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Welcome To 'Ayn Hawd - عين حوض (עין חוד)

District of Haifa
Ethnically cleansed days ago


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Picture for 'Ayn Hawd Village - Palestine: : The STOLEN/LOOTED house of al-Haj Fawze Mousa, 2000
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Statistic & Fact Value
Israeli occupation date July 15, 1948
Distance from district 14.5 (km) South of Haifa
Elevation from the sea 125 (meters)
Map location See location #10 on the map

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Military Operation against town Operation Shoter (Police)
Attacking Units A special force drawn from units of the Israeli Navy, Golani, Carmeli, and Alexandroni brigades
Defenders Local Arab militia, Arab Liberation Army volunteers, and some support from the Iraqi Army in Tulkarm
Israeli acts of terror Soon after occupation in September 1948, UN investigators stated that 130 villagers were unaccounted for.
Refugees' migration route 'Ayn Hawd inhabitants were mostly expelled eastward to Jinin (West Bank). On the other hand, few people were allowed to stay behind.
Exodus Cause Influence of fall of, or exoduce from, neighboring town
Village remains after destruction The village was not destroyed, and since 1954 it has been converted into an artists' colony.
Ethnically cleansing
by Israelis
'Ayn Hawd inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed.
Pre-Nakba land ownership
Ethnic Group Land Ownership (Dunums)
Arab 6,656
Jewish 0
Public 5,949
Total 12,605
Land usage in 1945
Land Usage Type Arab (Dunum)
Irrigated & Plantation 1,503
Area planted w/ olives 845
Planted W/ Cereal 4,422
Built up 50
Cultivable 5,925
Non-Cultivable 6,630
Year Population
1596 44
19th century 50
1922 350
1931 459
1945 650
1948 754
Est. Refugees 1998 4,630
Number of houses
Year Number of houses
1931 81
1948 133
Schools 'Ayn Hawd had an elementary school for boys, which was founded by the Ottomans in 1888.
Religious institutions One mosque now restaurant or bar
Archeological sites 'Ayn Hawd had Khirba al Hajla, which contained the foundations of buildings, dressed stones, and rock-hewn cisterns.
Exculsive Jewish colonies
that usurped village lands
Nir 'Etziyon and 'En Hod
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Status of The Village Today

According to the Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi, the village remaining structures on the village land are:
"The village was not destroyed; it has been an artists' colony since 1954, and is designated as a tourist site. The village mosque has been turned into a restaurant/bar, the "Bonanza" The 130 inhabitants of the new' Ayn Hawd have built a new mosque to replace the old one. Muhammad Abu al-Hayja, the son of a leader of the old village, represents the new village in its struggle to win municipal status."

Bibliography and References

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