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Why Palestinians fight for their rights?
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Posted on March 8, 2008
I am often asked by many Westerners and Zionists:
  • Why Palestinians fight the peace loving Israeli?
  • Why all this terrorism against the innocent Jews who suffered centuries of persecution?

In details, we have replied to these questions and more at our popular Zionists Frequently Asked Questions. In that respect, it is worth noting what David Ben-Gurion told Nahum Goldman before he died:

"I don't understand your optimism.," Ben-Gurion declared. "Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it's true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that? They may perhaps forget in one or two generations' time, but for the moment there is no chance. So it's simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army. Our whole policy is there. Otherwise the Arabs will wipes us out".

"But how can you sleep with that prospect in mind," I broke in, "and be Prime Minister of Israel too?"

Who says I sleep? he answered simply. (The Jewish Paradox by Nahum Goldman, p. 99)

New Jewish immigrants looting Palestinian houses (Ein Karim-1949)

I agree with many thing Ben-Gurion said in this quotes, especially about him having sleepless nights; thieves do not sleep well. As usual thieves are always afraid of retribution, they're always worried; they're captivated with fear which is exactly how the average Israeli feels. On the other hand, Palestinians and Arabs may disappoint him about couple of things:

  • It has been three generation since Nakba, and Palestinians still hold on to their looted homes' keys (inside Israel) more than ever. It has become an honor to inherit that key from one generation to another.
  • Ben-Gurion will be amazed how many Zionist Arab leaders (several of them Palestinian leaders) are ready to sell Palestinian rights so they can retain their positions of power and financial gains.

Any person around the world has the right to defend his home and family when attacked, however, in the West a Palestinian does not have that right despite that his home and farms were stolen by Holocaust survivals. Westerners (especially Europeans) for centuries took turns gang rapping their Jewish citizens, and because of that their guilty conscious burns them from the inside out. This guilty conscious (beside the powerful Zionists lobby) are the reasons why the West covers up Israeli war crimes and continues to paint Israeli apartheid as "the only democracy in the Middle East". Somebody else has to pay for their crimes against their Jews so long it is not a Westerner who pays the price; this way they can sleep well at night.

History will tell that not only the West have wronged Palestinians by making them pay for their crimes, but also they have wronged their Jewish citizens twice: Once for the many Holocausts they have committed against their Jews, and the second for locking them into an endless struggle with stubborn Arabs who will not sell their rights for any price.

Our DATE is 59 years LATE, we shall return.


Abu al-Sous (Salah Mansour)
Chicago - USA
Laura Baramki Khoury's Letter to Time Magazine

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Posted by Mal on November 2, 2018 #159295

In response to Laurent Poirot, the palestinians can’t focus on building their nation if Israel won’t let us do that. They’re literally occupying our land, even the land that was given to us (the West Bank and Gaza). How the hell are we going to grow our nation with that going on? They drove us out of our homes (they still do it) and you expect us to just brush it off and focus on something else? And you’re complaining about Palestine not recognizing israel, while Israel doesn’t recognize us either and is trying to steal the West Bank! If Israel won’t quit its act, then the best way for us to grow our nation is by getting rid of these parasites.
Posted by jerusha104 on September 14, 2012 #146061

All these long years ,i am not aware about this conflict until now i met a muslim friend who told me, im a christian and i want to understand all of these, whats the truth?

its just so sad, all these years they are fighting, please help me understand.

HOW CAN THIS END? What do we need to do as Christian?
Posted by justice on November 28, 2011 #139832

I suggest everyone watch the award winning documentary "Occupation 101." The Palestinians have been stolen from, murdered, abused, and refused basic human rights by Israeli's. The Zionists want the Palestinian owned land and will do anything to get it. America has enabled such treatment to go on through funding Israel without question or limit. The facts of the conflict are hidden from the American people as the media paints another story. I am a conservative Christian, and I support Palestine.
Posted by justice on November 23, 2011 #139744

I suggest everyone in confusion watch the award winning documentary "Occupation 101." The Palestinians have been stolen from, murdered, abused, and refused basic human rights by Israeli's. The Zionists want the Palestinian owned land and will do anything to get it. America has enabled such treatment to go on through funding Israel without question or limit. The facts of the conflict is hidden from the American people as the media paints another story. I am a conservative Christian, and I support Palestine. (and I praise limanbw for searching to find the truth)
Posted by Claro on February 7, 2010 #103017

I too do not know about who and how Israel and Palestine war started. It is like who is first Chicken or Egg. But one thing I know this should STOP , END the conflict. But I think America will not allow to end this conflict because it is a bread and butter for there Military.
Posted by limanbw on January 27, 2010 #102083

I am a Christian American. I came to this site because despite having been born and raised in America, I know nothing about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

I would like the Palestinians to know that not all Americans support Israel. In fact, most Americans are never taught anything about this conflict in school. Most of us have no idea why our government supports Israel.

I only hope that one day there can be peace. I wish that the American government would be just to the Palestinians and that the Palestinians would not want to kill all Americans because the average American citizen does not support Israel once we know the truth.

I am American and I support Palestine. I hope those who are on here wishing death to us realize that we are not all bad just as I realize that not all of you are the hateful terrorists the American government would like us to think.
Posted by FOUAD KAMIL on July 22, 2009 #83899


During the US presidential race, Hillary Clinton fell short of calling Barak Obama “Nigger”, a word commonly used by Americans to degrade and offend descendants of Africans
But then, under pressure from American Zionists and whites, Obama was forced to accept Hillary as secretary of state.
Wednesday 22 July the BBC reported that at the regional summit of ministers in Thailand, Hillary boasted arrogantly: “Iran will face severe consequences if it did not abandon its nuclear ambitions
Why Iran is not entitled to build an atomic arsenal like Israel? Is there any reason other than the fact that Iran is an Islamic republic opposed to US/Zionist colonial ambitions In the Middle East? Hopefully the Arab Republics of Syria and Libya will also build nuclear arsenals to protect our world from US/Zionist colonial dreams.

Long live our liberators, Hamas, Hezbollah and all Islamic freedom fighting groups.


Posted by John on March 17, 2009 #71084

What the heck are the palestinians doing? Are they and the Israelites gonna ever be able to play hackysack again in peace.
Posted by samuel dominguez on February 3, 2009 #66414

i would like more facts...all i ever hear and read is the western side, wich i know is distorted and misleading, i would like to hear more from the palestinian side, the arab side and the muslim side..thank you!
Posted by ibrahim sabti el bargouthi on February 1, 2009 #66107

Iam a palestinian from ABOUD. who born before 69 years Hoping in short time to be unit, one side, one handone vew ,if not we havnt feuture, why because the zionist want us divided, for this the can do what they want from us ,the only way to win is together,see the jewish they have more than ten parties , but always together,
Posted by Andy on January 15, 2009 #63898

Ok. We surelly have a great problem here. And we can discuss without the ending about who is wrong and who is right. But what's next step? What is the sollution to it? It is obvious that not the Israelis nor the Palestinians will not stand and leave this place. It just will not happend. So, what is it? What is the sollution that Palestinians and Israelis would agree to? I just can't believe that there is no solution.
Posted by Glasgowhobo on January 12, 2009 #63460

Round of applause please for Yara,well said Yara,and yes I do to think it`s attrocious that Americans are funding an Israeli led assault on the lands of the Palestine people,it sure is a strange
world we live in?maybe I should be more synical and see the truth as it is.As for the Israeli`s themselves!!well,P`rhaps
Instant Karma will get them theirs?If not,here`s hoping the Palestinians do.
Posted by con doc on January 12, 2009 #63339

I am waiting for the Romans to come sailing up the Thames to claim Londinium, they occupied it long before the English.
Posted by Yara on January 11, 2009 #63142

Why do Palestinians fight the PEACEFUL ISRAELI'S? ohh please this must be some sort of joke! israeli's are FAR from peaceful. they are war thirsty people that enjoy putting people in pain and taking lives. Just turn on the news for God's sake and you'll see all their "peaceful" acts. over 830 gazans have died so far and over 2000 people injured. they have taken so many lives just because they want to. i cant believe theyre calling this a WAR. a war is only a war when BOTH SIDES are equally battling?! duhh! umm 830 palestinians dead as opposed to the 12 isreali SOLDIERS is definately not a war. it is disturbing to see that after what happened during the holocaust, israelis can actually go forth and kill innocent civilian lives like this. it is very depressing to me that we hard working americans pay taxes and this money is given to the israelis so they can kill innocent lives. what happened to human rights?
Posted by mary ahmed on July 29, 2008 #47527

The Balfour agreements came even earlier and i was told a story that some rabbis, JEWISH rabbis then living in Palestine sent a letter to the british saying something like "Please do not put the Jewish homeland here...put it in America or Austria or anywhere else in the world but here for if you put it here it will bring the prophesied end of the world"....Does anyone know if this is true? This atical recalls me to that stort told me by a friend.
Posted by Souhail El-Taji El-Farouki on March 29, 2008 #33113

Excellent Article and looking at our struggle from the other side. I have an Egyptian wife, a USA son, a Swiss daughter, another British daughter , 2 Saudi sons in law, and a Syrian daughter in law, and 5 Saudi Grandchildren. These are the passports they are holding, but in heart they are all Palestinian, and I am proud and convinced they will continue to instill the Palestinian identity and Blood in the many generations that will come.
Posted by ALLOOSH on March 25, 2008 #32730

To Alen,

Then its a war still and will always be until we get back what BELONG to us, we belong to that land, and the land belongs to us, and not the ugly killers.

Palestine will always be Palestine, and I see our freedom very soon, wait to see us waiving while entering our homes.

long live Palestine, and long die killers.
Posted by katherine on March 17, 2008 #32012

Palestine should sue the United Nations to rescind the Partition of Palestine.. Historical Palestine should become once more one entire Ancient Nation based upon Universal Human Rights and Real Democracy as it always was..

The Apartheid gov. of Israel must be banned from the United Nations for failure to comply with U.N. resoloution 241 the right of return for the people of Palestine to be able to return to their property homes and villages. It was a prerequisite of Israels admittance into the U.N. that they comply with the right of return for the palestinians which they, Israel has refused to do so for 60 years!!!!!
Posted by John Somebody on March 16, 2008 #31897

It's a pity that so many of my anti zionist colleagues talk about Israeli "apartheid" in the way that they do, thereby watering down criticism of a state whiich depends on genocidal acts of ethnic "cleansing" to exist. For S.African apartheid to exist, the presence of the exploited, parasitised victims was required. In my greatly limited understanding of the history of the conflict, it seems that the opposite is required of Palestinians, not their presence, but their expulsion, or murder, for being the wrong kind of Semites. Therefore, the Israeli state is not an apartheid state, it is a genocidal one. The society, which exploits in a racial manner, does still does not depend on the exploited to exist, it can exploit Phillipino's too, and others
This is rather like speakers apparently for Palestinians,on national media complain about the "apartheid wall", and the poverty imposed on Palestinians, while zionists get away with repeated use of key words/phrases, like "suicide bombers". This seems to leave the people that I talk with, (whle dishing out anti zionist leaflets on the streets), with the idea that Palestinians have to put up with terrible, unjust hardships; but it's mostly Israelis being killed. Or untill some new Israeli rampage like bombing the * * * * out of Lebanon. But even then, as the impression is left that its mostly Israelis suffering actual death, the zionist excuse that they "have to do something to defend themselves" remains rooted. And this makes my job on the streets even harder.
Posted by allen on March 16, 2008 #31883

Interesting article. Israel was "granted" the teritory from the british and western countries. This was of course because of the ottoman's in WWII. the peoples of palastine have been under one ruler after another fo decades. Now it's the jews turn. Since historically winners in conflicts do not give up teritory won in conflict, I see no reason why the jews should give any land back. Gaza currently is free from jewish inhabitants and they still can't band together to create a place where anyone would to visit.
Posted by Fuad Timraz on March 15, 2008 #31821

I just want to pas a pray for you

God bless your minds & Hands for this subject and article.
I will pas it to the norwigian solidarity organization.

My best regards to all of you . Yours fuad timraz
Posted by SHAIMA ABDULLAH ALI SLEIMAN on March 12, 2008 #31501

Subhan Allah!The article and the other answers said it all! Mashallah!one is really surprised how come we find those true words and understanding of the situation of Palestine and still we haven't reached our goal!This argument has one solution:The time hasn't come yet,but it's coming when the true believers outnumber the rest,then FREE PALESTINE.These quotes summarize the situation of Palestinians and Arabs:
*It has become an honor to inherit our looted homes'keys .
*Arab leaders are ready to sell Palestinian rights so they can retain their positions of power and financial gains.
*Israelis think that Arabs will not fight if they know they will lose. Arabs are willing to commit to a long term struggle, especially if humiliated and cornered.
*do you believe that:Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon was a mistake?Israel should reinvade Lebanon to prove a point to all Arabs?Israel should cancel the peace treaties signed with Egypt and Jordan?
Posted by kinikia on March 12, 2008 #31479

The fact is (and most Americans do not know this) Israel is not a democracy. A democracy allows for anyone living in the country to be able to buy and own property. It is written in their laws that only a Jewish person can own land. Israel is so far from being a democracy that the world needs to wake up to the facts. WAKE UP! Israel has held Palestinians hostage for over 50 years and they are slowly practising genocide and calling it controlling the terrorists. Just as the Jews were paid reparations for their losses and so Israel and America will pay reparations for generations to come to those of us whose inheritance has been stolen from us by the Israelis, by way of stealing our lands. Satan has control of Israel and Israel has been America's whore now for many years. It is unprecedented the financial support that America has given to Israel. Americans support each and every Israel citizen to the tune of $500 a day! WAKE UP WORLD!!!!!
Posted by S Khalil on March 11, 2008 #31308

First of all ,'our God is theirs'. It's like saying our universe is not theirs. Secondly, according to the book 'The Thirteenth tribe' the European Zionists are not the Jews that were living in Palestine thousands of years ago. The latter never left and have been living among the moslems in peace for centuries. It wasn't until the beginning of the twentieth century when the Europeans wanted to get rid of the Jews living with them that they thought of expelling them to Palestine, which was then under British sovereignity. The issue is purely political and has nothing to do with religion. Even Orthodox jews don't believe that God means them to be united in one Jewish state, it's against their religion. Unfortunately religion has been involved in this unjust political struggle and the rest as they say is history.
Posted by FOUAD KAMIL on March 10, 2008 #31275




Posted by abdelrahman Hammad on March 10, 2008 #31269

I thank you for your artical ,and I love to say to those whom dont like the true , what gose around comse around soon or letter.and dont you forget wher you have come from first you come out of egibt than we Palestienian felt sorry for you we allawed you to live between us untel your creed destroy you.than you have to live Palestien to other placese to found knew cawe to milket ( or to found other Pepole to sucke thier blood or money as we all know you love money moor than God . As Palestienian I ask all zions to remember WE are not American Indian or Black Africa .Or uncel Tome the white Man .and its time for all off you creedy to leeve Palestine befor its to late for you becouse the day off juhgment has the way remember when thers awill thers away.and I think agood place for zions is North or south pool,and God help the askimo Pepol on you >
Posted by Laurent Poirot on March 10, 2008 #31223

So, the riots in Jerusalem, Hebron and Jaffa were indications of the fight for Palestinian land.
And if you base your argument on the Balfour Declaration and UN resolution to give land to the Jews, only one document followed the European, and North African, Holocaust. How do you explain the land purchased by the settlers of the nineteenth century, or the British Declaration for a Jewish homeland? For it was not because of 'gang rapping' Jews in Europe.
The west established a Jewish Homeland, as it established the Kingdom of Jordan (and why no condemnation of the Hashemite Kingdom, which takes up the entire eastern half of Palsetine?), Syria (which was made a kingdom by the British and French), Lebanon (many thanks to Messrs. Sykes and Picot), and Iraq (why are there no cries for the Kurds, the Assyrians? Why is there such resistance to the independence of the regions of Mesopotamia, which was united by the British under a foreign monarch?).
Palestine deserves nationhood, as does Israel. One exists, the other denies its existence by crying over land no longer theirs. When will Palestinians accept the nationhood bestowed on them, and concentrate on growing that nation into a valid member of the world community?
Posted by Trevorgoodgerhill on March 10, 2008 #31221

In the list of quotations I use, here is how I handle that quotation from Ben Gurion:


"If I were an Arab leader I would never
make terms with Israël. That is natural:
we have taken their country . . . we come
from Israël, but two thousand years ago,
and what is that to them? There has
been anti-semitism, the Nazis, Hitler,
Auschwitz, but was that their fault?
They only see one thing: we have come
here and stolen their country. Why
should they accept that?"

1886 - 1973 - David Ben-Gurion

David Ben-Gurion - A Brief Biography & Quotes

(I also give the link for palestine remembered
including Acre/Famous-Zionist-Quotes/Story638.html)
Posted by Eyad Khadr on March 10, 2008 #31218

Very nice article. Good work
Posted by MYSPEAK on March 10, 2008 #31200

I am Danish and converted to Islam a couple of years ago - and see Israel-Palestine as quite simply the biggest single political problem in the world. The just and reasonable solution surely would be to dissolve Israel, resurrect Palestine and give one-person-one-vote, including of course the approx 4.5 million refugees.
I write poems about this and other subjects, currently 42 poems totalling 4,500 lines - you can read them on www dot MYSPEAK dot info and select POEMS. Salaam to all!
Posted by justicenoapart on March 10, 2008 #31194

Nobody will forget.However, we can forgive only if justice is done. Your article is precise and it said it all.
I always thought that the european (governments) are not good people they were and still are colonizers and now allows the continuous genocide to occur against the brave Palestinian people.It is also clear to see.The american supply with the destructive machinery and arms of mass destruction and are scare to death to talk about.
But I have hope that sometime the wrong will end and Palestinian will live thier life in Palestina,with the few jews that are figthing the zionism of Israel.
Posted by Mohammad A. Edghaim on March 10, 2008 #31182

The Young Will Never Forget Palestine

As Palestinians forgetting is the least for us to worry One day Zionist Israelis have to feel guilty and sorry
They can Kill and Torture but cant Assassinate our Memory

Another day they will realize that, and have frankly to admit
That Palestinian Young Generation will never forgive nor forget
How can a person without his Heart and Soul stay on earth living?
Palestine is our Heart, and Love; it is our God blessed giving
How can a child forget Scenes of Blood and Screams of Crying?
Scenes of his family members killed in front of his eyes coldly dying
Such Criminal Behavior helped our children painfully remember
Awakened in them memory of your unlimited Massacres in number

Needless to say how we breastfed our children Palestines Love
And this comes first to them and stands before all and high above
The Sacred Love of Our Homeland is naturally with them born
Seeing their families, houses and country by force taken and torn
That Love which you will never be able to understand
Because you don؟t have such feelings but those of a gang and band
Our grand children are well equipped with such memories
And again assure you that Forgetting has no place in our Diaries
Aggressors we ARE NOT and never been, but Victims sure we Are
By Force Took our Land and blindly killing led by a Mass Killer star

The Truth is Crystal Clear to the Whole World here and there
We Wonder Why does the World Back them and of them take care?
We called for PEACE &FAIR JUSTICE but they were always Deaf
Also they were Senseless like a Hard Rock in a Mountain Cliff
Again the Whole World Neglected our Continuous PEACE Call
And Helped The Aggressor Zionists to remain Criminals after all

Mohammad A. Edghaim
Posted by nadineacoury on March 10, 2008 #31172

please update and put 60 years in place of 59
Posted by Musa Abu-Shalback on March 10, 2008 #31147

I would like to thank you for forwarding this article to me, and for the interviews you conducted with people from Lifta, my hometown, as well as many other efforts you contributed, all of which they are enlightening and educating the younger generations of 'Nakba'victims. I also would like to have your permission to forward this to a few American friends. Thanks aagain. Musa Abu-Shalback
Posted by ALLOOSH on March 9, 2008 #31143

John (Hanna) Marina

God bless the woman who gave birth to you.

I 100% agree with you, there are better way, but are we following? NOOOOO, why? because they managed to show some minorities of us as US.

Once again, why done we start organization aimed at showing the world who is the real us? Peacefully we can change the point of views of every decent mind and human heart.
Posted by ALLOOSH on March 9, 2008 #31141

Thank you so much for the nice article.

I think none of them is sleeping, and none will be able to sleep ever, and they should never forget who are Palestinians.

My heart hurt when I look at who we are now, and how became *marked* as terrorists because of what the damned Arab leaders done.

Today, I have been complaining to my wife (who is not Palestinian nor Arabic) how I am ashamed of who am I, and honestly I am ashamed of what we are doing, ashamed of the fact that Arabs are 400 millions and the god damned Europeans in my home land are 4-6 millions and they have managed to become a power over us, ashamed of what I see on the news, ashamed of the pig Saudi Arabia king dancing with the American monkey, ashamed of American war ships horsing on Lebanon shores, ashame of nations who are ruled by cheap men.

Ashamed of the fact that UN wants to classify killing 8 people who are OCCUPIERS BY NATIVES as terrorist attack, and classifying killing 120 NATIVES by OCCUPIERS as self defense.

Proud for being Palestinian, because this belonging deserve being proud to be one of.

Long live Palestine and long live every Palestinian hero, and long die Israel and every god damned who think that Israel deserve anything buy being wiped.

Sorry if I used bad language, but I am so so tired.
Posted by rajkumar james on March 9, 2008 #31140

What is happening in Palestine is worst tragedy in the history of the world.zionist holocaust is worse than Nazi holocaust. American administration and Israelis are in a state of denial and they Have the media to support their atrocity. they justify their genocide, expulsion, expansionism,& ethnic cleansing with excuses like security for Israel, Terrorism, they want to destroy Israel while practicing all the mentioned. If there is a God where is he. can he sleep. Hitler in his book Mein Kamph talked about zionist world domination but they are responsible mostly for the chaos in world
Posted by eileen fleming on March 9, 2008 #31139

THANK YOU so much for this article


ONLY IN SOLIDARITY do "we have it in our power to begin the world again"-Tom Paine

I have X-Posted your wisdom on my blog and I am USA civilian journalist who has been to OPT five times since June 2005 and I am flaming mad about the way my USA Tax Dollars are spent to support the Apartheid regime of Israel; I do not not want to bring Israel to its knees ONLY to its senses!

And i humbly repent for my government and all the mis-informed and uninformed, apathetic, self-righteous USA 'Christians' who do not have eyes to see, ears to hear or hearts that bleed for what the USA government has allowed.

Please forgive US + keep speaking out!

eileen fleming,
reporter and editor WAWA: which is a org

Author "KEEP HOPE ALIVE" and "MEMOIRS of a Nice Irish-American 'Girl's' Life in Occupied Territory"

Producer "30 Minutes with Vanunu" and "13 Minutes with Vanunu"
Posted by francisco pires on March 9, 2008 #31122

When people talk about the Palestine, i've remember that is a great region of ancient people. The land of Palestine before Jesus Christ was situated on the Mesopotamian Valley.
Why, in the name of History, people have been killed??? For me, arabs and jews have the same branch in generation, they are all equals in faith! Can you destroy our fathers'land? Remembered all the teachings you had receive and you get the answer.Remember: don't destroy our legacy and make peace with each other with the great love. You can do it.
Posted by John (Hanna) Marina on March 9, 2008 #31106

I am a Palestinian - for over 50 years we have been talking together with those so-called Arabs, so far nothing happened.
Now we have a 6th century ideology in this new phenomenae Hamas, how do you expect any civilized country to support us when they see those bearded men and veiled women around allying themselves with Hizballah and Iran?. Are those backwards going to give us Palestine?

Let us look for supporters within the civilized world, the 21st century world, not the 6th century one. Those are the countries who can influence politics, not Hamas.

Israel, Zionism and the United States are very powerful allies. Who cares for the Palestinians cause? Saudi Arabia?, Egypt?,with 10 million bribery every year or that pet of Jordan? We must understand that there are very many parallels between Nazism and Zionism. When Hitler classified the nations he put the Arabs one degree before monkeys, this is how Zionism look at us. Unfortunately we did not prove or shown them anything otherwise. Let us wait for Allah to do something for us.
Posted by libby on March 9, 2008 #31099

Thank you for this article. My book Eye of the Camel take a good long look at British mandated Palestine and some of the roots for the current conflict as you mention in your article. Would you be able to let your readers know about it please? EYE OF THE CAMEL By ELIZABETH URBAHN, $A33 plus postage and packaging. Available from me, the author by emailing Thank you.