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Map Of The Destoryed & Depopulated Villages In Tulkarm District


You can find the town you are looking for by either clicking on map or by clicking on the village name below.


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Lot of houses for sure will get demolished

Lot of treese for sure will get destroyd

So many poeple for sure will pay their lifes

So many will be prisond

But for sure Palestine will not leave it's place

As a loving mother will call her true children back home

And for sure the occupants will be called to where they belong.
صَبرناعَ البعد عنها صبرنا

صبر أيوب ما عادل صبرنا

تِشَوَّقناإلى تينتنا اوصِبِرنا

حِزِنْ ما عاد يِثْمِرْ عَ لِبْعاد