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Bayt Nattif - بيت نتّيف : The remains of a village house #2
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Bayt Nattif - بيت نتّيف : The remains of a village house #2

Posted by BADIL Organization Uploaded on July 14, 2000
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Posted by Omar Ekhmies on February 23, 2011 #130826

according to amy ekhmies ibrahim ahmad ekhmies
witch usedto wor at the department of aniquities
during british mandatory rule
said this spring was a point of intrest to jews tourests
in their belive!!!
that prophet dawood has killed jalout the king of palestinans in that area
alhaj ekhmies said
one used to walk about 40 strides to the
north of that spring
to finally reach the point were dawood was standing
when he used the slingshot
to through jalout with one big stone in which resulted in killing jalot
there are no documentation suport this
but such a story might be true???
Posted by الاء ابو حميدة on July 25, 2009 #84218

شكرا على جهودكم المبذولة على هذا الموق ونتمنى المزيد
Posted by محمودشكري اخميس on March 20, 2009 #71466

شكرا للقيمين على هذا الموقع