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'Ayn Hawd - عين حوض : The STOLEN/LOOTED house of al-Haj Fawze Mousa, 2000
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'Ayn Hawd - عين حوض : The <b>STOLEN/LOOTED</b> house of al-Haj Fawze Mousa, 2000

Posted by Abu Firas Uploaded on September 5, 2001
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Posted by abu al-hija on November 8, 2016 #158171

Dear Hubert,

The origin owner of this house is my uncle Mr. Fozi (Abu Saleh) he passed away but he left 15 grandsons and I am sure someday they will claim and return back their grandfather's house. If you want to see Mr. Fozi (Abu Saleh) photo, kindly go back to picture # 11, he is the first person from the lift side (He had a white head cover).

Best Regards

Posted by Hubert Krammer on December 23, 2013 #153356

it would be intersting for me to know, who was the origin owner of the house, where the Artist Arik Brauer now is living. There has been a documentary in austrian TV, where Brauer lied about the Naqba and presented Israel as "paradise", where noone was deported, only "expensive jewish money has bought the land from the turks" he said. And Israel changed the swamp to a garden and so on. And he also said: There didn`t exist a palestine people. I would like to react, that`s why you could help me with some information. Thank you
Posted by mutassem on October 3, 2007 #21187

اتمنى انااراها يوما