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Dayr Yasin - دير ياسين: A report of the Dayr Yasin Massacre by Shai the Israeli Internal intelligence

Posted on December 15, 2001

According to Shai (Israeli Internal intelligence)  commander Levy reported on April 12, 1948 that the occupation of DEIR YASSIN went as follows:

"The occupation of the village was carried with great cruelty. Whole families---women, old people, children---were killed, and there were piles of dead [in various places]. Some of the prisoners moved to places of incarceration, including women and children, were murdered viciously by their captors."  In a report the following day, Levy added: "LHI [Stern Gang lead by Yitzhak Shamir] members tell of the barbaric behavior [Hitnahagut barbarit in Hebrew] of the IZL [Irgun gang lead by Menachem Begin] toward the prisoners and the dead. They also relate that the IZL men raped a number of [Palestinian] Arab girls and murdered them afterward (we don't know if this is true)." The Shai operative who visited  Deir Yassin hours after the massacre, Mordechai Gichen, reported on April 10, 1948: Their [i.e., the IZL?] commander says that the order was: to capture the adult males and to send the women and children to Motza. In the afternoon [of April 9, 1948], the order was changed and became kill all prisoners. . . . The adult males were taken to town in trucks and paraded in the city, then taken back to the [village] site and killed with rifle and machine-gun fire. Before they were put on the trucks, the IZL and LHI men searched the women, men, and Children [and] took from them all the jewelry and STOLE their money. The behavior toward them was especially barbaric [and included] kicks, shoves with rifle butts, spitting, and cursing (people from [the Western Jerusalem neighborhood of] Giv'at Shaul took part in the torture).

It must be emphasized that the Israeli mainstream usually singles out LHI and IZL with war crimes atrocities, yet the Haganah had the lion's share of other suppressed war crimes. For example, the Haganah made great effort to hide its part in the attack (like approving it on April 9, 1948, supplying machine gun cover and two Palmah squads in armored cars) which occupied Deir Yassin, and during the following decades, Menachem Begin's Herut Party and its successor, the Likud, were continually berated for Deir Yassin in internal Israeli political squabbling. (Righteous Victims, p. 205-206)


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