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Map Of The Destoryed & Depopulated Villages In Jaffa District



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Do anybody knows Husni Al Asmar's son who's name is Nashaat Al Asmar or his sister Kawthar? Please, comment if you do!
I know my grandfather Ali Zaidan died wishing to go back and visit his town he lived in area called al manshyeh if I'm not wrong,I would like to find if there is any Zaidans still there
my father khalil salameh fayyumi forced to leave kafr,Ana village in 1948 leaving everything behind headed to berzait where I was born 1950 THEN FATHER WORKED WITH JORDAN MILITRY FOR SOMETIME
he had about 17 acres in the village and around.
my father passed away on 2006 in amman jordan and left with me
land certification "QUSHAAN"for the 17 acres in Kafr,ANA VILLAGE
I am dreaming of my homeland Kafr,ANA someday
we are from villege in yaffa called saiama and after the nakba we live in camp amari camp in rammallah and moved in to usa and now live here we will never forget about palestine or about yaffa or any other citey or villege we will retan to our land
Information urgently needed for the family al-Khabbass of Salama.
I am preparing a statement to support a UK Asylum Application for Dr Abdallah Deeb Abdallah al-Khabbass, now aged 40.
His family originates in Salama, Yaafa.
The family fled to Ghazza 1948 and to Kuwait around 1960.
His father Abdallah Deeb was the only son: he was 19(?) in 1948
My family live in Jaffa before 1947. Back to 1500 my eftername was in Jaffa. After the Zionism come the took os and put us to Libanon, Afrika, Europa and now I live in Denmark and fight for Palestine. I have a hompepage, but I write ind Danish but your can translate the languish. Power to al Palestinian people. Fight for the true.
my family lived in jaffa before father had a private school(dar altarbiya waltaleem-known as madrasat husni alasmar) I would like to recieve any information: text or fotos about it..thank you
I am from Jaffa/ My grand father called abdulraziq odeh / they had a bakery in Jaffa before 1948/ does any one related still there. I am currently in amman we are the Amirah Tripe Regards