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Bayt Nattif - بيت نتّيف : The remains of a village house #1
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Bayt Nattif - بيت نتّيف : The remains of a village house #1

Posted by BADIL Organization Uploaded on July 14, 2000
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Posted by ابوالبراء on March 28, 2011 #132083

الله عليكي يا بلدنا ان شاء الله العودة قريبا.
Posted by Omar Ekhmies on February 23, 2011 #130828

one of the caves were rebels
such as abu alwaleed ,abdulkader alhusaini,jamil ekhmies ,abd almajeed ekhmies khalid ekhmies ,ahmd sror , mohamad sror, ibrahim mansour ,ahmad mansour,jamilmansour
and many others
used to hide
most of the time rebels used to hide at alsheikh abdulfattah plalce
cause that palace has tunneks underneath it
they used as a safe shelter
Posted by وليد منصور on December 17, 2009 #98112

نسئل الله العلي القدير ان نعود الى البلد في القريب العاجل ونحن منتصرين على اليهود الغاصبين , وندعوا الله ان يسخر للمسلمين قائد مجاهد امثال الناصر صلاح الدين , قولوا امين.
Posted by omar ekhmies on February 27, 2009 #69075

please add more if have any