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al-Wa'ra al-Sawda', Khirbat - خربة الوعرة السوداء: idf document on the massacre in khirbet wara al-sawda

Posted by ilan pappe on January 24, 2006

Picture for al-Wa'ra al-Sawda', Khirbat Village - Palestine: : احد الخرب غربي طبريا - خربة العزونية - سكنتها عائلة العيسات شرقي قرية عيلبون 2003 Click Image For Town Details
Recently the IDF archives included the full story of Khirbet Wara ak-Sawda.
The Israeli document reads as follows: On November 2, 1948 a revenge against the Arab al-Musswasa. A small village that was attacked and the attack failed and the villages killed several soldiers (allegdly severing their heads). The revenge was after the successful attack on the village, the men were concentrated in one place while they troops set fire to all their houses. 14 people were exceuted, the rest were moved to the pow. Idf archive, 1951/57, File 1683, Battalion 103, company c.

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