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al-Sammu'i - السموعي: list of heads of families in Sammu'i - 1948 - accompanies the map

Posted by Saleh Al-Ashkar on October 12, 2005

Picture for al-Sammu'i Village - Palestine: : لوز السموعية , 28/2/2005 - تصوير مقبولة نصار Click Image For Town Details
Heads of Families in Sammui, Palestine

1 Al-Abid Saleh Ashkar (Abu-Saleh)
2 Ahmad Saleh Ashkar (Abu-Deeb)
3 Said Saleem Ashkar (Abu-Mohamad)
4 Lotfi Saleem Ashkar
5 Mohamad Ibraheem Ashkar (Abu-Said)
6 Fawzi Hasan Ashkar (Abu-Hasan)
7 Said Mohamad Ashkar
8 Husain Mohamad Ashkar (Abu-Jamal)
9 Ali Taha El-Haj (Abu-Taha)
10 Ahmad Ali Taha El-Haj (Abu-Salman)
11 Mohamad Ali Taha El-Haj (Abu-Rasim)
12 Mohamad Saleem Ashkar (Abu-Ghazi)
13 Mahmood Saleem Ashkar
14 Nayif Mohamad Ashkar
15 Husain El-Yousif (Abu-Jabir)
16 Jabir Husain El-Yousif
17 Saleh Deeb El-Haj
18 Mohamad Ahmed Qasim El-Haj
19 Yousif Al-Qasim El-Haj (Abu-Deeb)
20 Theib Yousif El-Haj
21 Ahmad Al-Qasim El-Haj (Abu-Qasim)
22 Khalid Ahmad El-Haj
23 Saleh Ahmad El-Haj
24 Qasim Ahmad El-Haj
25 Othman Thieb El-Haj
26 Hameid Theib El-Haj
27 Mohamad (Karma) Qadoura
28 Abdulla Ahmad Ashkar (Abu-Nimer)
29 Mohamad Ali Qadoura (Abu-Ali)
30 Mohamad (El-Khatieb) El-Masri
31 Tawfeek Qadoura (Abu-Salman)
32 Mohamad Sleem Ashkar (Abu-Ali)
33 Mohamad Qadoura (Abu-Khalid)
34 Mohamad Husein El-Haj
35 Husain Ashkar (Abu-Mohamad)
36 Mohamad Husain Ashkar (Abu-Ghazi)
37 Ahmad Husain Ashkar
38 Mahmood Ahmad Khalil Ashkar
39 Mohamad Qadoura (Abu-Turki)
40 Fatima & Huda Qasim El-Haj
41 Ali Hamood Ashkar (Abu-Hamood)
42 Ali Qadoura (Abu-Husain)
43 Jabir Husain El-Haj
44 Mohamad El-Abid Hasan El-Haj
45 Mahmood El-Abid Hasan El-Haj
46 Mohamad Othman El-Haj
47 Mahmood Saleim Thahir El-Haj
48 Yousif El-Hasan El-Haj
49 Mohamad Said Qadoura (Abu-Said)
50 Easa Bishti
51 Ahmad Khalil Abdula
52 Krayim Shehada Awadh (Abu-Shahada)
53 Mohamad Shaikha El-Haj
54 Hasan Mere'e El-Haj
55 Ghanoom Ashkar
56 Mahmood Saliem El-Haj (Abu-Saliem)
57 Kayid Awadh Shehada
58 Ibrahiem Ali Ashkar
59 Mohamad Husain Ashkar (Abu-Omar)
60 El-Abid Mohamad Ashkar (Abu-Mohamad)
61 Mostafa Husain Ashkar (Abu-Fayiz)
62 Khalid El-Ali Ashkar (Abu-Ali)
63 Mohamad El-Abid Ashkar (Abu-Atif)
64 Ali Mohamad Ali Qadoura
65 Taha M. Ali El-Haj (Abu-Mahmood)
66 Talal Taha El-Haj (Abu-Nayif)
67 Mohamad Mostafa El-Haj

The author of the map and author of the list of heads of families, Saleh Abid Saleh Ashkar, was 18 years old and a high school student in 1948. In the fall of that year, the village of Sammui came under bombardment by the Zionist forces. Four villagers were killed:

Mohamad Ali Qadoura
Turki Qadoura
Ridha Ahmad Ashkar
Ali Sleem Ashkar

Consequently, the villagers took refuge for safety in Lebanon, believing that they would be able to return to their homes soon. They are still waiting for justice!!....And the right of return!! take them back to their land.

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