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Saffuriyya - صفورية: Abdulghani family ... Zaghayreh correction

Posted by Ebn Fransees on August 26, 2009

Picture for Saffuriyya Village - Palestine: : منظر عام للقرية المدمرة والآن مشجرة كما ترى، اُنقر الصورة لتكبيرها. 1987 Click Image For Town Details
The old document titled "clans of Safforieh" has a big mistake defining the Zaghayreh family. Zaghayreh family contains:

-Dar Abdulghani (Ahmad and Mostafa). The paper only mentions Mostafa.
Mostafa and Ahamd are brothers sons of Abdulghani.
Ahmad was killed by the Hagana at age 85 in 1948.
A- Ahmad's Children are:
1-Suleiman (Moved to Yafa before 1948)
2-Mahmoud (Lived in Baddawi refugee camp, lebanon)
3-Mostafa (Lives in Damascus)
4-Saleh (Lives in Damascus)
B- Mostafa's Children are:
1-Saleh elHaj (Abu Lutfi) Baddawi camp eltahtaneh.
2-Ahmad elMostafa (Damascus), killed one Hadaideh.
3-Saleem (Baddawi). Was cross-eyed due to strike by
Hadaideh rage over son's death.

-Dar Abu Sraj : Yousef AbuSraj (n Baddawi Camp)and relatives in Nasreh
-Dar Abu Khorj in Nahr Elbarid
-Dar Jarad in Nahr Elbarid
-Dar Abu Radi in Nahr Elbarid.

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