

Like Nazism 1.)it portrays the people it caters to (the Jews) as inherently superior and of infinitely greater value than other peoples. 2.)It proposes that the ends justifies the means and denies its subject peoples the human rights it so generously affords itself. 3.)It dehumanises the other to the point where mass killing becomes a mere trifle and a means to a justifiable end. 4.) It propagates the myth of the superhuman (the SS/ the Sabra). 5.)It advocates total ruthlessness towards its enemy. 6.) It is totally devoid of morals and will lie and cheat and kill to prevail.
I think I have made my position about the Israel/Palestine conflict very clear in several discussions. I shall here therefore embark on the probability of God making the assertion as recorded in Genesis 15:18-21.

Let me start by stating that I am Christian, have been Christian all my life, and was born and raised in a Christian home. Like most Christians around the world, I, too, grew up accepting Israel as God's chosen people, and even when as a teen some things about Biblical record did not make sense, I quietly accepted while pondering silently. It was not until late 2002 that, after having had the opportunity to chat with a British-raised Israeli zionist, an Israel rabbi and an Israeli businessman, on separate occasions, I seriously started to re-examine the Bible I had grown on. During my discussion with the above mentioned Israelites/Israelis, I asked each: On what does Israel base claim on the portion of land it calls Israel? ....

The God of Creation is LOVE, GOOD and ORDERLY! Asserting any of the ideas asked above will be to reduce the Almighty, Supreme God of Creation to human level, and thus implying that God is a sadistic being! ....

Let me also take this opportunity to state that the United States government does not support Israel for religious reasons, as some Christians would like to believe; the United States government supports Israel mainly because it is in exactly the same predicament as Israel: If it were ruled today that Israel indeed has no claims to Palestine land, then the Native Americans and Mexicans will all be racing to the courts before the ink on the ruling has dried! ....

Top see my above article "Palestine, Israel and God" in its entirety go to NetsbridgeTalk or simply google postings by Netsbridge.
might is right for the time being. occupying tyrants all failed e.g. colonial powers, Hitler,Pal Pot,Shaw etc. the Islamic nations have to unit and take a more democratic just measures to put an end to this greatest tragedy in human history. the Hizbollah drove the mighty Israeli IDF out of Lebanon twice, Mujahadeen kicked the pants of Russians and the rag tag Vietnam threw the worlds only super power out unceremoniously with their tails between their legs. Yes Israel is masters in destruction and death women children and the old, but they will never win.
Jews were victims for 2000 years, the oppressed have become worst oppressors.
Solving the problem

Behind closed doors
In big dark rooms
Men in black and grey
Eating drinking
Laughing and chatting away
Gather to discuss
Our problem
The problem of

They talked about
Human rights
And a solution
A vision
That will bring peace
To the troubled Middle East!

"We can easily solve this
If only
If only
Those terrorists
Stop their violence"
They concluded.

"And as for the refugees,
That's no problem
At all
Just give them some money,
And they'll all be content"

Those civilized
Freedom lovers
Peace protectors
Human right defenders
Inventors of ethics

Did they not know
A man
With a knife
Against his throat
Has the right
To push His butcher

Did they not know
A child,
Who grew up
Far؟ far away
Deprived of the love
Gentle touch
And warm hugs
Of her beloved grandma
Given the infinite universe
Can never compensate her!!
United, we stand...Divided we fall. Palestine Forever will remain in our hearts, thougts and peaceful actions, to do JUSTICE, TO A JUSTICE THAT HAS BEEN DENIED TO PALESTINIANS FOR 60 YEARS...both Christian and Muslim Palestinians. Let us all keep the memory alive. And that was written on the grave stones of my Palestinian uncles and cousins who sacrificed their lives, against all odds, for PALESINE...falestina! Let all of our voices be heard, in hopes of our return back to our homeland...Palestine... on Palestine Day...May 15th.

In Peace,

I must admit that everyday American citizens are mostly consumed with ignorance. For instance, when the September 11th terrorist attacks took place in my country, my immediate response was, "Those Palestinians are going to get their asses kicked for this." I can only be ashamed of my ignorance at the time. Then, I was a 15 year old, very uneducated person. Since then, I have attended college for some time and have studied Middle Easter relations. Here in America, the media countlessly portrays the current situation between Israel and Palestine as Palestinian terrorists unjustly attacking Jewish settlers. This is the overwhelming portrayal of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in American media. I believe with a transformation of the message that is being broadcasted to millions of Americans, that there will be a huge increase in hope for the many suffering Palestinians. Most Americans and Westerners are ignorant to the situation and suffering that Palestinians endure. The Jews now are creating a new Holocaust at the expense of the Palestinians who have the right to the land and the right to live how they please. It all comes down to the hunger for money and competing interests in the area. No one seems to care about human rights anymore. There needs to be a huge transformation of the messages that are being portrayed to Americans through the media, and other Westerners a like. Palestinians will receive huge increases in support and WILL regain what is rightfully theirs.

Nicholas R. D.
United States of America
Assalamu Alikum,
I happy to see that there are people who still remember their brothers and sisters in Palestine. We all know, with the help of Allah, and the uniting of the arabs; we will defeat the JEWS, AND EVERYONE AGAINST US MUSLIMS!! May Allah be with all the Muslims around the world...(LONG LIVE PALESTINE)
Palestinians will only get back their land and defeat the Israelis when it gets support at the fronts from the Muslims countries. If the Palestinians and Muslims fight together as one big army even America will stand back!!
it is a very ironic situation... we all know , at least I do, that the Holocaust has been the hanger overwhich israelis hang their faults and crimes to stop the world from blaming them... it's really funny because it's like the israeli state is saying do not say a word about what's happening, you stood still when our own Holocaust happened you have no right of saying anything about our own crimes we are angry over something that happened 60 years ago and someone has to pay... regardless of who or how? someone has to pay.

well the holocaust happened... many people died over centuries since man was created... let's see canibal killed hanibal lets see who descends from each and start a vengance war over that... god... vengance is no excuse for killing... and even if anyone has the desire for vengance would they please direct it towards the people who are actually the cause of that one persons pain.

people are not scapegoats... I don't even think that goats should be scape goats...people regardless of where they come from are mainly people.... the holocaust was wrong but that doesn't make what's happening in palestine right??? it's as simple a logic as this....
We shall not bend on our knees asking for your mercy and sympathy~ All we need from the whole universe is to clean up their ears well and listen: One day almost all of you were up to your ears in the same dilemma, so the least we expect from you is to be more feeling and more mindful. But we doubt your readiness to hear or understand! Knowing all that, stop calling Palestinians "terrorists" from now on and have some more respect for humanity!!! Who knows, history might repeat itself and you'll find yourselves alone on the boat, at a time when it would be too late. As far as we are concerned, every time you asked for a hand you just found us around the corner! Shame on you!
The following was observed in your comments:

> Mr. Ruben Misrahi on March 2, 2008 #30333
> [...]
> Dialog is the only way out.

Further on down, a list of Arab failures in stopping their 'terrorism' was noted. Then the following was asked:

> If there is going to be peace among "cousins" this will
> happen when we educate our children on it. I for one, don't
> let my children talk bad about Arabs or Muslims. ... but
> every coin has two sides, for G's sake, don't forget that.

And the following challenge was thrown:

> You are an honest people. Do you prepare your children for peace?

To address precisely this solution space noted by this commenter: "Dialog is the only way out", and the challenge: "Do you prepare your children for peace?", and to get a handle on the multitude of red herrings inherent even in the very articulation of the problem space (both inadvertent and deliberate), the following was proposed by Project Humanbeingsfirst "Dialog among Civilizations: Whytalksfail? Part-1". A google search of this string will bring it up.

This topic is especially a propos at this 5th anniversary of Rachel Corrie - wherein the plight of the indigenous peoples of Palestine is quickly becoming indistinguishable from that of the American natives when another frontier was settled on another continent. It may well have been asked by a nice American settler at that time of the Red Indians: "Do you prepare your children for peace?"! Asking such a question today appears as facile of the indigenous American peoples as asking this would appear in another 50 years of the Palestinians. The wisdom is not in rehearsing history and ex post facto narratives, but to apply its lessons to the present; to ask and address the on going settlement of 'Eretz Yisrael' - before faits accomplis - while something can be done about it, fairly, justly, King Solomon-ly!

There is an important diference between the American bombing of Japan and the palestinians atacks agaisnt Israel. Americans never tried to exterminat the entire Japanese civilization, as palestinians plan to do to Israel. Us agreeded to let japaneses live, and even helped them to rebuild their country and economy.
وان تخلى عنكم الجميع فقولوا معنا والاحد الجبار
لك الله يا شعب فلسطين
I am so happy to see that other Americans are reading this. I am American, too, and sometimes I am ashamed of it as well, but please... Americans do not be ashamed. Use the free speech we are blessed with and speak out against these terrible atrocities! Use your liberties that we have been given, and do not be silent about what is going on! Americans, it is time to stand up and eradicate all this ignorance. It's time to stand up and say "enough!" No more funds to Israel. No more money for blood. Remember back in the day when we fought England because of a little something called "taxation without representation?" Well no one asked you if they could send your money to fund an ethnic cleansing, but that is what is happening. Do something about it.

Yes to everything you said. You are the people of the holy lands. All men need to open up their eyes and recognize what time it is. The eyes of the world are like they are hypnotized, almost like under a spell. Mankind is worshipping the creation. People do not WANT to see, it makes them uncomfortable.

I have seen Sabra & Shatila photos, many more even to the present day. They will try to do to the whole world what they have done in Palestine. That is what the whole of our faiths are about. Then we see righteousness return and reward those that have kept His word. That is the depth of their hatred for the Creator.

I am aware of what they think of believers in Christ and what they will do to us. They hold mankind in lowest contempt. There will come a day when they do to Americans what they do to Palestinians. All men must be made to bow before their 'god'. Those who refuse will suffer the fate of the prophets.

'Too late'? Man must turn to God regardless of the faith we hold. They are bringing judgement. Time is the only thing of value on this earth because what we do with it determines the reward we recieve. Time is consuming the world just like a fire consumes a log. Death and hate are consuming the world as they consume it.

peace to you and your family
الله مع الفلسطينيين
I am a Lebanese author in need of a publisher in for my book entiteled "Legalized Terrorism," which covers American Zionist colonial activities in the region. My email is: Here is an extract from the book.
. . . The falsely named Palestinian terrorist is merely one of the few children who miraculously survived Israeli massacres of Palistinians. Perhaps mistaken for dead among corpses, he was left to decompose and rot like thousands of Palestinians in various towns and villages. He is the orphaned child who was eye witness to the cold blooded murder of his entire family and neighbors, heard the heart breaking cries and wailing of distraught mothers, sisters and aunts as they perished through the violent acts of barbaric Jewish Zionists. Expulsed from his rightful home, he grew up in a United Nations donated tent dwelling located in a romote refugee camp exempt from the most basic of human needs.
This child's needs, hopes and dreams were all invested in lies and intentionally false promises made to his people by the United States of America, Britain and the United Nations even while these super powers conspired to abandon him and his people then turn his home land into a Jewish fortress. Now, in a state of isolation, lonliness, need and despair, he grew to manhood to become a corageous participant in the struggle to recover his homeland, dignity and honor.
Another survivor of the Israeli massacres; the feared suicide bomber is simply the young innocent human being who was unjustly and ruthlessly stripped of every basic human right. Even the humble house where he lived and the small piece of land that provided family support was illegely confiscated to build new housing for more Jewish immigrants. Forced out of his home and barred from work as even a simple laborer; lonliness, need, despair and hoplessness drove him to strike at those who stripped him of every hope, wish and dream in life and by so doing, escapes to death...

thank you for reading

Foud Kamil

I did not take it wrong, and I agree with you, actually my message was to express how I feel about it, because I have been trying to tell people who we are and who are they, many people just close their eyes, and I just cant understand why? it makes no sense.

I am Palestinian, so my only option is to have faith and keep it, aren't we the people of holy land?

Trust me James, if you just talk to those who were terrorized in 1948, your heart will have a wound that nothing ever can heal.

They are full of hatred, and their purpose is not us, they are aiming at those who killed them in the past. I hope the world will recognize that before its too late.

Once again, thank you James.

P.S. Try to find out what their religion say about Christians, and what they are planning to do to them.

I did not mean that to sound defensive. I hope it was not taken wrong. If it was I apologize. I fully support Palestine. I am aware of the history of zionism and the results of it. Both of our faiths forbid the taking of innocent life. To strike out with anger rather than confidence gives the enemy the advantage. Vengence can take a life but faith creates it. We should never go beyond the limits of our faith. Don't let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Above all be just.

I can't imagine the humiliation you must go through. I've seen the death of the children of Gaza, there are no words to describe it. I have an 8 month old child and I do not lie when I tell you every time i look at her I think of the children of Palestine. Why God chooses our paths for us, I do not understand but my grief for your people's loss means something to me.

we will return to our stolen lands am from jaffa and kuferein ramallah i want to tell the world that as much as they kill our peaple there children will be kill in near future so stop killing and return back to your countreis which you came fromm you will not stay strong no peace for theifs you vanish in few years . iwant to tell jews you are put buy the world in abd situation europians americans send you to be killed in our lands and they have cleand ther countries from you
To Ruben Misrahi

Are you kidding us, or kidding yourself? or trying to even attack us here?

I am Palestinian, My grand parents were terrorized in 1948, and PUSHED to leave our home land YAFFA, and now I live in Europe.

You are some one who stole my country, killed my people, stole my Oranges, and you are asking for peace?? trying to show us as the terrorists??

I promise the world that I will walk to my home land, and all you will do is watching, and I also promise you that you will face the same faith my people faced before and after 1948.

To James,

We are not the terrorists,
We are the ones who are being terrorized.
We are the ones who cannot enter their homeland.
I will never ask a Jew to give me a visa to enter my homeland.

We never had problems in our homelands, we lived like brothers, but we paid so big price for being the good ones.

We cant be good any more, James. we cant live if we are good anymore.

I just wish that the world would open their eyes, and if they don't, I can just be sorry for them.

The are terrorists, James. they are the worst nightmare anyone could ever have.

Thank you for the nice words James.
Oh my god,

More than 30000 comments on this article, and I am sure that more of those who read it did not comment.

If there is 30000 Palestinians who can afford a computer, and use the net, then we can afford a little more.

Come on people, lets start process of collecting donations, donations to be used to support our case, we need to tell the whole world who we are, and what belongs to us, and take it in any way.

What on earth is going on in this world, I am Palestinian and I need to ask some god damned European Jew to grant me a visa to enter my country, this is not fair, its damn so not fair.

Please guys, lets start a peaceful organization, and ask the world to give us what belong to us.

Lets think, for the love of god lets think.

If you guys are interested in starting organization I will be willing to be the first one to donate.

for the love of god,
lets do something, lets do something.
Dear Mr. Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)

No amount of writings today can make effective humanbeings out of a peoples just as disempowered as the victims you rightfully lament in 'wretched' Palestine.

In other words, the Western nations' peoples really do not appear to have a lot of say in the global affairs of their own nations. They are presented with carefully culled political choice of leadership to choose from in order to maintain and perpetuate the same 'imperial'policies crafted by the same powerful ruling elite in their nations regardless of who holds the political reigns (or who occupies the White Houses across the world).

Therefore, the efficacy of appealing to the Western peoples' conscience in justly impacting their national and international policies on the geopolitical 'Grand chessboard' is exactly as nil as the victims' own abilities to defend their ownselves and their nations.

The real efficacious solutions spaces, it would appear, must reside in forming 'full spectrum alliances' among the victims' nations to create 'full spectrum deterrence'. For, when the 'hectoring hegemons' seek strategic 'full spectrum dominance' through 'imperial mobilization' by deliberately crafting 'revolutionary times' to achieve incremental faits accomplis of 'birth-pang[ing the] new Middle East' - all of which already identified as the 'global zone of percolating violence' by Zbigniew Brzezinski in the 'Grand Chessboard' - then, only strategic thinking and tactical alliances with common overarching self-defense goals can counter such Machiavellianly crafted attempts at world conquest.

No amount of lamentary writings alone can accomplish such self-defense, or achieve restitution even if it were possible to restore a shattered tabula rasa of an innocent peoples.

IMHO that is.

Therefore, I would suggest focussing on strategic self-defense by first turning over ones' own nations' ruling elite - who are, unfortunately, the same co-opted ruling elite in service to the Western ruling elite in a hierarchical pyramid of control today as in the past. Thus turning 60, from 30, has made little difference precisely for this reason. A scientific mind would analyze the cause of failures, which is clearly not due to lack of lamentary writings, and perform a post-mortem of why the 'hectoring hegemons' continually succeed. This would, one hopes, automatically point to efficacious protocols for cure. Please also see the essay "The Missing Link - Full Spectrum Deterrence" for further fleshing out of this notion of "full spectrum" strategic self-defense.

Zahir Ebrahim
Salaam Ala'a Haroun,

As an American I am not 'scared' of your statements. I understand your feelings and frustration. Anger, yes. There is much yet to suffer for many people. It is written in the Holy Books. What we are seeing is a very spiritual event, a clash between great darkness and Light. I used to be blind to what was going on in the world but no longer.

I have many things I wonder about what is going on. How is it that people that claim to be descended from Abraham can build walls to keep people out when Abraham welcomed strangers. His faith was one that drew people to listen to what was said. To listen to the madness of the followers of zionism is to reject all that is sane and reasonable. How can they be children of the Most High yet disobey His commands and do the opposite. Children that are a blessing to their parents bring joy to the hearts of the parents. Continual bitterness is a curse to be avoided.

Many in the world are blind to what is going on. Many more stand on the side of the wicked. But the faithful stand by His side even in times of sorrow. Brother know that insha'Allah. None that have perished have escaped His notice and everything that is due will be paid to whom it is owed. He is a Creator of just scales and measures with justice.

I am a brother that follows the teachings of Christ but not as we see in the world. His words are as real to me as the Qur'an is to you. The One we worship is the same. I practice what it reveals to me and that is to speak out for those that have no voice. To be glad that the kingdom of the righteous is not of this earth. My heart is broken when I see what is being done, and here in America you have to search because the media does not put forth the truth. The TV's say nothing of the atrocities happening to Palestinians in Gaza. When I try to show them they close their eyes and turn away. So it will be when they seek the mercy they claim to possess.

My prayers are with you and the people affected by this great tragedy. Put your faith and trust in Allah, He never disappoints those that put their lives in His hands.
I come back because when i read what i wrote, i think i may have scared some of our foriegn supporters, so i want to clarify something...

By the way, Palestine by religious and geographic history, belong to all who want to live in it. If you see the history if the country, you will see that most came from all over the world because it had great economic and cultural sugnificance. So your interest and support is well placed and i am sure if we live to see the day, some of the people your talking to will be your host for one of your best trips overseas to the world's mother land. traditionaly, 3 days and they can't ask you your name, over 3 days they would have to give you a guest house outside and after 30 days you would have to tell your story and if they accept who you are, you marry and live with the tribe as if one. The prophet gave us much more than prayer and rules, it was the way of life.

We want love and peace, a chance to live where we feel we have a choice to be or not be there. Our land is full of life and prosperity, all who have lived there in the ages, lived a great life, just read up... But there is denying what is going on...

The problem with us, is we are very politicaly aware, we know the game from the days the pursian Impire fell as one of the main reasons for WWII, to cutting us and trading the nations we see know with traitors who have sold their soles to the devil. It is an ongoing consperecy game with twists and turns beyong your thoughts... Did you know that in the last 2 months most good went up almost %200+ in cost around the region of the Middle East, but with the war in Gaza, the people stpoed talking about that and just thanked God that they live better than Gaza and that they had to think of them before themselves??? Smart hah... I could tell you so much more...

But just as all in life, everything ends... America will end... The rulers and oprition of the Arab people will end... Israil will end... But sadely, war is part of human nature... I mean what can you do against someone who will kill you and everyone around you if you don't?

I don't want to be nasty, but death will have to be part of this equasion... After all, Europeans have had their forefathers kill millions in revalotions just to get basic freedoms and just governments... They earned it and time will come for us to do the same, so to change the future...

Ray, Natalia, Ed and all here arabs and known... Please stay the course and keep the faith... It is good to have this discussion even if it hurts so much... It is just and worth while... Let's talk about the future... What will happen that will change things and what we will do after that...

I think Egypt will be the first to get going... The people have had enough and histroy shows that all it needs is an incident to get moving... Syria will get invloved when they attack Lebanon and then the American Army will drown in the Iraqi hell when the people get motivated, as America will most likely hit Lebanon... People will then come through from Jordan and other places, with Yeman and Saudi as well as the GCC decending into civil war with the ruling families unless they make deals... The world wil stand when Oil stops flowing and ask America to step aside or risk retribution for the escalation... Israil will with draw loosing ground, then systems will begin to change as the Middle East goes into civil conflicts... then new systems will take the bar higher against Israil and Russia will support them after America emplodes into civil war. 5 years after that happens Israil will be no more as a bloody war rages that sees millions killed, but after that the greatest peace on earth and the first global peace conference being held in Palestine, where world powers will agree to stop bloodshed anywhere and everywhere... I hope to be there...
Dear Friends,

First of all, i would like to tell the brothers from around the world, who have never seen the land... It is beyond any dreams you may have had, just get one of the CD's that this organisation offers. I have seen it as it is now and it is nothing like it was, that is the dream and hope that you should form in your mind "How it use to be and we need to make it". we have a group of traytors running the seen right now, but with a population so divers and educated, once we land we will make hell on earth and then heaven.

Hell, because it is obvious that is the only way we wll get it back. They hate us more tan they care to admit, they hate the past and wished it belonged to us so they can hate us more. But we are right, yes the people of the world feel for us, but don't forget, we are stronger than most care to see... 60 years now of hell and lost dreams, but yet we fight! who has done that before and against such an enemy, few have survived to show such stories of courage.

Rest assured, if the Arabs "Palestinians" have never had a histroy of courage before, in the last 3 days they have given us hope that they can survive anything...

Be ready, it is coming, maybe not with you so have lots of kids and make them ready... Hassan Nusrulah in Lebanon as well as hamas have set the stage and roled the dice, the Middle East is boiling with lost hopes and dreams but for Jerusalem "Al Quds" it is alive and well... Do what you can and how you can now and i mention no peace, because peace is offered by and for all sides and we have none... Just be ready for the calling to be the heroes just like our forefathers when they fought with Salad Al-Dean... Be Ready...

To all Israilies... Get ready your white flags... Be ready to fight fpor the house and land not yours and from someone who has dreamed of it by inheratence, a dream passed through generations... We are Muslims at most, but all Palestinians are ready to die when the time comes because you taught us that is what were meant to do... Be ready to run and swim through the sea... I promise it will be swift, short and bloody... It will have many numbers, include many races and faces... all aimed at you...

You have gone too far... no room for making it right... I just want to make sure that after that your country has done; if you don't want to fight, run... Be safe... Nothing will spared... We still don't like to see the inocent die, even from you... Run... We're coming...
hi ali alabsi sex yaman talvon 777099972
how can a westener help? im english and white, but i completley stand with the palestinians in their fight against the occupation, and i can only be sorry for enlgand giving palestine away like a possesion after the war. but how can a christian westener help, apart from pledging there voice of support? indeed how can anyone help, when it all falls on deaf or powerless ears.

long live palestine, and the sooner the land is returned, the sooner middle east conflicts will become nothing more than a history lesson.
I am 29 years old, I have never seen or landed foot on Palestine. But as my grandmother and father have tought me and instructed me, I will go back and live in the same land and farm we my family used to be in. Plant Olive trees and play my flute just like my grandfather did. If not me, my son, and if not him, his son and so the list goes on. With all dignity, respect and humanity; we will return whether they like it or not.
I watch in horror almost everyday through news and world events the murderous Israeli war crimes committed against the Palestinian peoples. I am ashamed to be a citizen of this world to witness such brutal killings and how awful it must be for Palestinians and there families to try and live a normal life in the Israeli prison called Gaza. I pray for the Palestinian cause everyday and I hope that the hand of God will be placed on the holy soils of Palestine and return the children of Palestine to there rightful place in history once and for all.
Australia is my birth place but how I would give to be born a Palestinian.
IBEREHIM HASAN for your comments, you both are well aware of the game, look foward to see more of your comments,
These are shameful acts. As a person that has the misfortune of actually having to live in America where these WMD's originate please know that not all people in America support the actions of these animals. I have raised my voice to join with my brothers in their oppression and pain. I would gladly surrender all that I have to be in their place because my life has no more value than the children I see murdered by these people who claim to be children of God. The only thing that these people are 'chosen' for is to open our eyes to see the punishment they shall recieve for eternity for their disobedience.
Thank for your coments. Iam a palistinian who lived in venezuela since 58, i was born in Aboud - raamllah. my opinion is the responsability of our tragedy is our policy of all the Arab nations , because we are divided , and see the best example in the same palestine we have no idea about who is the best representative for us ,we kills between us thi is not the best way to obtian the positive international opinion to help us i think we must to have a union between all arabic nations to help each others like europe union. in the good and the worse problems.
A Kurd leads Islamic troops to free Jerusalem from the Crusaders, and look what the Arab people have done to the Kurds - no one is condemning the Turks, nor the Iraqis, The Turks slaughter the Armenians, and who in the Middle East condemns the Turks? The Palestinians rain Qassam rockets on Israel, and Palestinians demand retibution - all sounds about right.
I felt always ashamed of the people in my
country when they gather together and make demonstrations in front
of Israel embassy, supporting Israel actions and their army against civil people. Supporting
all the accidents what happening there.. so shame ,,
and always trying to show the pictures of the war to all my friends
here in Europe , or the violence .. against children and civil people...
because sometimes we have so much propaganda against
all Islamic word ! And it moves people to go to the street even to
spend time in these demonstrations to support Israel ,,
That is how much they wash our brains here!
Nobody is aware here what is really going on ,
that became very big problem I think.
And I want to say very big thank for the people who spread mails with these pictures, they are doing very good work ! We really need it , we need to know it , and see it , to understand who is who.
What hope as even Barack Obama vies with Shrillary Clinton to be the most unconditional, unquestioning "friend of Israel"?

My thoughts and prayers are with the Palestinian people as well as the many Jews of conscience whose voices are drowned by those of the Zionists.

Namaste -ed
I'm sorry to say it but it is the truth,

They planned for 500 years for making Israel, while we fail to plan for 500 hours.

If we want to survive and to live and god to be with us, we need to learn that from our enemy, and remember our prophet and how he used to pray before battles but at the same time prepare a great plan for the battle ground!
Everything you said ,is known even to the young Palestinians , and the other Arab people . But what about the Presidents & the kings of the Arab world ? Does they know & beleive in what you are saying . I am sure they know every thing about the Palestinian case ,but they egnore it , why ? Because they are sure if the Palestinians had gotten their rights as humaen , this will help in the lost of their situation & existance .
No change will take place as long as so-called "Arab Leaders" are puppets in the hands of Britain & the US government. They use money to silence greedy "leaders" in exchange for disregarding their responsibility towards the people. The ultimate goal of the occupying government & its supporters is to make sure living conditions of the people are so miserable that they will die quietly or get out. The reality is that the Israeli government will never be satisfied, or ever rest in peace, until it controls every inch of that part of the world. Peace is not on the agenda & never was. That is just a pretentious, pacifying statement.
Israel is getting enough financial backup from the blinded countries to continue in its never ending quest to control. The irony is look out supporting countries! An animal is known to sometimes turn around & bite the hand that feeds it!
Peace talks is a real waste of time, especially with the "prevailing" circumstances. It is now the time of power. The fact is: "POWER only talks". I wish I can express all what I feel, all what I want and all what's happening. Hopefully the situation shall been changed soon...!
As a American I have always been disgusted with the way my own government behaves towards Palestine and its people. When I tried to do my own research into the truth about what goes on, I found that my school had blocked most of the websites I tried to access on the grounds of them being too "extremist."
Truly I am ashamed to call myself an American. I can't remember a time that I thought about my nationality with pride.
Hopefully, someday this will change. For now, all I can do is continue to make an effort towards educating those around me about the true face of western religion's beloved Israel and it's "chosen people." The mere mention of it makes me want to spit.
Gazzah is the heart of Palestine, it is the arrow head of our attack to Israel( pin in ass) , they know it is very hard and impossible to confront the pepole there, look how they invented a moderate rockets from nothing, and giving the jewish a hard time while they have all the masdistruction aids ! Vectory to Palestine,Vectory to Gazzah,Vectory to Palestine citizens.
I am not a muslim or a jew but as a physician and a grand father I am deeply troubled by the Zionist Holocaust in Palestine and the western justification and defense of a rouge state illegally! formed in by U N. with no concern or consultation with the people of the land. the British who have messed up where ever they set foot promised the Palestinians to protect their interest, have conveniently forgotten their promise and armed the the Israelis to the teeth including nuclear weapons. U S A has now taken the roll of Economic colonialism and Britain acts as a poodle. U S A and Israel are above international law human rights and U N resolution e.g. Abu Gharib Guantanamo and U S A invasion of Vietnam and Iraq under false pretext.
when you are powerful stupid ignorant and arrogant you can do whatever you want, except against the holy grail, Israel.
P S Mr Bush is a born again CHRISTIAN
I am a Christian trying to warn my church not to get into the evangelical movement of supporting Isreal. This is heavy on my heart daily, to the point that I just don't know where to turn. I really need to be in a support group or something, so I can get involved in some way of helping people understand. I would love to talk to anyone, just to keep my sanity. I'm really starting to wonder "where is god in all this suffering in the world."
Before we blame them lets look at our selves
We have two major problems one is that our Arab leaders in the region are in a deep sleep and are still thriving to live in a nice palace, drive a luxury car and eat the best food while sustaining a position acceptable by the west. Lets not blame the west as they didn؟t twist anyone؟s arms to be a robotic mechanism serving them.. The second problem is that Abbas and Haniah need to put their differences aside and work on the issues together in a united front and not be divided as they face a an enemy backed by high powered country؟s if not the most powerful in the world and give the civilians a chance to prosper and live a normal life and stop the suffering of the Palestinian people.
I have watched this massacre go on in escalated fashion for several days now. A little while back, I read that the Israeli government had threatened to kill and create a "holocaust" on the Palestinian people.

This was remarkable for the use of "holocaust" by an Israeli since the word has been so captive to the Jews.

It is a very powerless place to watch this. Sarah Rashed Belletto (San Rafael, CA)
Dialog is the only way out.
I'm Jewish and I'm a bit surprised that you address the West to point out the crimes they have committed against Jews for 2,000 years.
I also recognize that more Jews have dies in Christian hands than in Muslim hands.
I only write here because I do know that Arabs and Muslims are honest and can take an argument and analyze it logically (Algebra is only one of your contributions), but I cannot understand the irrational hatred spilled in the comments posted here. So please help me understand it. Here are the facts:
1. Let's not forget that life didn't begin in 1967. In 1948 Israel accepted a partition and the Palestinians didn't. Acts of terror in Israel and abroad (plane hijacking, bombs in Israeli cities, etc.) were common even before Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza.
2. Israel returned Sinai to Egypt in exchange for...peace! This after being attacked 3 times with the clear intention to destroy it. Doesn't it say something about the "expansionist" tendencies of Israel?
3. Israel pulled out of Gaza and the result was the intensification of rocket launching. This experience will probably leave Israelis with little hope regarding peace. And this is after Israel turned 8,000 of its own people into refugees. The pullout from Lebanon was not a good experience either.
4. Before that, Israel entered into the Oslo negotiations to return land conquered in 1967. Things got to a point where 97% of the land was not enough. I don't know of any country that lost a war that demanded all the land back after trying to destroy another country (read your own comments here).
5. Talking about precedents, the UN recognized as refugees anyone that lived in the land for 2 years (totally unprecedented) and the descendants of refugees have never been considered refugees (Ditto).

If there is going to be peace among "cousins" this will happen when we educate our children on it. I for one, don't let my children talk bad about Arabs or Muslims. My parents were born in Syria, and although some of my relatives became refugees after 1948, Israel absorbed them, so I'm not bitter about it, but every coin has two sides, for G's sake, don't forget that.

You are an honest people. Do you prepare your children for peace?
My blood boils with anger at the racist genocide being committed against the people of Gaza. What angers me more is the silence and "excuse industry" that exists in britain where I live. It is true that this borne out of guilt, 99% of all brutality against the Jewish people has been carried out by white european christians. They seek to shift that guilt onto those who historically neve never done any harm to the Jewish people.
They talk about the nazis but they are quite happy to let the zionist nazis carry out their racist campaign of murder against the children of Palestine.
But like the nazis its the same old propaganda line of "blame the victim"
to Saleh Mansour- May God be with you. Not all Americans support Israel. There will be no peace in the Middle East until the Palestinians are given back their homeland. I am a Christian and I pray everyday for the deinfranchized Palestinian people.
israel will vanish sooner or later, it was founded 60 years ago in faulse foundation. No matter how many children die each of the is nail of the coffin of israel , israel is false state colections of eurpean imagrants after world war II.
Thanks for the editorial.

May I suggest the following web site?, under search, please enter, "Benjamin Freedman speaks of Zionism"
Then judge for your self about "Zionism".
Can you tell me, If Israel is Americans ally, then "Where are the Israeli coalitions forces for Iraq"?
May I offer a answer? They are in Gaza shooting Palestinians,
like "Fish in a barrel"...
Anyone who supports "cluster bombs" , and "depleted uranium" bombs for the Zionist to kill "Arab people" will answer to
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

What can I do to protest Israel's treatment of the Palestinians. I am a Christian living in a now Jewish run city. I would like to post something on the walkways here but am afraid of getting in trouble. Thank you and I pray for your people daily. God bless you! Teri
May Allah bless our heroic people in GAZA for standing and resisting the unlawful occupation of Palestine and refusing to kneel in front of all western pressure and the traitors among us, to give up their rights of independence,democracy and freedom. Inshallah One day Justice will prevail and our people will be victorious and NOT Puppets. FREE PALESTINE.
Thanks for the artical, all you write is true, but belive me you are not going to get anywhere as long as you do not have the arab masses on the streets asking for their rights, as long as there is no arab unity,no western goverment is going to change the status quo.The answer to the Palestine problem is in Arab hands on the arab streets, it is not just a question of western blind support of Israel it is also what are the rest of the Arab Countries doing to support the Palestinen cause.
What should we do? We need years and years to restart and build a new well educated and cultured generation.
Everything you say is true, but most westerners remain ignorant of what really happened. We grew up being told the myths of Israel as a new socialist country for the "poor suffering Jews". It was only recently (5 yrs ago) that I learned the truth from some people who visited our peace group. It has taken me 5 yrs to fully learn and comprehend the extent of the vicious Israeli sytem and the collusion of the western media and governments. Since then I have visited Palestine and work hard to inform others.The whole thing is beyond belief, beyond humanity.The fight for Palestine is the fight for all human values against the corruption of the powerful of this world.
The necessity to debate this issue is pre-eminent; to save us from ourselves.
The taboo against such a debate eqates to a demise in our republic.
God BLESS YOU! please tell me how I can be of asistance? I see the MURDER go on daily! I am SICK of the Palestians being BUTCHERD! I think the Christan right has to be targeted they are sick killers in my opinion/.

Allah SWT be with you and his eyes are not closed

Janice AKA/Janice
You receive a poor suffering guest at your home, generously offering him asylum , hospita;ity and shelter within it among your family members.

Profiting of your dumb human generosity, little by little he occupies your own home, then conspiring with unfriendly foreigners they force you out of it !!

You become a refugee,build a tent in front of what was your home and humbly suffer living therein. The robber watches you day and night,tries to give you a hell of life, but still he remains sleepless...

At last you surrender recognizing your home forced robbery , and beg its robber to let you live in as small as its kitchen,but even this poor request is rejected.

This is the Palestinian Nakba !!

Life will be difficult and impossible for both, unless Justice prevails.