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Bayt Iba - بيت إيبا : منظر عام .. ورائع
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Bayt Iba - بيت إيبا : منظر عام .. ورائع

Posted by شرفاء بيت ايبا  Uploaded on April 15, 2009
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Posted by bnt bit iba on April 21, 2009 #74716

Achtitlk you a lot of Beit Iba
Ahabp Ardjalk and I built the Beit Iba Vbhe I lived and you go back and psychological alienation
انا بحبك يا بيت ايبا
Posted by bent Falasteen on April 19, 2009 #74558

the most beautiful sight anybody could lay an eye on .. Salaamon 3alayky wa 3ala ahlek ya bait iba al habeebah . If I'm not mistaken this is the part that built on the main road " Nablus jeneen " ,with al3awajeh on the the right , but my last time I saw my beautiful village was 1979. God protect you all and VIVA PALESTINA .