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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف : The Palestine Museum, Matson Photo Collection (1933-1939)
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Jerusalem - القدس الشريف : The Palestine Museum, Matson Photo Collection (1933-1939)

  Uploaded on July 3, 2007

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Posted by Ibn al-Quds on December 16, 2013 #153303

The cornerstone of the museum was laid on June 19, 1930, construction was delayed due to the discovery of tombs dating to the fifth century B.C. at the building site. The museum was opened on Jan 13, 1938.
Posted by Mousa Sindaha on May 2, 2008 #36603

هذه الصورة والصور التي بعدها فبل 1948 وليس 1967
Posted by Ibn al-Quds on December 9, 2007 #24939

It was also known by the Palestinian Museum. It was built around 1925.
Posted by Tom Powers on December 2, 2007 #24532

I'm on your side -- that's why I visit this site and use it as a resource. However, your above description of the Rockefeller Museum and the man himself got lost in political rhetoric -- it is way off-base: (1) John D. Rockefeller, in the biographies I've consulted, had no particular Zionist leanings but was known for funding many educational and cultural institutions worldwide. (2) Rockefeller was not even Jewish, but Christian, active in the Baptist church. (3) Yes, the Israelis changed the official name of the museum to "Rockefeller", but it was always popularly known by that name, from the very beginning. Dare I say that you owe it to those who use this site to be more careful? The things that happened to the Palestinian people, honestly presented, speak for themselves.