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al-Wa'ra al-Sawda', Khirbat - خربة الوعرة السوداء: PalestineRemembered and still hot in our blood !

Posted by Assad Elabbasa on June 26, 2001

Picture for al-Wa'ra al-Sawda', Khirbat Village - Palestine: : Al-Wa'ra al-Sawda 11/2012 خربة الوعرة السودا - موقع القرية ومضارب المواسي بالقرب من وادي الحمام - تصوير رامز عيد Click Image For Town Details
On 15th May 1948 our homeland Palestine was occupied and a new Jewish state established.

My father and family were living peacefully in Fassota Land between Acre and Safad though our clan Al- Mawasi live In WARAT ' AL SAWDA west side of AL- MAJDAL where our grandfather MUSA al QADHEM ABU GHAIDH shrine exists. As war broke out in our area and Jews start killing and bombing our houses, my father among many thousands were ethnically cleansed and dismissed into South Lebanon. I was almost 3 years old and my mother was pregnant. After a long journey on bare foot and due to terror she got tired and gave birth on the roadside. It was a boy my father sheered. Misfortunately my mother died and buried quickly and randomly between the rocks!!

I don, t remember my mother's face or even recognize her grave!!
You can say I am motherless! My father carried me on his bach, pushed my elder sister Sameera by his strong right hand, holding the new born and marched into a Lebanese village Yattar.He gave the baby to a villager women whose name was Jalilah to give breast feeding and care. Misfortunately. The baby died after 2 months and the grievous father moved to Al ' Mansouri village nearer to the sea shore where we got shelter and relief from Lebanese villagers, Red Cross and UN relief Agency (UNRWA).

Under the pressure of humanitarian needs my father shifted to Al Rashedieh Refugee Camp south of Tyre. My father got a small conical tent and promised to get another biggest if married so it happened!!

Though I was a little child I decided to return home and study well to change our bad situation.I never cried for a toy or played like Israeli children or attended a kindergarten. Direct to school to study and nothing but the highest marks and 1st class standing. Through my life of study and work I got appreciation certificates from different firms including UNICEF!!

But what is the use of certificates and papers if you don't have a wall to hang them over? If you are not allowed to build a house or you don't have any kind of human rights?

We decided to get our rights back with all means !!

PalestineRemembered and still hot in our breath and chests!

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