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Abdulghani Land. Names of lands, locations, descriptions, and size.
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כדילתרגם לעברית
Posted by Ebn Fransees on August 26, 2009
The Abdulghani land pieces in Safforieh according mainly to Mrs. Lotfieh Mahmoud Abdelghani (Em Tayseer). Also information were taken from Husni Abdulghani (Abu Ata), and Lutfi Abdulghani (Abu Mahmoud). All are children of Zaghayreh clan son Mahmoud Ahmad Abdulghani.

Lutfeyeh, Emtayseer, was Born in 1936, married to Yosef Abu Sraj, left Palestine in 1948 at age ~13. Speaking on Augest 5, 2009 said:

Our main family (Hamouleh) is called Zaghayreh, lives in the EASTEREN neighborhood of Safforieh, near Hadaydeh family and Abulna3aj. Awwal tal3et el bayader.

Our lands:

1- Zayton sharky (Eastern olives field), about 1/2 KM square , called ard el Aathar today (ruins land). Belongs to Abdelghani family which includes Dar AbuSraj, Mostafa Abdelghani and Ahmad Abdelghani.

Within it is man made cave called Cave Baseem, which is a tunnel. Also around it a bath tub in the rocks called ؟Jorn Eisa؟ (jesus؟ bathtub).
They belive Jesus was bathed there as the Virgin Marry hid in Safforieh.
Safforieh is believed to be the birthplace of the Virgin Marry.

Near this Zayton Sharky there؟s a water well with near it a church underground. Husni Abdulghani Abu Ata said he recalls digging around
a 'cross' (saleeb) sticking out of the ground. He discovered steps
going down just days before the jews stole the land and expelled them to refugee camps. He only dug 3 steps down the stairs into the church.

2- The Khannoos Area and Mseeleh lands, olives trees, about 1.5 acres each (50 trees each).
Near the house of Abdelhameed Mohammad elSaleem Maued, on the road to Marj alDahab. (This land belongs to Ahmad Abdelghani ONLY, not including Mostafa
Or Abusraj).

3- Lands that in the gardens area, near the living area. 2 lands, one near
Suleiman area and one near the 3aqed. 1 acre each.

4- Planes area , part of Batoof planes, ard al Thanaya , ard Beir Musleh, ard Khazareen, ard Brak alRahow, ard alZeereh. At the border of Kofor Manda village.
3 acres each, min. It؟s in Batoof planes .

5- Makashir land (maqashir). 2 pieces of land. Near western side of the Safforieh,
the area called Banny, in the direction of Shafa Amro, (near the hills of Mzayrat).

6- Ard alBaranis. West side of Safforieh. 3 acres. Full of olive trees.

7- Ard alFroosh. Owned only by Ahmad Abdelghani. West side of Safforieh.
Near the grave of Sheikh Ali (land mark, monument). Was used for planting grains.
5 acres roughly.

8- Basateen Area, sub area of Abul alKuzbar. Mostly planted with romman fruits (pamogranet). 1.5 acres.

9- Wadi alAin. (Canyon waterpit). 2 pieces of land. One can be planted another wasn؟t plantes.

10- Jlookha Area lands. Eastern jlookha and western jlookha. Area full of water ponds. In winter it becomes river-like and in summer it becomes water ponds. 3 acres. Planted with grains. This is the area of nahir al mokatta3, A.K.A nahir al Khalladeye. This river goes towards Haifa.

11- Hakoret alBaider. 3 acres (doloms). Near bayader alHadaydeh, east side of Safforieh.

12- Ard al Msherfeh, 2 pieces of land, east and west, close to Mokatta3 river. 5 to 6 acres each Planted with grains.

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