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al-Taqa, Khirbat - خربة الطاقة: Land ownership of altaqa and wadi elbireh

Posted by Alfahoum on November 12, 2006

Picture for al-Taqa, Khirbat Village - Palestine: : Village General View in 1987 Click Image For Town Details
I 'am Hakam Mamdouh Fadel Abbas Alfahoum, Son of the late Shekh Mamdouh Alfahoum.
My late father used to tell me stories of his youth as he and his father shekh Fadel Fahoum used to come down from Nazareath on horse back across the great plain of Marj Ibn Amer on thier way to his village Alttaqah and to Wadi elbireh.
The trip would take them a good part of the day , as they arrive the men in the village of alttaqah would come out to greet them and the caretaker of our home with his family would prepare a heftey meal for them,the caretaker was yasser mallak sgour who was in part a partner in the land of wadi elbireh,and the actual farming partner ( according to the arrangements they used to have at those times)
We used to farm wheat, barley, and the seasonal vegetables such as pepers and eggplant. In addition most of the wadi elbireh land was planted in bananas.
They would spend a week or so in the village overlooking all the work in the farming area.
As my late father turned 15 years old he opened up the first banana store area in Nazareth in Sbat elshekh , He would bring the green bananas fro Alttaqah and wadi elbireh to Nazareath and store them , each school inside sachs of cloth with sulfare extract to speedup the wripping process, and sell them to all markets in the area.
According to the doocuments that we have still today,the size of the banana farm we had in elbireh which was run out of our home in Alltaqh exceeded 400 dunomes (each dunom=1000 meters sq) prime agriculture land out of 5000 privetly owned dunoms.
As well the Elbireh water valley and it's mills and the actual water source is in fact a private property with both British and Ottoman deeds regestered under the name of Fadel Abbas Alfahoum.
Most of the local partners of my late both father and grandfather were from the local clan of Sgour Alghour , thier immediate decendents are resedents of the Jordan vally on the HKJ side. they carry different last names nowadays: SGOUR and MALLAK.I have meet some of them in person.
The wonderfull stories that may late father used to tell me of horse racing and target practicing while inpart on the back of a horse , theses stories still ring bells in my head. I only wished I listened more carfully as he used to tell them to me.

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