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Wadi 'Ara - وادي عارة: The TRUE Owners Of Wadi 'Ara

Posted by Abbdo Saad on January 2, 2001

Picture for Wadi 'Ara Village - Palestine: : منظر آخر لعلية الأفندي في وادي عارة وقد حولت لصالة احتفالات، تصوير محمد يونس، آذار 2008/ جمعية ديرتنا Click Image For Town Details
Wadi Ara.. Is the vast land and property of the well known Abdel Hadi Family .. & is as such before the birth of Christ .. As this family migrated to Palestine 2000 B. C. from Yemen .. [ Qahtan ] their area and well known tribe .. they are a big family .. they were a very large tribe .. and the wars reduced them .. Arab history , Saladin administrative documents after the Crusade , Ottoman documents as well as records of The Consul Generals of France , Great Britain & other European countries in the area, especially before Napoleon (their Ally) , and after "Him" confirms these historical facts & Ref. Also many European historians who visited the Holy Land, Palestine, confirmed such history of the Abdel Hadi family and their location. It should be noted that Abedel Hadi Family ruled the area for hundreds of years, from Beirut to Egypt, and at some point they even ruled the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, before and after their alliance with Ibrahim Pasha, the son of Muhammad Ali ruler of Egypt in the beginning of the 19th century. THE BRITISH OCCUPATION, WHICH STARTED IN 1917 , NEVER WANTED ANY OF THIS PALESTINIAN HISTORY TO BE KNOWN.. THUS MADE SURE OF THAT . In 1949 ;- 16000/ sixteen thousand Dunums of Wadi Ara were owned by the Late al-Haj Fouad Abdel Hadi alone .. Beside his inheritance he bought most of all what the Abdel Hadi family owned in the area plus any neighboring Land owned by others [ Palestinian Arabs ] whom any rumor was circulated at the time of their intent to sell their land to the Zionist. That was his effort to keep the area Palestinian Arab owned ... He spent millions of Palestinian Pounds to acquire thse properties. Wadi Ara /the Abdel Hadi 's home & property were the most cultivated area with water from 'UYOUN AL ASSAWER [ In Arabic = eyes of the bangles ] and 1,200 Arabian horses [a life time collection and family heritage of the Abdel Hadi] were in that land when the Israeli Forces moved the barbed wire and illegally annexed its lands ... [ After the cease fire took place ] The Abdel Hadi exported annually in Millions of Palestinian Pounds :- Sesame Seeds , Banana, Barley , Wheat and Avocado, ..etc. that was amongst the many seasonal agricultural products which they sold to the local Palestinian markets.. In 1938, a large Bedouin tribe From Beir El Sabaa, Beersheba, was invited by the late al-Haj Fouad Abdel Hadi ... to live in Wadi Ara for free, and in return they'll cultivate , guard & use the land as if it's theirs; my family was amongst these people. My story, as a survival from Wadi Ara, was handed down to me by my mother, who also told of the murder of 14 of my family members in 1949 by the Zionist forces. I have gathered the following information about the Abdel Hadi Family to share with whole world. al-Haj Fouad Abdel Hadi .. was the well known Lawyer , Judge [ build the court houses in Palestine & Jordan.. as well as writing the laws of the Kingdom of Jordan Attorney General / Secretary Of Ministry of Justice and Head of the Legal Committee in the Senates .. The man as one of the prime ministers of Jordan wrote ... had his finger prints on every part of the law in the kingdom of Jordan .. He believed in building for the future generation, especially laws which they could enjoy its protection. He also established the Bar Association , he died in Jerusalem and in gratitude for his deeds the people of the city built a grave Tomb site for him. HE [ Haj Fouad Abdel Hadi ] never knew , or expected King Abdullah of Jordan to act with TREASON ..harming him. ....and giving away the land to the enemy .... without any right or jurisdiction .. As the U . N. And no country ever recognized at that time any Borders of Israel nor the Union of Jordan / Palestine .. and causing this great loss & him to become a homeless refugee... I understand that many historians are writing now that Abdullah, feared & hated the Abdel Hadi Family for their influence & importance in the life of Arabs in the Middle East. Being one of the leading patriotic Palestinian families , and one of the educated ones amongst the Arabs at that time of the 1917 Revolution and after that time .. .... By the end of 1949, the French Government asked the owners of large Palestinian properties in the area NOT to buy homes and stay where they are; in preparation of their RETURN .. as there was a draft resolution to that affect. Abdel Hadi Family believed that ... and waited and they're still waiting after 52 years. The Children of [al-Haj Fouad Abdel Hadi[ are the rightful owners of this land and are well and alive and are ;- Abdel Hadi = Director of the World Conference of Mayors / an N G O /Washington D. C. /U S A [Dr. Mahdi Abel Hadi[ = Head of Passia / an N G O / Jerusalem / al-Quds [Mr. Salameh Abdel Hadi[ =Ex Professor ; Beir Zeit Uni. , now a Businessman in Amman Jordan. Yes it is true that Abdullah of Jordan made an agreement with the Israelis allowing moving the borders .. Just to take the land [ NOT IN DURESS AS YOUR SITE === WADI ARA === DECLARES ......! >>? THE ISRAELI HISTORIANS IN THEIR NEW BOOKS [ app. 1993 ] CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF establishing ..Israel referred to this Land as stolen land .. and a shameful act in the history of Jews and Israel ...this is documented.. [Neither Abdullah of Trans -Jordan Nor Israel ...had any right to it[.......The land was taken without any consideration to its rightful owners .. as Jewish historians says IT IS AMAZING THAT THE CURRENT NEGOTIATIONS & SINCE 7 YEARS NEVER TOOK CARE OF THIS ISSUE & LAND .. Not even the Jordanian Israeli Peace Agreement considered this land ..? AS THE LAND [ WADI ARA ] WAS STOLEN AND IS NOT PART OF ISRAEL nor the U. N cease fire lines of 1967 are BORDERS ... The pictures shown IN YOUR ... site ...are ;- 1 = the picture of part of the Abdel Hadi House // the big house / [ Beit Abdel Hadi ] 2 = the other picture is part of the main gate of the Great Wall that surrounded the houses, homes / it was a Castle .. The Swimming pool .. used to be a large pool which was used to water the seasonal cultivation and the horses .. the Israeli Kibbutz now is occupying it ... which was enlarged with donations from English Jewish family and made it a swimming pool proper for the Kibbutz ... also they built a theater in the area of the old house and restore the old house next to the pool. When I visited Wadi Ara in 1991, I was told that the Kibbutz has rented the land from the Israeli Government for 99 years ... As my family were close to the Abdel Hadi like family and the village of WADI ARA is MY HOME. I have been researching all the information .. and more than glad to find your site. Accordingly, I am writing all this info and I thought best to ask you to add this information to your site ; FOR THE RECORD .. AND HISTORY

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