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al-Nabi Yusha' - النبي يوشع : Decendent from the village of al-Nabi Yusha
Posted by Mohammed Elghoul on September 30, 2002
THe al-Nabi Yusha village was first setteled about 250 years ago by 3 houses of the Elghoul family. We came originally from Mais al-Jabil a small village in South Lebanon and still kept ties with the original village. We are technically Lebanese and always concidered our selves so, but because of the ignorrance of the French and British while making the border with Palestine and Lebanon, we (along with 6 other Lebanese villages) were placed in Palestine. Regardles these titles are unimportant.
The village was Shia' Muslim and built upon the land where legend has it that Joshua was burried. The people from my village all fled or were killed off by the Israelis. We became Palestinian refugees and it didnt take untill the early 1990's for us to get Lebanese citizenship. The village was real small and only consisted of about 70 people.
During last summer I visited Lebanon and we went down to the border with Palestine and I was able to see the hill where the village used to be, it basically consisted of a couple of trees. I dream of the day when I can acctually go back and visit the remains of our village.
If anyone reading this is from al-Nabi Yusha just email me at

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