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The History of 'Ayn Hawd
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Abu Firas on May 18, 2001

Amid the foothills of the beautiful Carmel Mountain and within a close proximity from the ancient city of Haifa lays the small peaceful town of 'Ayn Howd. The history of 'Ayn Howd dates back to the period of fall of the Crusaders in Palestine. It is narrated that the grand grand father for this town was the son of the well known religious leader (Shaikh or sage) Said Alkawkaban, one of the leaders who fought the Crusaders in Palestine. The inhabitants of 'Ayn Howd are all related to a family known by Abu Alhaija. This family has off shoots residing in several towns in Palestine, i.e.  Sha'ab , Alyamoon, Al haddatheh, Seereen, Kufr Abu Alhaija  (in this town lays the remains and the tomb of the known Sufi al-Shaikh Abu Alhaija), and Kufr Naameh. Also this family has other of shoots residing in Jordan, prior to Nakba, in the towns of Dier Alsaanah & Al Kharaj.
It's worth noting that some of the elders of this family claim that their roots goes back to Al Hamadaniah (the State which controlled in Northern Iraq and Syria. It was narrated in some history books that the title Abu Alhaija was given to a ranking officer in its army).
It was reported amongst the villagers in the neighboring towns that some of the family members of Abu Alhaija family had certain gifts and abilities in curing some diseases, i.e. mussels problems. It is reported that treating and curing patients was done by slapping the patient with wide open hand in different places of the body while reciting verses of the Holy Quran and other prayers. This type of treatment was known as Dharb Alreeh, meaning Air Hitting. Because of these abilities, the family of Abu Alhaija was given the neck name Dharaabeen Alreeh, meaning the people who treat by the method of air hitting.
The Family of Abu Alhaij in Ayn Hawd is divided into five families, which adopted five different names. These families are as the following:
The family of: Ahmad, Ibraheem,Al-haj,Abedlraheem, &Abu Ali "Alrahaimeh".
The town of Ayn Howd was ethnically cleansed from its inhibited in 1948 by the Jewish Zionists gangsters, which was a patern repeated over & over all over Palestine at the time. After al-Nakba in 1948, the families were scattered to the following places:

Palestine 1948
1. Kufr Abu Alhaija which is part of the land of Ayn hawd. It is worth mentioning that this very small town was made by a one family who was kicked out from Ayn Howd and until this modern time the racist State, so called State of Israel, do not recognize this town and therefore it does not provide it with any services (although, its citizens pay taxes like all other Israelis). In this town, resides the family of Mr Abu-HILMIE with his sons and grand sons.
2. Alfradees
3. Haifa
4. Alnasserah
West Bank and Gaza:
1. Alyamoon
2. Jenin Refugee Camp
3. Alfaraa Camp
1. Irbid Camp
2. Alhussain Refugee Camp-Amman
3. Zarqa Refugee Camp
1.Daraa Refugee Camp
2.Alyarmook Refugee Camp-Damascus
3. Alnairab Refugee Camp-Aleppo
They reside in different areas in & around Baghdad.
In general, we (the true residence & owners of 'Ayn Hawd) can conclude that the resident of 'Ayn Howd and the family of Abu Alhaija was scattered in different places, mainly in Jordan and Palestine.

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